Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Releases for April 11

Winter's Knight by H.J. Raine & Kelly Wyre

As the son of the infamous New Amsterdam city mayor, Lucian learned at an early age that power is king, love is for the weak, and a real man never has a use for tears or mercy. The only source of light in Lucian's formative years is Shea Ollivander, who gives Lucian the impetus to break free from his father's rule and leave the city. Shea is never far from Lucian's side, a friend and companion.

But after a lover dies despite Lucian's best efforts, Lucian returns home with a new purpose: build an empire of resources and men to destroy the sources of darkness that steal lives and souls. Shea's back in the city, too, and when three long years pass without contact, Lucian realizes he can't live without telling the man he loves that Shea is Lucian's only solace and reason for living.

When the inclusion of Shea in Lucian's life leads to a horrifying discovery of pain and suffering at the hands of the very evil Lucian wishes to annihilate, the prince of the underground realm must set his sights on a path of bloody vengeance to save his newfound lover from certain destruction.

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How We Operate by AR Moler

Chris Kearney is a surgeon working the Emergency Room at a large hospital near the bad part of the city. After operating on and losing a teenaged patient, he runs into Drew Hayden, an undercover vice cop. Connecting over a kid who tried to get out of gang lifestyle and still died, the two men check each other out. When they run into each other at the grocery store, they are more than happy to reconnect and pleased to find that neither of them had read the signals wrong.

It’s hard for a cop and a doctor, especially an undercover cop and an emergency room doctor, to find time to meet, date and do all the other things a burgeoning relationship requires, but somehow Chris and Drew manage. Their lives are full and sometimes difficult. Will they get through the traumas and troubles of the first year and a half of their relationship? And, when they get there, what will the other side look like?

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I'm Not Sexy and I Know It by Vic Winter

Winston knows he isn't sexy. He isn't a stud, classically handsome, and he doesn't have rhythm. A night on the dance floor with a stranger proves otherwise, though. Can best friend Clark convince Winston that he's all the sexy a man could hope to be, off the dance floor as well as on it?

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The Spice of Life by Julia Talbot

When Brian brings home a plug with a red jewel at the base, his lover Colin lets him know exactly what he thinks of it, and it's nothing good. Brian's intrigued, though, determined to get Colin to wear the plug for him because just the idea of it makes him hot for some reason. Will he be able convince his lover to use the new toy, or has he wasted his money?

Originally Published in Toy Box: Plugs

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