Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Winter's Knight

Hi again! This is Raine and Kelly here with behind the scenes information about our new novel Winter's Knight

We knew Lucian pretty well after his appearances in Hearts Under Fire, and knew that we were both going to take his POV for the whole book after a six month long edit-wrestle with HUF over POV issues.

However, we only knew a few pieces about Shea, mostly facts, not how he would react, what he would do, what exactly his mannerisms were, and what he now did. Kelly left Shea to me, and it was intriguing to build up who and what he was behind what he had to do to help make the book and the plot work. I gathered up pieces and bits of his past, recreated some of what he had to have gone through from my own experiences with BDSM gone very wrong.

The morning I woke up crying because I'd been dumped in the middle of a piece of Shea's past, I finally knew I had him.

What about you, Kelly?

Oh yes... I remember that morning. While I didn't wake up from a dream about Lucian, he was very much an active presence. Working out the mechanations of how he works, how his entire system works, and all the various web-weaving he does to make his city run smoothly was entirely too much God-complex kind of fun. Writing his and Clark's banter was fantastic. I knew I had it right when it made Raine giggle.

But some of my favorite things to write turned out to be the meltdown in the Rover and the ensuing visit to Clark and Daniel's townhouse. I was so worried about how in the heck to make this perfect man, this flawless worshipper to the gods of vanity, ego, and OCD, human. I loved giving him the stammer, the attacks, the fits he has when Shea is in danger or hurting. I don't think even Lucian understands just how much Shea really means.

Writing that into this novel was an incredible journey and study in the idea that your main character doesn't have to be loveable... he or she just has to be real.

Also, I'd like to point out that my favorite line is STILL the one about the eels...

Kelly Wyre & H.J. Raine

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