Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Assumption of Desire

Let's get the obligatory shilling out of the way, shall we? Torquere released my story, Assumption of Desire, last week, and I couldn't be more excited for it. (Isn't that cover just wonderful? I have so many kudos for Alessia Brio, the artist who put it together!)

It's a little off the beaten path for me, by which I mean it's a contemporary story, not speculative fiction (sci-fi or fantasy). It was inspired by an adorable little blonde twink (his own self-description) that I met at a Gay Pride event. He was so sweet (despite his waaaay over-the-top camping it up) that I told him I'd write him into my next story... so that's exactly what I did. The story wrote itself in my head on my drive home, and poured out into my computer over the next week or so. But maybe I should let the blurb speak for itself:
When Craig walks into the Cerulean Sphere looking for a one-night stand to enliven his business travel, he is definitely NOT looking for Jesse, a flaming twink sporting a pink feathered boa. But Craig finds himself surprised by the charmer, and is forced to reevaluate his initial impression of the young man, and to reconsider his prejudices. But when they meet again by surprise several years later, Craig puts his foot in it again, and Jesse won't hear a word of his apology. Will Craig be able to break through Jesse's hurt and finally say what he really means?
The ratings that have gone up for it have been really positive, and one lovely reviewer said it was "[a] quick, enjoyable read, with just enough drama and comedy." Click here for the official excerpt, and perhaps later I'll be back for a special exclusive excerpt, just for you!

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