Thursday, March 1, 2012

♥ Of Purple Cats and The Amethyst Cat Caper

Good morning everyone!

I know the title of my post mentions a cat, yet here you have a duck. A detective duck. He is real and he lives on my dresser. At this point, you may be wondering if I've lost my marbles.

Well, yes, but that happened long, long before this. He does actually exist. This is a photo of him that I took and just added a few filters to. Now, back to detective duck.

I like rubber ducks. I think they're cute. I don't collect them, but I've a got a few mini ones. When I saw this particular set, I just HAD to buy them. Why? First of all, they're 20s themed rubber ducks that are in black and white--as in black and white movie. How cool is that? Second, this all happened just as I was wrapping up The Amethyst Cat Caper. If you're thinking a rubber duck makes an appearance in my novella, you'd be absolutely correct. Naturally, when I came across this set and saw that it had a detective in it, you'd have thought I won the lottery.

Yes, as an author, my crazy rubs off on my characters, and my Pinkerton's Detective, Stanley Hawk, embraced this. Hawk isn't your regular detective. Sure, he's grumpy when there's something to be grumpy about. He can also be hardboiled. But for a detective of his time, he's actually quite cheerful, and a little off his nut. He can do magic (producing a nickel-behind-the-ear type tricks. Don't ask him to make a horse and cart disappear or anything, cause you may just get hurt), and he tells jokes. Awful jokes. About ducks.  He has a thing about ducks.

Before you think this is all fictitious craziness, I had a friend who loved rubber ducks and had a vast collection. He was also somewhat nuts, and funny as hell. Guess what I got for my birthday from him? I don't think I need to actually say it. Okay, it was a rubber duck with a baby rubber duck on its back. How can you not love a man with that kind of mindset??

Yes, my characters have baggage just like everyone else, but mixed in amongst it all, are genuine quirks. Many taken from folks I've known along the way and yes, some just plain made up. As you've probably noted, I'm not the most serious person in the world. And although my stories contain serious moments along with a good dose of adventure, I like to mix in some fun and a few laughs.

I'll be posting a sneak peak in the next post. In the mean time, a $5 Torquere Gift Certificate goes to the first person to: post a comment telling me how many times the word 'duck' appears in this post. And yes, that last one does count! As do the plural ones.

And just so no one's disappointed. Here's a purple cat. 
You'll see more of him later.

x Charlie x

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kaytee said...

I counted 10 duck references.

Charlie Cochet said...

Hi Katee! Thanks for dropping by and joining in! Ooh, you're nearly there!

Jason said...

I say 11. 12 if you could the one where you tell us to look for the word. :)


Charlie Cochet said...

12 is exactly right Jason! Where would you like your gift certificate emailed to? ^__^

Jason said...

YAY! Thanks so much.