Friday, February 3, 2012

When two alpha males collide: hot or overrated?

The alpha male is often a hot subject (ahem, no pun intended!) in the romance/erotic romance world. Some may feel that they're sometimes either done too stereotypically and/or done to death, others love the complexity they provide given the right amount of characterization and detail given to them.

This is probably why I enjoyed writing about two alpha males and their chemistry in my upcoming Torquere Press sci-fi/paranormal erotic romance Dawn of the Seraphs. I absolutely loved the idea of two very different men with certain traits in common butting heads and causing chaos while attempting to work together. The very notion sounded awesome to me. Will they kill each other, or love the other forever? Will they ever work out their issues? The relationship dynamics alone intrigued me.

What are your favorite pairings in tv, movies, or literature whom you feel make the hottest couple but have a conflicting or even antagonistic relationship? It doesn't have to be canon, could be your dream pairing. I think good examples would be either Charles Xavier, aka Professior X with Magneto, or Sherlock Holmes with Professor Moriarty, or for the Doctor Who fans, the Doctor and the Master, but I'm sure there are others, perhaps not necessarily as antagonistic but just as intense. What do you think of alpha males and the idea of romances between people who have personality conflicts? Do you enjoy watching them evolve as the story evolves, or do you just think there's opportunity for really mind-blowing sex?

Which, not to tease, is exactly what happens in the book. ;) Look for it on 2/15....

Love & Magic,
Adrianne Brennan


Mychael Black said...


*ahem* Yes, I'm quite fond of alphas clashing. ;)

JM Cartwright said...

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock - a legendary pairing if ever there was one.

Adrianne Brennan said...

Mychael: LOL I think what you're saying is, you think you like it but aren't sure...yeah. ;)

JM: Ooh, Kirk and Spock! VERY good example! They were such good friends but had their share of conflicts. And of course, there's how they met in the new Star Trek which I'm sure the slashfic got real epic after that! XD

Chris Quinton said...

Now THAT is my kind of pairing. Forget alphas/omegas - please! I'll accept an alpha with a strong beta, but two alphas together? Oh, yes.

Interesting conflict, interesting compromises, interesting differences, and watching their relationship develop and grow into something as strong as they are - fantastic!

Awesome sex is great, but so is that evolving relationship - I want both, please.

Roll on 2/15, I say *g*

Adrianne Brennan said...

Chris: YES! That's how I feel. I love, love, love interesting pairings with genuine conflict, not overblown just two people trying to relate and how they fight through that and with each other. It's real, ya know?

the jo said...

Just to show my age (and luv of eye candy) I always felt like Starsky and Hutch shoulda gotten together....The 1970s duo not that silly movie they made several years ago. There was something about the thought of Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) and how dark, little and furry he was moving in tandem with David Soul (Hutch) and his blond, fairness.....*sigh* Wouldn't that have been hawt!
Glad to see a new book is coming Adrienne and Congrats!

Adrianne Brennan said...

Jo: never got to see it myself but ooh, sounds interesting! I know I absolutely shipped on LOST like burning John Locke and Benjamin Linus. Am I the only one? Losties, chime in!

Angie said...

IMO it depends how you build the alpha male. One of the (many) reasons I like m/m is that on the het side, alpha males are about 90% smirking assholes, and their women are inept, immature idiots to make the guys look even better. Ick.

Even on the m/m side, though, you can go too far with an alpha. I don't care for egotistical jerks who run roughshod over their partner, unless the story is structured to make that work. (IOW, a good enough writer can make me enjoy anything, but for everyone else I'm more likely to eyeroll and bail.)

One great example that shows how to make it work is Jez Morrow's Force of Law. Law is a classic alpha asshole and I hated him at first, but there's a scene toward the end where Law does something jerkish and Tom calls him on it, in the exact same way Law usually calls other people on their waffling. Law totally owns it -- doesn't try to make like standards only apply to other people -- and... well, that'd be a spoiler. :) But that one scene made me love Law, and this is one of my go-to comfort rereads when I just need to kick back with a good book that'll make me smile.

Angie, who used to have a stack of Starsky and Hutch slash zines ;D

Adrianne Brennan said...

Angie: completely with you there. There's a difference between having a strong, forceful personality versus having a jerk. I don't consider a jerk to be an alpha; I consider him a bully. And I definitely don't like bullies in my romance, thank you! Once again, YMMV.

I like the idea of taking two very independent men who have different ways of asserting themselves and watching them interact. It's absolutely fascinating.

And I don't like those sorts of m/f romances either; they play too much into gender stereotypes for my liking. I don't want some strong, macho jerk to sweep me off my feet; I want a partner and an equal who is capable of challenging me as much as I am capable of challenging him. But hey...we read to escape, right?

Natasha Jones said...

I love the idea about two alphas going at it mind body and soul kind of thing,It would be interesting because books with the alpha and the twink and the twink submits to him is freaking hot but two alphas trying to work it and the whole idea of submitting to each other would be hard cause we all know the alpha types where they want to be top and not bottom but with the two alphas having to show each other how they feel and what they want, the sex should be even hotter cause i gotta say two tops and both trying to stay tops and not bottom it would be great for this reason alone trust and respect and to show that submitting to someone you love is worth it in any situation.