Monday, February 20, 2012

Romance on the Ice

Here is a little quickie short that let's you share Valentine's Day with Omar and Lucas, a year or so after they met. Is the romance still alive?
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“You’re not serious?” Lucas raised an eyebrow in Omar’s direction. 

“Sure. It will be fun.” He wrinkled his nose and made a kissy face. “Very romantic.” 

Lucas let out a snort. “You do know the temperature out there don’t you?” Omar shrugged. “Let me refresh your memory, minus twelve, minus twenty two with the wind.” Lucas shook his head. 

Suddenly Omar’s face brightened, and he grabbed the bag he’d dropped by the door. “I got you a present.” 

That perked Lucas up. He was always up for presents, and it was Valentine’s Day. He was hoping for  chocolates from Godiva, but that t-shirt he’d so subtly pointed out when Omar was in the shop last week would be okay. Omar handed him the bag. Unwrapped was not exactly romantic, but Lucas figured as guys, the fact it was even in a bag was doing pretty good. 

He reached in and pulled out something flat and wrapped in plastic. Two things. He flipped them over and looked at the packaging. When he picked his jaw up off the floor, he looked at Omar aghast. “It’s, it’s …” he couldn’t even get it out. “It’s … Jesus Christ, it’s long underwear.” 

Omar was beaming now. “Yeah. It’s great, we’ll be warm.” 

“You bought me long underwear … for Valentine’s Day?” He was a guy, and he didn’t go for all that commercialized crap about Valentine’s, but he thought long underwear might be right up there with a vacuum for Christmas.

“Come on.” Omar was wheedling now. “I didn’t say that’s all I bought you.” He tried doing the puppy dog eyes. It worked for their friend Gavin when he wanted something from Lane. 

“You look pathetic, like you have dirt in your eyes. Stop it.” Lucas heaved a sigh. “Fine, but if I break my leg, or freeze off something important, it’s going to be on your head.” 

Two steps brought Omar tight against Lucas’ chest, arms around his back, lips together. When Omar finally pulled back he was smiling. “Thanks. I promise, it will be memorable.” Lucas had no doubt about that. Omar grabbed his hand. “Come on, let’s get changed and go. I’ll buy you a BeaverTail.” 

Lucas rolled his eyes, but, well, BeaverTails weren’t bad. 

They got changed, and Lucas wouldn’t admit it, but Omar did look pretty damn hot in long underwear. If only it had one of those old-fashioned trap doors, it would have had great potential. 

After putting on numerous layers, including hats, scarves and mittens, skates over their shoulders, they made the short walk to the canal. The wind was cutting as they’d walked the city streets. Lucas had visions of his dick withdrawing into his body and becoming a vagina. It was a little better when they walked down the steps to the canal. It was sheltered from the worst of the wind by the high walls. Lucas was surprised how many people were out, given that it was Valentine’s Day and freezing cold.

They found the heated shelter and got their skates on, pushing their boots back into the furthest corner. Lucas just prayed they were still there when they got back, but everyone seemed to be leaving their boots, so he figured it must be relatively secure. 

It was the first time Lucas had been skating in a couple of years, so he was a bit shaky at first. He thought it was highly unfair that someone whose father was from North Africa, he had it right now, should look so damn confident and smooth on ice skates. As he nearly fell, arms wind-milling wildly to catch himself, it seemed doubly unfair. 

Omar grabbed his arm and got him stabilized, and they headed down the canal away from the crowds at the start of the route. Lucas’ face was cold from the wind, but he wasn’t so chilled once his muscles started doing some work. As they got further away from the center of the action into a more isolated part of the canal, Omar skated closer and took his hand. Lucas couldn’t help grinning at his man. Over a year later, and he still couldn’t believe he had a guy like Omar who looked at him like he was the best thing ever. 

They approached the first rest station and Lucas came to a shaky stop by a bench near the bonfire. Omar helped Lucas sit, and then went to get the BeaverTails and drinks. The line was pretty long, but soon Omar was back juggling two hot chocolates along with a cinnamon sugar, and a chocolate hazelnut BeaverTail. Lucas slid over on the bench and helped get the food and drinks set out between them. They had to take off their mittens to eat the BeaverTails, which they split, each getting half. Luckily the hot chocolate in the cups kept their hands warm while eating. The heat from the fire also helped to thaw Lucas’ nose slightly. 

Lucas watched the families and couples huddled around the fire laughing and trying to eat the sweet treats without getting chocolate and maple butter all over their faces. Once they’d finished their snack, Omar slid over closer to Lucas, their thighs pressed against each other, sipping their hot chocolate and listening the babble of voices. 

When he looked over at Omar, Lucas couldn’t help but grin. Omar gave him a funny look in return. “What?” 

“You were right.” 

“As usual.” Lucas laughed along with him. A serious look settled on Omar’s face. “About what?”

Lucas nudged him, and then tipped his head to rest it on Omar’s shoulder. “About coming out tonight. It is romantic, even if I’ve lost all feeling in my toes and I may need them amputated.” 

Omar rested his head against Lucas’. “Thanks. Mine are getting cold too. Maybe we should head back?”

Lucas sighed. “Yeah. I’m going need a massage. My legs are going to be jelly when we get home.” 

His brows waggling Omar grinned at him. “I think I might know just the guy to take care of that for you.”

“Oh really? Is he hot? I might want a happy ending.” 

“He can definitely do that for you. I think he likes you too. Maybe a lot.” 
Lucas realized that Omar had steered them over into the little thicket of trees the city had set up to resemble a forest near the fire. He frowned and looked at Omar. “What are we doing?” 

“Just wait.” 

Lucas tipped his head and watched as Omar pulled off a mitten, unzipped his pocket and started digging around.  He pulled out a small black velvet bag about four inches square. He looked directly at Lucas. “Remember I said I didn’t just get you underwear, although you look hot in it.” Lucas blushed oddly enough. “I got you something else. Because I do love you. I know I tell you that all the time, but,” he shrugged a bit self-consciously, “I guess it never hurts to say it again. Thanks for coming out with me tonight.” 

“Oh baby.” Lucas felt his eyes get a bit watery. That’s all he’d need, his eye lids frozen shut on the canal. He blinked a few times, pulled off his mittens and took the bag from Omar. He pulled the string and brought out a beautiful leather and silver bracelet. There was a double row of sterling silver beads, woven together with black leather with a leather tie. He looked up at Omar with his mouth open. “Oh my God, it’s gorgeous.” 

Omar grinned. “Are you sure? You like it?” 

He smacked Omar on the arm. “Don’t be stupid. I love it.” He threw himself forward and wrapped his arms around Omar’s neck laying a hot wet kiss on him. They struggled to keep their balance on the skates, but Lucas didn’t care if the people by the fire saw them. What had started out as the stupidest idea ever, now seemed absolutely perfect. He should have known. He'd met Omar on the coldest day of the year, and that was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Maybe Old Man Winter was in his corner after all. 

When they finally pulled apart, Lucas almost falling on his ass again, he couldn’t stop the grin on his face. Lucas carefully put the bracelet back in the bag and made sure his own pocket was zipped up tightly. He pulled his mittens back on and grabbed Omar’s hand. He wasn’t letting go, he didn’t care what anyone said to them. 

“Come on, you. You promised me some hot guy would give me a massage, so let’s go home.”

“Well, the price may be a return massage.” 

Lucas threw back his head and laughed. “I think I can handle that. I’ve heard he’s really good-looking, and I might just have a thing for him too.” 

Omar grinned. “Love you.” 

Lucas gave him one more small kiss before they set off back toward their boots. “Love you too, baby. Happy Valentine’s Day.” 

 ~*~ ~*~~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Hope you enjoyed the little visit with Lucas and Omar. If you are trying to visualize the bracelet, I started looking to see what kind of jewelry Omar would buy. Something cool and hip for blue-haired pierced and tattooed Lucas, but still romantic. I found this one on a site devoted to jewelry, but unfortunately they don't say where you can buy it.

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