Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning

Good morning everyone. Another Monday is upon us. Weekends are far too short.

For those who don't know me, I'm Tam, I live in cold and snowy (sometimes) Canada. I have a couple of short stories with Torquere Press and today we'll talk a bit about my short Winterlude which was oddly released last year in June. :-)

While the story is entitled Winterlude and we have a winter festival called Winterlude, the guys don't experience it in that book, but now, a year later, they are going to share some festival activities. Today I'll share with you some of the different activities that take place during Winterlude.

Also as a special treat, everyone who leaves a comment on any of my posts today will be entered for a surprise Canadian gift pack of local treats. Open to anyone world-wide, so leave your e-mail in at least one of your comments so I can find you if you win. People have until 10:00 pm EST to leave a comment today. Good luck.

First up, a little bit about the story:

Eric hates the cold weather and his broken down car, which means venturing out on foot into the sub-zero temperatures. Navigating the icy sidewalks, he runs into Omar, literally. An impromptu hot coffee on the cold day finds that tattooed and pierced Eric, and government IT guy Omar might have more in common than they expected. When Omar is called away, before he can get the guy's number, Eric believes it may only have been a pleasant winterlude to temporarily distract him from the cold, or is there a possibility his winter will get a lot warmer?


Chris said...

*waves at Tam*

Wow, the blog background is gorgeous!

Tam said...

Rather pink. :-) Thanks for finding me. I was completely oblivious to the time zone thing. Sigh. Yay for kids who post for you.

Val Kovalin said...

Hey, Tam! Lovely photos, especially the ice sculptures.

Tam said...

Thanks Val. I'm always amazed by people with sculpting skills, especially in something as fragile as ice.