Friday, February 17, 2012

The many flavors of love

For the month of love, I wanted to bring you a few little snippets of love in its many variations.

“A Little Light Loving” MM

Dillon smiled, lying back on the rug, a cushion under his head, his legs wide apart, feet planted flat on the floor.
Cord pushed another cushion under Dillon's ass and they both grinned. "See anything you like?" Dillon asked cheekily.
"I don't see anything I don't like," Cord replied.
"Well, then, what are you waiting for?" Dillon asked, letting one hand stroke down his torso until it rested on his cock. His gaze fixed on Cord's, Dillon tugged on his cock, slowly pulling it from root to tip, root to tip.
"Damn, that's hot," whispered Cord, opening the lube and squeezing a little onto two fingers.
Now it was Dillon's turn to watch as Cord slowly rubbed around Dillon’s asshole, massaging the tight muscles, then letting just the tip of his fingers slip inside.
Dillon's gaze was on Cord's face. He had the most expressive face, his features never still, with sparkling eyes alight with the lust of the moment. Watching Cord's face while feeling the man's fingers broaching Dillon's most sensitive place was beyond erotic.

“Blooming Love” FFM

Nothing happened for long seconds, then Hyacinthe felt the air move by the nightstand drawer. Ah, Inigo would be lifting toys out, likely showing them to Beverley or maybe just choosing some himself. Yes, they were moving again, Beverley would be choosing some toys, or accepting the ones Inigo offered her.
Careful to keep her face expressionless, Hyacinthe grinned hugely in her mind. Over the years she'd collected an impressive array of toys. Although she seldom used them when having sex with a partner, she enjoyed experimenting when alone, and had nipple clamps and clips, dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, and scented oils. She could hardly wait to find out which ones they'd use on her.
There was the soft sound of fabric being removed, the slide of a zipper, the pop of a snap fastener, then Inigo's heavy weight was beside her on the bed and his big hands ran lightly from her toes, over her sensitive arches, and around her heels.
Delicious! Cinthe shivered with delight.
A soft plop was followed by the weight of a body sitting on the other side of the bed.
Bev has taken her shoes off and joined us, deduced Hyacinthe.
Beverley's hands were slightly rough from all the outdoor work they did, but she used them gently to trail along Hyacinthe's rib cage and tenderly cup a breast.
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“Burning For You” MMF

"Oh God, my feet," groaned Blair, ignoring them both.
"I'm glad you finally made it. I'm bored with playing the few pathetic games on my phone. Remind me to download something better before the next fire drill."
"Remind me to take a day's vacation if it ever happens again," said Blair tartly, massaging her toes. "Hell, that hurts."
Alex reached for her foot. "Let me. May I? Do you mind? I'm sure I can help."
"Please do. I'm not sure what rules apply to fire drills, but I think fixing my feet right now ranks right up there with life-saving."
Her foot was warm and soft under his hands. Gently he massaged the ball of her foot, rubbing circles and pressing into the pads, loosening up any tightness there. He separated each toe, stroking its length, rubbing it between his fingers, and again massaging the pad of the toe. She had such sexy feet: long, straight toes, narrow ankles, high arches.
While he tended to her feet the three of them talked. On the surface what they were saying was light, casual, just people sitting on the grass in the park waiting for the bus back to work. But underneath the conversation ran something much deeper, stronger. Lust and passion were in each look, each pair of eyes. Words used had double meanings, or the gestures that accompanied them gave them an underlying sexual connotation. Oh yes. What was going on was more than chatting, it was very definitely foreplay. Foreplay of a very carnal, erotic kind.
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“Lady Caroline’s Reward” FF

Dinah gazed at Caroline. She really did look lovely in the firelight, her pale cheeks slightly flushed by the warmth of the fire, the long hair coiled neatly on her neck and gleaming with reddish highlights, her slender fingers busily employed mending one of her father's shirts.
Dinah's heart lurched. She could fall in love with this woman. Not only was Caroline beautiful, but she was also highly intelligent and courageous in the way she was facing the adversity of her father's, and therefore her own, situation.
"Have you ever been kissed?" Dinah asked suddenly.
"Well, just a few quick pecks by boys who shouldn't have when I was younger. At family gatherings and such. And one or two of the suitors have tried. That's why I made sure Hugh Howel was always with me. They totally ignored the fact my maid Betty was in the room!"
"Would you like to be kissed? Properly kissed?"
"But who-- What? You--"
"Yes, me. May I kiss you?" Dinah put her needlework down on the side table and slid along the sofa to the end where Caroline sat.
Caroline's hands dropped to the sofa. With no objection forthcoming, very gently, Dinah turned Caroline's head toward her and kissed those ripe pink lips. Softly, gently, sweetly, but with enough heat and passion to warm their lips. Very soon, Caroline responded, one hand reaching up to rest on Dinah's arm.
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