Monday, February 13, 2012

Inspiration Comes From...

Hey, y'all!

Man, I just got back from househunting in Colorado. So beautiful up there. So cold. So snowy.

I went snowmobiling! O.o

Right before I headed off, someone in my yoga class asked where I got my inspiration.

I just sat there like a giant idiot, because really... where don't you?

I have dogs. Neighbors. Friends at every coffeeshop and diner in a 10 mile radius. Family. Lots and lots and lots of family. Tons of writer friends to chat with.

I travel whenever and wherever I can.

I'm lucky enough to go and that always gives me idea. There were some amazing highlights during the trip, too. For one, a *stunningly* beautiful Aussie who made my brain go... SPARKLEOMGSPARKLESPARKLE.

The little snowmobile guide and his big black fuzzy dog.

The young man who hugged me at the coffee shop and let me smell his neck (he's a perfumer).

There's nothing like going and going to get the writing juices flowing.

It's a little weird, because I'm cowriting a New Orleans story with Julia, along with two Cereus stories, and my brain's going... cowboys? Mountain men? Hot little dude?


Then there's the yoga class and the boys' positions on that.

The guy that works at the Discount Tire.

The real estate agent.

The guy getting chewed out at the Safeway...

It's a thing.

Last year for the holidays, Julia got me a t-shirt that says, "Careful or you'll end up in my novel."

That's *so* right...



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Angie said...

Massive agreement. :) In my experience, the only people who ask writers where they get their story ideas aren't writers. Or maybe they're newbies just starting out who haven't gotten the trick of it yet. Story ideas are everywhere; the real trick is turning them off, LOL!


Kristi P said...

I appreciate the results!

J. Rocci said...

LOL -- I was just trying to explain this weekend how most characters are like quilts made out of my own people-watching and experiences :)