Thursday, February 2, 2012

Favorite Men Part Three - They Don't Have to be Human

Let me tell you a secret: I think the concept of soulmates is really hot. The concept (if not the term) comes from Plato. I don't know if he thought it was hot. However, he did inspire me to write Himiko: Bonding and Himiko: Warrior.

In the Himiko books, the aliens have arrived on Earth. There's a tense relationship between the two races, and Matt certainly doesn't want anything to do with the Himika. Unfortunately, his soulmate is one of them. That's a recipe for disaster…

But hey, these guys are hot. Even when they are attempting to argue while making love. Here's an example:

"Pietr leaned in and kissed him.

Matt closed his eyes, the feeling of Pietr's lips against his own chasing away his worries, and he desperately needed that. He reveled in it, opening his mouth and gently licking Pietr's bottom lip. He felt the flash of excitement in Pietr's mind, but his mate stubbornly pushed it down. Matt frowned and wanted to pull back.

Pietr laughed in his mind. Just want it to last, stupid.

Oh. Well. He guessed he could go for that. He opened his mouth a little more, and Pietr's tongue pushed in, softly probing as if asking for permission.

Matt moaned and pushed closer, and his stupid alien laughed at him again.

Will you shut up?

When do you learn that you can't shut up a mind read… Oh, that's nice.

Yeah, Matt knew. The heavy need pooled low in Pietr's stomach when Matt let his hands run over the small of his back.


Matt wanted to grin, but he was busy kissing and fondling and rubbing. Keeping one hand on Pietr's ass, he reached down and grabbed Pietr's dick.


That was more like it. Listen to Pietr shut up.

You're not making sense, honey.

Jesus. Would the man never... "Oh, shit." Matt let his head fall back as Pietr kissed his neck and ground into him, hard."

You can read more about Matt and Pietr here (Himiko: Bonding) and here (Himiko: Warrior) - or buy Himiko: Bonding and Himiko: Warrior at Torquere Press.

And I still want to know your favorite fictional men and/or aliens:)


Kristi P said...

lol...I'd forgotten that scene. Now I have the urge to read those two books all over again. I love visiting with characters that fee like old friends.

Any urges to write more stories around the Himika?

CB Conwy said...

I haven't got any plans for more Himiko books at the moment, no. But hey, you never know!