Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Squeaking in for one more post

Sorry y'all

I have all manner of excuses, but no one wants to hear them. (grins) I meant to post all manner of fun stuff today, but now it's late and I'm pooped

So I'll natter a moment about my story coming out next week. It's called Loose Snow, and it's about a pair of forestry service rangers and an avalanche. That sounds like a joke: two guys walk out of cabin and into an avalanche. AJ and Jack had a one night thing a while back, but decided it wouldn't work out. Then Jack gets caught in an avalanche, and AJ starts to rethink his feelings...

Look for it soon!

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Kristi P said...

Yea! Love your stories.

*gets ready to refresh Amazon every hour unti it shows up*