Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sequels, threequels, and more...

As I said in my last post, my urban fantasy Black Shore of the White City is meant to be the first of a series. A trilogy, if my muse cooperates, more than that if it decides to go wild. I'm currently very nearly done with the first draft of the sequel, to be titled Red Rain in the White City. At least I hope it's approaching done since I'm at about 90,000 words currently (don't worry, it won't be that big--I chop off huge amounts in post-production)! I can see the climactic scene looming ahead, though I'm not entirely sure how it's going to play out. I'm going to have to follow the characters and see what exactly they're planning.

Very often I feel like a spectator at my writing--I don't know if that's disturbing or awesome.

The fun thing about sequels is, you get to expand on a world you already built the foundation for. Though the first book could conceivably stand on its own (though it would leave a lot of questions), there's concepts in the first book I'm happy I get to explore in the sequels. A few readers have told me they're looking forward to knowing more about the vampires in my world, which I only touch upon in the first book. I felt the same way and the vampires I've created do play a huge role in the second book, including the introduction of a prominent vampire character. I'm trying to put a different and unique 'spin' on vampires, so I'm excited to show my ideas off to the world.

Of course that means I need to finish the sequel...and the rewrites...and all the editing. But hey, I'm hoping to get it out this year!

I'm also going deeper into some of the relationships presented in the first book. Although Jude and Micha are a sort-of couple at the end of the first book, I've never been entirely sure if they'll stay together, or if there's something hot brewing between Jude and Sam as well. I don't think I could tell you at this point if Jude ends up with Micha, or Sam, or they end up a hugely dysfunctional threesome, because I just don't know. But I've had fun exploring their tensions, emotions, and sexy times in the sequel--as well as shedding some light on another relationship Sam is involved in (if you've read the first book, yes, that means we get to learn more about Muse).

As an author or a reader: how do you feel about sequels? Do you enjoy jumping back into an old familiar world and watching it grow? Do you like to see new characters come in and see the old ones deal with new issues, or find new ways to approach the ones they already had? Let's hear your thoughts!

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Kristi B. said...

Most of my favorite authors do sequels. I love going back into the world I was pulled into the first book and learning more. The feeling of "oh that's how that fits" makes it all the better. Sequels IMO make it more "real" as the real world doesn't have this one simple story and then end it is an ever changing thing. So the sequels seem to give it that appeal for me anyway :)

Can't wait to see your spin on the vamps.

Liz said...

I was recently asked in an interview what my favorite books and influences were, and when I'd finished with the "short" list I realized that almost all of them were series.

They can be a land mine, though -- I can tell when a sequel is merely tacked on to an already complete story, and it's so annoying! There's nothing wrong with continuing to explore a world, but don't try to pass it off as a pure sequel.

(That wasn't aimed at you, since you've obviously planned this series as such from the start. You just asked about series, and that's my opinion on them.) :-)

Lydia Nyx said...

Thanks for your thoughts, gals!

Kristi: Exactly! I think the world becomes more real when you add to it. And there's always something left dangling you'd like to see wrapped up!

Totally agree Liz--sometimes a sequel isn't so much a 'sequel' as what you said: just something that's been tacked on. It's a tricky business, following something up!