Friday, January 20, 2012

Promenade A Deux features a rather unusual main character in the form of El-Ashir. I can't with 100% certainty say that it's never been done before, but I also can't recall seeing anyone else give their main love interest anything quite so different as 4 arms and a scorpion tail. I actually came up with the idea of him from a random comment that a fellow writer made about the mains in a story always being hot, fit, studly examples of manhood and how they were slightly disappointed that so few writers ever made their men less than ultimate wet dream material.

Naturally, I felt this was a challenge (even though it wasn't).

I already had the Gen-Mod world created (and a story started) and figured, what the hell, let's go for broke and really give readers something unusual. I also thought I'd really ramp up the not standard looking aspect of the story by making Dr. Bertram plain by anyone's standards and an uber geek (because geek is the new sexy). While I liked the story and characters a lot, I didn't have high hopes in getting it accepted because El-Ashir was so... not standard. Imagine my surprise when Torquere accepted it.

Plug & Play is a little 500 word ficlet I wrote for the release of PaD. It is rated a soft R, so I've linked to my author LJ just in case anybody is reading this from someplace that requires a little discretion.

I have been pleasantly surprised when people tell me that they really liked the pairing and would even like to read more of not only El-Ashir and Bertram, but of the other Gen-Mods I have in the wings. One of the Gen-Mod stories I'm working on is a novella with Cephian. He's a Gen-Mod with blue-ring octopus, viper fish and human DNA. He has octopus arms from the hips down. Yep, there'd be a little tentacle action going on with him and like all the Gen-Mods, he's got a bit of a thing for BDSM and boy are those octopus arms handy for that *leers*.

But my question to readers is this... would you be interested/curious to read something with tentacle sex or would that have you hitting the back button so fast you'd get whiplash?


Anonymous said...

I personally would love to see some tentacle action. *smirks* Mainly 'cause it's so unusual and I confess a bit of kink for it. It's one of the reasons I enjoy certain anime.

Kristi P said...

Just like most stuff, there are those of us who will like it...I've always enjoyed when sci-fi or fantasy stories have unusual characters.

Whether you can get a publisher to go for it is something else entirely, I bet.

ID Locke said...

Whether or not a publisher chooses to pick it up, it will be made available somehow to my readers even if its something I post as a free read.

There's just not enough good tentacle porn out there *laughs*.