Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Post-holiday blahs? No way! Not here!

Hey y'all! JM Cartwright reporting for duty. It's a glorious day here in the Midwest, and holy cow, have you seen the moon the last two nights?

I left work at 6pm, and the moon was hanging just over the city skyline. What a Kodak moment - but my iPhone isn't up to the task. I've tried to snap the night sky before, to no avail. But la Luna Bella was still around and full this morning at 6am. Gorgeous! How bad can it be when we start the day with that sight?

Well, on that note I should pause for remembrance. It's been one year since psycho Jared Loughner killed six innocent people in Tuscon. I just saw Christina Taylor-Green's mom on TV. She's amazing, has written a book and established a foundation in her daughter's memory. I'd say it's a perfect time to pause and reflect how lucky we all are and that, despite the horrible crimes that people commit, there is still good in our world, and wonderful souls among us.

Let me know how it's going in your lives - and what you think about the Green family foundation.


Chris said...

I saw the moon on my way to work at 6:30 am this morning - lovely.

And how crazy is this warm weather?! 51F in Minneapolis in January?! O.O

JM Cartwright said...

I know! We're going to be at 50 degrees today in Chicago... I dressed for the winter chill going to work and I didn't quite need the hat, the scarf, etc.


Liz said...

As usual, eastern VA, where I am, cannot make up its mind about the weather -- this weekend as I was taking down the holiday decorations, it was a lovely 65; yesterday it never rose over 45.

So... gonna do prompts? ;-)

JM Cartwright said...

Bring it!

Liz said...

*squee!* You know how I love to torture you with prompts... Hmm... Okay a theme of "things found on my desk":

- ten (the number)
- pomegranate
- paper clip

And in honor of your icon, it would be awfully fun to peek in on Angel and Brandon and the kids... please? I re-read that book over my Xmas vacation and am jonesing for more!

JM Cartwright said...

hmm... let me see what I can do--