Monday, January 9, 2012

Meme Monday - Pranks??

What was the funniest/nastiest/most memorable prank you ever pulled on someone?


Angie said...

When I was in high school, one of the English teachers had borrowed a book from my friend Karen. He'd had it for a while and she wanted it back, but he kept delaying and "forgetting" and whatever, so finally she said that if he didn't give her the book back, she'd turn his room upside down. He eyerolled and said something like, "Sure, go for it," and didn't bring her the book.

Some setting info: our high school was a collection of separate buildings, essentially square, with classrooms around the edges and offices in the middle. There were one or two outside doors that led to narrow halls which led to the main department office, but there were more halls spidering out from there; each classroom had a back door leading inward.

So at lunchtime, Karen, our friend Johnny and I got into her teacher's locked classroom by the simple expedient of walking in through one of the outside doors, not sneaking at all, waving to the secretary as we passed, and heading down a side hall to the back door to the room. There -- we were in. :) There were windows on the outside wall, but they were tinted black; you had to lean in and put your hands around your face to see in from the outside, so the chances of anyone catching us were really low.

So we had lunchtime to turn the room upside down, and we did a pretty darned good job of it. :) We flipped all the desks over. We took everything off the teacher's desk, turned it over, and put everthing back where it'd been, but on the underside and upside down.

Johnny and I turned all the posters on the walls upside down, and while we did that, Karen -- who had a talent for writing upside down or backwards or whatever you wanted -- erased and rewrote everything on the blackboard upside down, a line at a time.

I emptied the wastebasket, turned it upside down, and piled all the trash on top of the bottom, as it were. Johnny turned the flag upside down, and managed to turn the clock over, although I don't know how since they were fastened to the wall.

We took everything out of a small bookcase, flipped it over, and put everything back upside down.

As one last touch, we turned the wall phone receiver upside down and hung it back on the hookswitch, although readers under 30 or so probably have no idea what that means. :)

It was awesome. The bell rang and we all left the way we'd come in. Johnny went off to class (he was a year younger than us) while Karen and I wandered casually around the building to see what was going on, 'cause what's the point of a prank if you don't see the results?

People were looking into the room, pointing things out and going, "Hey, look at--" about various things. Karen and I did the, "Whatcha lookin' at?" thing and went up to look too, and being fifteen and impatient, I'll admit I pointed out a couple of touches the other students had missed.

Karen and I were both late to our next classes, but it was worth it. She went to give her teacher the hairy eyeball after school. He said it was creative [cough] although he made like it was no big deal. She eventually got her book back (although it took a while :/ ) and the teacher left all the posters upside down for the rest of the year.


Kristi B. said...

Angie that is great! I would have loved to have seen that!