Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Howdy, folks!

First off, I meant to post a lot earlier today, but the Migraine God decided otherwise. Thankfully, though, it's gone. :)

Now, onto goodies...

A friend on Facebook recently shared a picture that sparked a massive plot bunny. It wasn't anything paranormal or kinky--it was just two guys and the most amazing four lines below the pic. (I don't know who the photo originally came from, but if anyone knows, please tell me.)

I immediately thought: these guys need a story.

In my mind, they're best friends, have been for a while. One harbors a love that goes far deeper than friendship, but fear keeps him from saying a word. In the meantime, he watches his friend go through various flings, never once refusing to offer his support when a relationship turns sour. It takes a tragedy for the best friend to realize what he needs has been right in front of him all along.

What is it about best-friends-turned-lovers stories that tugs at the heart?


AC Katt's Previews said...

My book, Shattered Glass started with a picture. Where do you find these? That picture has a hundred stories!


Lee Benoit said...

That picture and caption are heartrending and lovely!

Mychael Black said...

AC: I have NO idea where this one came from, beyond a repost on Facebook. :D

Lee: I know!! Like I said, these two *need* a story.