Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Places

Having recently done time in the form of a root canal, which is an hour or so of not happy times, I am in touch with needing a Happy Place to go to. I imagined the different ways my various characters would react to being in the same position.

The Hammer Club's Jack would scream through the whole thing, but then for him, the screaming would be his happy place.

Daddy, Daddy and Me's Donny would think about playing in the park with Robin and Kimmy, and kisses from their Daddy.

None of the Velvet Glove characters would be in the same situation, because in their world, dental problems are fixed quickly and painlessly.

Rock would just tough it out because he's a Marine. He would however, also be planning on a reward when he was done -- a blowjob from Rig.

What is your Happy Place?

Sean Michael


Kristi B. said...

Well anything but the dentist for sure! But I think Rock's idea of his happy place sounds like a good plan ;)

cbarends said...

Reading your novels. Truely my happy place is reading.


buttononthetop said...

My happy place is a big room, walls lined with books except where the fireplace is roaring, a comfy couch, a cup of coffee and nowhere to go. :D

Marie* said...

My happy place would be to tell everyone I will be out, turn my mobile off and curl up with my TBR books..sigh..

Julia said...

the rodeo, baby