Monday, January 30, 2012

Farewell with a Tease

Before CB, Syd and I wish you a good night (may it be free from life-altering invasions of any kind) I thought I'd share a snapshot of some of the goodies in the post-apocalyptic gift box:

Here is something that's not in the gift box:
Though perhaps you will agree that painter George Quaintance had the right idea for a survival skill! What skill do you consider indispensable for surviving in a dystopian future?

Remember, all commenters to Syd, CB's, or my posts today (including this one) will be entered in next week's random draw for the gift basket (one entry per commenter per post). Drawing will take place after 2/6/12 and will include everyone who comments by 11:59 p.m. EST on that date.

Thanks for being with us today!


tracykitn said...

My hubby? He has guns & knows how to use them...

Also, I have books on making brick/stone woodfired ovens. AND I know how to use them (both the books and the ovens). I think being able to cook without relying on gas/electric is a valuable skill. :D

Also, I am up and it is midnight, which is possibly not the best time to be doing stuff like this, as I tend to be...well, a bit loopy when overtired. I'd much rather be asleep, as my alarm will be going off in...roughly 5-1/2 hours. But the dog wanted to go out.

Lee Benoit said...

"I know how to use them (both the books and the ovens)"


Cooking without gas/elec is a skill indeed. My younger kid made tea on a charcoal grill during our last power outage and I was so proud! ;)

tracykitn said...

The key is lots of cast iron & a baking stone. And I *swear,* one of these days, I'm getting a pizza peel. (I have been drooling and drooling for AGES but...well, honestly, I *still* can't justify it, but I really really want it.)

Stevie Carroll said...

Either chocolate or a Swiss Army knife.