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On Sale This Week

This week we have books by Winnie Jerome, Kiernan Kelly, HJ Raine & Kelly Wyre and Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde, on sale at 20% off.

Check them out.

New Releases for November 30

Ash Gray: Blurred Clarity by Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde

What happens when good and evil don’t so much collide as merely annoy each other? Which, when young men are involved, quite often means that they really want to get to know each other.

Ash, a low level demon, and Cas, a low level angel, become aware of each other -- in more ways than one -- and set out to prove that good and evil can exist in close contact, even complementing each other. They blur the lines and cross them frequently with surprising and almost devastating results.

Pick up your copy today!

Vyper by Kiernan Kelly

Vyper is a dashing pirate whose name strikes fear in the hearts of blackguards and civilians alike. A fortuitous message in a bottle leads Vyper to the island of Jamaica, but soon entangles him in a web of lies, deceit, and double-crosses, and introduces him to the man who may plunder Vyper's heart and destroy his world.

Byron Caldwell is a handsome, titled British landowner, whose holdings include a thriving plantation on the island of Jamaica. The only shadow on his otherwise brilliant future is his shrew of a sister, Elizabeth. It's his intention to marry her off as soon as possible, if only he can find someone willing to take her off his hands.

Elizabeth wants one thing and one thing only, the key to the Caldwell fortune, and she'll stop at nothing to get it, including arranging the kidnapping and eventual death of her brother by hiring the most ferocious pirate she can find.

The events spurred by a seemingly innocuous message found in a bottle washed ashore on a tiny island in the Caribbean soon set Vyper's life on its ear, and may ultimately bring about his demise.

Get your copy today!

A Perfect Target by Winnie Jerome

Trent and Adrian from “The Perfect Housemate” return. It's Trent's birthday, and Adrian takes him out for an early, sexy celebration. However, a secret from Adrian's past interrupts the festivities, and Adrian is forced to disappear. Now Trent must decide if he wants to let Adrian walk out of his life, or if he's willing to risk it all.

Originally published in The Care and Feeding of Demons.

Pick up your copy today!

The New Deal by HJ Raine & Kelly Wyre

It's been a year since Clark and Daniel found one another in Hearts Under Fire, and the bartender and the professor have found harmony. However, Clark's work for Lucian Gray, the New Amsterdam Mayor's son and leader of an underground vigilante network, still continues, and it's not without danger. Clark knows it's only a matter of time before the risks become too great for Daniel to bear, and his prediction comes true when a BDSM scene turns into a captive discussion. Find out what happens when the men must balance life's passion with true love.

Get your copy today!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two New Novels

I have two novels coming out on December 14.

The first is the next Hammer Club novel. Gravity - this Hammer novel features Hunter and Forrest, two men with a history who think they can't possibly have anything to do with each other anymore. A terrible event proves that maybe they're still exactly what each other needs.

The second is called Daddy, Daddy, Me -- When Jeff agreed to be the sperm doner to his best friend Beth, he never expected a tragedy to leave his newborn and three year old motherless. That's exactly what's happened, though, and it's totally thrown his life into chaos: his lover has left him, his house isn't at all childproof and his boss feels they've been patient enough with the time off. Could nanny Donny be exactly what Jeff needs, both for his kids, and himself?

Are you ready for Christmas?

The end of November seems to be when everything really starts gearing up for Christmas.

Over the last week or so, lights have begun to pop up around the neighborhood. Last night I watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Shrek the Halls and now I am in the Christmas mood. I suppose it's time to make the gift list, though that's the part of Christmas I like the least. Giving presents = good. Shopping for presents = not so good.

I should take a page out of Simon (of Forged)'s book. He does as much of his gift shopping as he can during the boxing day sales, which means he`s done before the New Year. Oliver shops throughout the year so that all that's left in December are some last minute goodies for his Jack. Marcus does all his Christmas shopping online, or he makes it himself -- when you make BDSM toys and equipment out of leather, you've got plenty of stuff on hand for your leather loving friends.

Rig takes his time during November to find just the right thing for his men. Dick likes to plan ahead, but usually winds up actually shopping in the last few weeks. Rock meanwhile, unless he`s had a brainstorm earlier, or is going in with Dick, waits 'til the last minute. He claims it's because he works best under pressure, but I don't think Rig or Dick are buying that ;)

Tanny often makes Billy's gift, so he starts early. Billy`s an online shopper, but he spends a while pondering what to get, and then usually has it ordered in late fall.

For myself, I always swear this is the year I'm going to be organized, but it never seems to work out that way.

What about you?

Sean Michael

Monday, November 28, 2011

MeMe Monday: "Holiday Season has Begun"

1. Name the 1 song that makes you think of December the most:

2. List the last 2 hot beverages you drink:

3. List 3 things you hope to accomplish before the end of the year:

4. List 4 people you have to buy holiday gifts for:

5. List 5 things that are on your holiday wishlist:

Coming This Week

Ash Gray: Blurred Clarity by Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde (Color Box M/M)
A Perfect Target by Winnie Jerome (Sip M/M)
The New Deal by HJ Raine & Kelly Wyre (Sip M/M)
Vyper by Kiernan Kelly (Top Shelf M/M)

Cyber Monday Sale!

It's Cyber Monday! So we're offering 20% off your purchases from now through the end of day Tuesday so you can save online! Just put 'cyber2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Tuesday at midnight to get 20% off your order.

Sale good now through Tuesday November 29 at Midnight (est).

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Happy Black Friday

Hey y'all!

Thanksgiving went so well at chez Torquere that we forgot to stop by and thank all y'all for your support all year long. We hope everyone who celebrated yesterday had a safe and happy holiday, and that our non-US readers had a day of peace and sanity.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe this crazy shopping and travel weekend, and if you need a reading break, use the code givet2011 for the Give Thanks sale, now through midnight Sat the 26th! 15% off

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On Sale This Week

This week we have books by TC Blue, Kate Roman, Vic Winter and Eden Winters on sale at 20% off.

Check them out.

New Releases for November 23

A Lie I Can Live With by Eden Winters

With a few extra pounds and a geek reputation, Otis Tucker despairs of ever finding someone to share his life with. When the GLBT dating service matches him with handsome hunk Garret, he thinks it's some kind of joke. But the more he learns of Garret, the more he realizes that even gorgeous people can be taken at face value and that Mr. Perfects come in many different sizes.

Pick up your copy today!

Someone Special by TC Blue

Gracen loves Christmas. It's his favorite time of the year. So much so that he works as a mall photographer for the season, taking pictures of children with Santa. There's something about seeing all those happy families that he finds satisfying, which may be slightly odd since he's so very alone, himself.

Working three jobs is never fun, but when Jesse takes a part time position as a greeter elf at Santa's Workshop in the mall, he meets Gracen and realizes that maybe job number three isn't that bad, after all. The handsome photographer appeals to him, even with all Jesse's family issues.

Two lonely men, one Santa's Workshop, elf costumes, curl-toed shoes and a camera. They aren't exactly a recipe for finding that someone special… except maybe they are.

Get your copy today!

A-Hunting We Will Go By Kate Roman

The Honourable Philip Huntingdon is due to inherit a comfortable country estate, and what should have been a comfortable fortune. But Philip's dissolute guardian has squandered the inheritance, and is now determined Philip must marry a rich heiress as soon as possible. Philip's own preference runs instead to his boyhood friend Fergus, a groom on the estate. When a foxhunting accident brings things to a head Philip must decide: his home, and the life he was born to, or an unknown future with the man he loves?

Find out today!

Ten Things To Hate About Being a Werewolf by Vic Winter

There are a lot of things that Todd doesn't like about being a werewolf. In fact, he's pretty sure he can name at least ten things he hates off the top of his head, from his new diet of raw meat to the fact that there doesn't seem to be any other gay werewolves.

Can an encounter with a stranger who smells divine turn everything around? Or is he doomed to hate his new nature forever?

Find out today!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's official. Kiernan is losing her mind.

It happens every year at this time. Everything's going fine, smooth sailing with nary a hiccup in sight. I'm writing, editing, etc., then...BAM! Out of nowhere, November hits.

NaNoWriMo month.

Suddenly, my nice, orderly life becomes an uncoordinated, unorganized mess. I sit at my computer, frantically trying to pound out fifty thousand words in 30 days, while still keeping up with other deadlines and edits AND get ready for the holidays. Oh, yeah, AND get ready for a new book release at the end of the month.

Why do I do it, you ask? Why, if I know from past experience that doing NaNo during November leaves me a jittery, shaken, nail biting disaster by December 1st?

Easy. I'm a funky hybrid of cockeyed optimist and literary masochist. I'm a sick, sick person.


In any case, I do have a new release coming up at the end of the this month. On the 30th, my pirate novel, Vyper, releases. I have to admit, I had a lot of fun writing Vyper. It's some history (it takes place in the Caribbean during the late 1600's, and centers around a terrible earthquake that hit the island of Jamaica, destroying the city of Port Royal ), and lots of codpiece-rippery, skullduggery, and swashbuckley pirates. :)


It's not the fury of nature or the bite of steel that a pirate needs to fear, but the tender touch of one man who, at the end, could mean his ultimate demise.


Byron's eyes blazed with fury; Vyper felt his cock jerk again. There was nothing, Vyper decided, as arousing as this man when he is angry. "Byron, listen to me. She wants only one thing -- your money. She doesn't care a whit about you. There is something wicked in that woman, evil. I saw it in her eyes, heard it in her voice when she tried to turn you over to me."

"You know nothing of her." Byron's expression gave away his true feelings. He knew Vyper spoke the truth, even if he didn't want to admit it. "Tell me, what good am I to you, Vyper? I have no money in my pocket. My documents are in the house, and all the gold I possess is in the bank in Port Royal, or in England. I am but a pauper here on your ship."

"Albeit a well satisfied one," Vyper added, chuckling as Byron's face darkened from red to purple.

"If my sister is as coldhearted as you claim, she'll not pay a farthing for my return. Let me see to her safety, and I swear to you I will pay whatever you wish."

"She'll not have the funds to pay me, not while I have you, even if she wished it so," Vyper retorted. "You hold the purse strings. She will inherit only if you die. Why do you care so much for the welfare of a woman who wishes you dead?"

"She does not!"

"Byron, you may lie to me, but surely you can't deceive yourself!" Vyper insisted. "She tried to sell you to me, and as I recall, you tried to better the offer if I took her instead!"

"She was half-crazed with fright," Byron mumbled, turning away. "As was I."

"Ha! You were positively joyous at the possibility of ridding yourself of the shrew."

"Lies! She is my sister!"

"Blood between siblings means nothing when it is bad," Vyper countered. "Should I allow you to return home, she might well slit your throat in your sleep."

Byron grew quiet. He seemed to look everywhere but at Vyper, then his shoulders slumped as if in defeat. He sat on the edge of Vyper's bunk, staring at his hands. "She was not always this way. As a child, she was pure sunshine, always smiling, always laughing. She followed me everywhere; I called her my pinafore shadow. Then, just as she stepped over the threshold to womanhood, she… changed. She became demanding, and jealous of me. Envious of the freedoms I enjoyed as a man." His voice dipped into a whisper so low Vyper needed to strain to hear him. "It became worse after my parents died and we went to live with our uncle. She would come to me with the most outrageous stories..."

Vyper nodded. It all sounded very much in keeping with his perception of Elizabeth's temperament. He'd thought when he met her she would make a good pirate. Her actions spoke of ruthlessness, and he wondered what might have happened to change her from a happy child to a venomous snake. Then again, he knew too well that some men -- and women as well, it appeared -- were simply born bad. Perhaps she was one of those.

He placed his sword down on the desk again, a sign of trust he wasn't sure Byron would comprehend. "What do you wish me to do, Byron? I cannot set you free, not yet. I have my men to consider, and the booty promised them by your sister. It is the reason we sailed to Jamaica in the first place, and our journey was not without risk, I assure you. I may understand your dilemma and commiserate, but they will not be so inclined."

"What? What do you mean?"

Vyper quickly relayed the story of finding the bottle with Elizabeth's note inside, and following its imperative to rescue her from Byron, and their narrow escape from the Ares.

"Good Heavens! Surely not even Elizabeth would... but why should I find it more shocking than her wanting me dead?" Byron rubbed his eyes as if weary. "I don't know what to do now." There was such despondency in Byron's voice that it caught Vyper by surprise. It saddened him to see this vibrant man, so handsome and strong, brought so low by his sister's treachery. It was like seeing a glorious African lion caged, and tormented not by its keeper, but by the lioness of its own pride. "I suppose in the morning we may go ashore and I will withdraw the funds from the bank sufficient to secure my release."

Vyper gave a short laugh. "I am sorry, Byron, but I cannot trust you to go alone, yet what do you think the fine bankers will do when you walk into their facility with a pirate at your side? I fear we must think of an alternate plan." He gestured toward the door. "Come. Let us go topside. Some fresh, cool night air will help clear your mind." He gave a short, courtly bow, and genteelly held out his hand.

Byron didn't take his hand. He blinked, as if suddenly coming awake from a dream, and straightened his spine. "You, sir, are a pirate who kidnapped me, and moments ago took advantage of me. Why are you being so kind to me? What are you playing at?"

Vyper gaped, deeply offended by Byron's remark. He was a thief, yes, but never of an unwilling man's body. The accusation stung his pride. "Aye, I suppose I did kidnap you, but you were more than willing to submit to my attentions! That was your seed on your stomach, Byron," Vyper said sternly. "It was my name on your lips at the end, when your body convulsed around my cock."

"You are a vulgar man." Byron's voice was harsh, but the look in his eyes softened. "Not to mention a pirate," he added. He said it with the ghost of a smile on his lips.

"I may be a pirate, but I speak the truth and you know it," Vyper said. He refuse to return Byron's smile with one of his own. His pride was still bruised. "I do have some honor, sir."

Byron's humbled look was obviously feigned, and there was a twinkle in his eye as he gave Vyper a short bow. "Oh, my apologies, sir. Truly, it was insensitive of me to insult my kidnapper."

Vyper snorted, finally relenting. Truly, the man was far too entertaining for him to remain angry. "Apology accepted. Come now, I wish for fresh air and salty breezes."

Byron reluctantly took his hand, and Vyper led him up the narrow stairs to the quarterdeck, then to the rail. They gazed out over the brilliant turquoise water of the Caribbean at the island floating like an emerald before them. The sun reflected off the water in countless sparkling diamonds. Vyper never tired of gazing at it. Spread before them was treasure beyond reckoning, free for all who cared to look.

As they stood watching, shoulder to shoulder, pirate and prisoner, each man lost in his own thoughts, all Hell broke loose.


Vyper releases on November 30th at

Monday, November 21, 2011

Coming This Week

Out on Wednesday:

A-Hunting We Will Go by Kate Roman (Sip MM)
A Lie I Can Live With by Eden Winters (Single Shot MM)
Someone Special by TC Blue (Top Shelf MM)
Ten Things To Hate About Being a Werewolf by Vic Winter (Sip MM)

Meme Monday: "Happy Thanksgiving"

1. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What are you doing this year?

2. What is your favorite holiday meal? What about dessert?

3. Do you gain weight over the holiday season? Do you go on a diet in the new year?

4. Are you going shopping on "Black Friday"? Are you willing to stand in long lines for great sales?

5. What/who are you thankful for?

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Thanksgiving Sale!

Thanksgiving Sale!

It's Thanksgiving and we're going to give thanks all week long! Get 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Saturday the 26th. Just put 'givet2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before next Saturday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Saturday November 26 at Midnight (est).

Give thanks with a book from Torquere Press today.

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Flashback Friday - The Match Before Christmas

Thanks to P.D. Singer for helping me out this morning and posting something for ya'll to read since I couldn't. I'm back now with another blast from the past, from one year ago. Has it really been a year? This coming Wednesday, November 13, Torquere will release A Lie I Can Live With, a Thanksgiving-centric story and the third installment of The Match Before Christmas series. Join me tomorrow on the Torquere Press Happy Hour LiveJournal to find out more. Until then, here's a bit about the original story, The Match Before Christmas, about one man's desperation to find Mr. Right before spending another lonely holiday:

The blurb:

Candlelight, mistletoe, gaily wrapped packages beneath a trimmed tree, and someone to share it with. That's all Barry Richards wants for Christmas. Desperate for a traditional holiday, he takes drastic measures. Creating a profile on "," he hopes to find the perfect man in a matter of weeks. One date after another goes sour, while all around him friends are falling in love, and Barry starts to lose faith. The first snow falls and the world is filled with seasonal cheer, all except for Barry, for whom time is running out. Facing the prospect of a lonely holiday, he tries just once more to make The Match Before Christmas.

An excerpt:

It took a full week and lots of careful screening before he was ready to try someone suggested by the dating service again. Bobby was a bit younger than Barry really wanted, twenty-two, but they shared a lot of the same interests. They met at a coffee shop downtown, followed by a movie, an action-adventure thriller. This date was quiet, saying more with expressions than with words, and very touchy-feely, which didn't bother Barry at all, being a cuddler at heart.

When the lights went down in the theater, Bobby laced his fingers with Barry's, holding on throughout the film. Barry found it sweet. Afterward, Bobby suggested a favorite Chinese restaurant. Things were going fine until, "Jeff used to bring me here."


"My ex-boyfriend."

"Oh." While Barry would never dream of mentioning an ex on a first date, Bobby was young and probably didn't know better.

Barry ordered sweet and sour chicken. Bobby sniffled. "That was Jeff's favorite, too." Unshed tears filled his eyes. If he'd left it at that, they still might have had a chance. However, Jeff's name came up when Barry ordered green tea, requested extra sweet and sour sauce, and even when Barry said Bobby's name.

"Jeff used to say my name like you do."

Huh? How many ways could one say, "Bobby"?

The coup de grâce of the budding acquaintance occurred when, after four hours together, Bobby asked, "What was your name again?" Barry started to say "Jeff" for spite. At least that the guy could probably remember.

At the end of the meal, Barry's curiosity finally got the better of him. "What happened to Jeff, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Oh, he was found beaten to death in his apartment a month ago. But don't worry; I've been cleared as a suspect."

Barry raised his hand, frantically gesturing for the server. "Check, please!"

Find it here:

The Angel of 13th Street

Hi, all! Eden Winters is experiencing technical difficulties, so I'm popping in to give you her regards. It's Flashback Friday, which gives me the opportunity to revisit one of my comfort reads: The Angel of Thirteenth Street. I pick this one up when I need reassurance that good triumphs, and that good can be found in more places than you think. (I also really love the cover -- don't you just want to lick that tum?)



The Angel. That’s what the young hustlers call Noah Everett, the man who’ll help them get off the streets. Once a hustler himself, Noah doesn’t take his own good advice, which is, “Don’t let this ruin your life.” Haunted by the past and those he couldn’t save, Noah carefully keeps others at bay until his self-imposed loneliness is shattered by determined, ambitious, but homeless eighteen-year-old Jeremy Kincaid.

A ruthless pimp has targeted Jeremy, but if Noah will fight to get anonymous young men out of the life, he’ll fight harder to keep Jeremy from getting in, even if it means a return to old stomping grounds to make a deal with the devil. To save Jeremy, Noah risks more than just his body. He risks his soul as well, because Willie Carnell, pimp, was once Billy Cordell, Noah’s lover.


If Willie noticed how riled Noah was on Jeremy’s behalf, he prudently kept it to himself, for later use, no doubt. "Anyway, that kid of yours, -- who’s eighteen, I checked -- is a knockout and a wildcat in bed. He'd do great in the business. I can see why he got under your skin; I wouldn't mind a piece of that action, myself. Still, for old time's sake, I'll make you a deal. As long as he's yours and living under your roof, he's off limits."

Jeremy was his, all right, even if not in the way Willie meant. This was too easy, and Noah waited for the other shoe to fall, which it did. "In return, I want something from you. Well, two things, actually." The lascivious grin gleaming in the candlelight was anything but friendly.

Noah swallowed hard. "What's the first?"

"Something you'd do anyway," Willie responded with a dismissive wave of his hand. "I've got this kid who, frankly, shouldn't be in the business. I want you to put him on a bus to Idaho or wherever, like you've done for all the other strays, and make him go away."

"What if he doesn't want to go?" Noah asked, carefully keeping his tone neutral. Did Willie know something? Was this a setup?

"Oh, he wants to, all right. My other boys have been making life hard enough that he's just waiting for ‘The Angel’ to come rescue him."

The implications of those words hit hard. "You've given me boys before, haven't you?"

Willie smiled. "It's my way of culling the herd. If their hearts aren't in it, they're bad for business. This one is careless, and I'd rather you foot the bill to send him off than to keep paying bribes to have charges dropped.

"Naïve kids like that let johns push them out of windows." Willie’s dark eyes were full of meaning.

"Or get run over and left for dead," was Noah's unflinching reply.


Pausing to sip the wine that probably cost more per bottle than an entire case of the stuff he served at the bar, Noah took a deep, fortifying breath. He had the feeling he was going to need it. "What's the other thing?"

Willie downed the remainder of his own wine in one gulp and rose gracefully to his feet. He stretched out a hand to Noah. "One more time, for old time's sake."

Well, there it was, the invitation Noah had hoped for as much as he'd feared. He knew it was wrong to want the beautiful bastard, but God help him, he did, unable to resist the charms that had brought many men to their knees -- literally. His willingness should have been a clue that he wasn't involved with anyone else. He may have sold his body at one time, but unless it was business, he'd never cheated. Then again, this could be considered business of a sort.

For some reason he couldn't quite fathom, it still felt vaguely like infidelity when he placed his hand in Willie's and said, "I thought you'd never ask."

Leaving the remains of dinner on the table, Willie led him through the darkened apartment and into a candlelit bedroom. The bed covers were already turned down, and a bottle of wine sat in an ice bucket on the dresser. Two glasses sat beside it. It looked as though Willie had never doubted the outcome of this meeting. Manipulative bastard.

Willie poured them each a glass and then sat on the edge of the bed, crossing his legs. "Strip for me," he said, sipping his wine.

In front of bare windows, before an audience of a million twinkling lights, Noah did something he hadn't done in years -- performed a strip tease. In his mind, it was Billy on the bed, body young and unblemished by scars and tattoos that peeked from the neck and sleeves of an expensive sweater. Those were also Billy's dark eyes gazing at him in appreciation as he slowly drew his shirt up and off, to drop it to the floor. Keeping time with the sultry blues number now playing softly in the background, Noah recalled the last time he'd performed this dance.


The rest is here, at Torquere, and you can get it in ebook or paperback. (All the better for licking ;D )

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On Sale This Week

This week we have books by Jamie Lowe, JB McDonald, Syd McGinley, Jodi Payne, and BA Tortuga on sale at 20% off.

Check them out!

New Releases for November 15

I Get It by Jodi Payne

No one ever expects to end up in the hospital, least of all adventurous Casey, who’s suffering from a head injury. Her case intrigues Dr. Catharine Hill, a commitment-phobe who’s avoiding troubles in her personal life. As Casey’s story unfolds with the help of her girlfriend Jane, Catharine begins to see the light about her relationship with her own lover, Fran. Can Catharine get it before it’s too late?

Find out today!

Dragon Hatching by JB McDonald

Becoming a host for a parasitic dragon wasn't part of the plan. Actually, there wasn’t really any plan to begin with, but when the dragon egg hatches, Ashe figures it's time to come up with one.

Katsu's plans are failing miserably. His vast medical knowledge isn't helping Ashe's dragon situation, he's having problems staying detached, and the other mercenaries are concerned about their lifeforce being sucked dry and want Ashe to leave. Katsu is determined that if Ashe leaves, so will he. First, though, he has to make sure that his people aren't killed in battle... something they seem determined to do.

Get your copy today!

Ghost Pepper: Ahora, a BBA Menage story by BA Tortuga

Tony and Adam are determined to get their girl back. Vicki has gone missing, and as volatile as she is, it’s not like her to just leave them, especially so close to the first moon. Finding her trashed motorcycle in the desert doesn’t give them a whole lot of hope, though.

Lost and unable to remember anything, Vicki doesn’t know what to believe. Tony and Adam are strangers to her, but she knows they’re hot as the elusive ghost pepper. Can the boys convince her to come home like they want to, ahora? Now?

Find out today!

Ain't Misbehavin' by Syd McGinley

In this Felliverse story, Rinnie and Tommy are living with Dr. Fell's mentor, Dr. Pol Rønne. When Tommy takes too long getting ready to go home after a drag show, he and Rinnie have to put on a show of their own for Pol using Tommy's mardi gras beads in a most unusual way.

Originally published in Toy Box: Beads and The Complete Dr. Fell: The Boys of Fell.

Pick up your copy today!

Reciprocity by Jamie Lowe

Adam realizes that he runs the risk of losing his lover, Jace, if he won’t give Jace the same physical pleasure that Jace gives him. But sometimes practicing blowjob techniques is just awkward. How far is Adam willing to go to ensure that his stubborn pride doesn’t chase away the one he loves?

Find out today!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming This Week

Ain't Misbehaving by Syd McGinley (Sip MM)
Dragon Hatching by JB McDonald (Single Shot MM)
Ghost Pepper: Ahora by BA Tortuga (Spice it Up MMF)
I Get It by Jodi Payne (Sapphic Signs FF)
Reciprocity by Jamie Lowe (Sip MM)

Meme Monday: "Books into Movies"

With all the hype that happens when our favorite books (Harry Potter, Twilight, etc) end up coming out in the theater I thought I would pick your brains...

What book would you most want to have made into a movie? Who would you recommend for the leading roles?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day Sale!

It's Veteran's Day and we're offering 20% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday. Just put 'veteran2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 20% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday November 14 at Midnight (est).

Buy a book from Torquere Press today and save.

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Flashback Friday

Good morning! I love these Flashback Friday posts. I've re-read so many old favorites!

I had a Birthstone come out this month titled Teaching Topaz. This little story is actually a sequel to a novel I wrote for Torquere called Keeping Karma, back when Turn of the Screw was still around, so I'm going to give you a little taste of it! Hopefully it will entice you to check it out, and then you can get Teaching Topaz to see how things have turned out with Alex and Dylan.

Keeping Karma is the story of Alexander Myers and his unique ability to hear the thoughts of animals. When he meets animal control officer Dylan Travers, keeping his ability a secret is harder than Alex thought it would be. Alex and Dylan begin to heat up, which complicates things even further. Here's a taste...

Wondering how he could successfully keep Karma in her room, Alex turned to study the latch mechanism and bumped straight into Dylan. Of course the guy had followed Alex; it would have been stupid to assume he would have stayed cooperatively in Alex’s bed. And possibly forget he ever saw the small, illegal animal that Alex kept as a pet.

“Wow.” Dylan whistled softly and pushed Karma’s door open a little farther. His gaze scanned the room, taking in the hammocks, pipes, pillows, and tunnels that Alex had laid out.

“Yeah, it’s...” Alex trailed off, his own gaze traveling around the room as if seeing it for the first time. “Kind of elaborate.”

“It’s that, yeah.” Dylan smiled a little and nudged one of Karma’s bell-balls with his foot. “Lucky ferret, getting a whole room like this.”

“Oh, there used to be more. I had five in here. But then they all got old and died, and Karma was the baby, and she never got along too well with the other ones so I didn’t get her a friend once she was alone, and--” He cut himself off abruptly when he realized that he’d just revealed that not only did he own one animal that was against California law, but at one time he’d had four others.

“Five, huh?” Dylan leaned on the wall under one of the suspended pipes and raised a brow.

Shit, shit, shit. What the hell was it about this guy that made Alex say stuff like that? Or blush, for that matter? God.

“Five,” he mumbled. He’d already said it, no use trying to lie now. “Uh... I was watching them for a friend?”

To Alex’s surprise, Dylan laughed. “I’ll buy that.” He pushed off the wall and took the two steps that were necessary to bring him into Alex’s space. “Let’s not tell anyone that I know that information, okay?”

He was close enough to Alex’s mouth for Alex to feel the warmth of Dylan’s breath as he spoke. “Okay,” Alex agreed, for lack of anything more brilliant to say. It was hard to think when those green eyes were that close.

There was time to see Dylan’s answering grin before he moved the extra millimeter and kissed Alex softly, tongue darting out to swipe at Alex’s upper lip. He didn’t touch Alex in any other way, but it was still enough for Alex’s cock to respond immediately.

“Jesus,” Alex muttered against Dylan’s mouth. “This is not good.” He meant completely the opposite, of course. Because it was really, really fucking good the way Dylan’s tongue curved around his own, but Alex had never wanted a casual hook-up this much. Then again, he wasn’t usually asked out on breakfast dates with casual hook-ups, so maybe this was more than it seemed.

“Oh, I think it’s good.” Dylan was smiling while he kissed Alex. Alex could feel the curve of his lips as the man nipped and licked. “In fact, I think it’s good enough to --ouch, the fuck?!”

One minute Alex had a nice, firm body to press up against, and the next minute found him grabbing at the wall to keep from falling forward. He shook his head and looked around, trying to find out what had happened.

Dylan was standing about five feet away, rubbing one bare foot across the top of the other one. Karma was dancing around his ankles, mouth open in play and her tail bristled. “She bit me,” Dylan said unnecessarily. Even from a few feet away, Alex could see the teeth marks on his foot.

“Karma, for God’s sake.” Alex leaned over and scooped her up. She squirmed in his hold, her little warm body trying to loosen itself from his grip. “Sorry, man. She’s not mean, she just plays hard.” He crossed the room to the three-story cage that stood against the far wall and deposited Karma inside. “You’re done for now, my friend.”

Play, he heard Karma think stubbornly. Playplayplayplayplay... sleep. And with that, she climbed into her hanging bed and curled into a very small ball.

There are many more ferret shenanigans, plus some hot man-on-man action with a uniformed officer, in Keeping Karma, available HERE at Torquere Press. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On Sale This Week

This week we have books by Kiera Andrews, M. Durango, Julia Talbot and Nicole Wilkinson on sale for 20% off.

Check th out!

New Releases for November 9

In Darkness Dwells by Nicole Wilkinson

American PI Elias Grimm has just accepted the case of a lifetime: billionaire Baron McPherson's son has died, and his father is sure it's murder. McPherson's offer is worth enough that Elias can finally get Uncle Sam and his ex-wife off his back. Elias travels to Japan, where he finds ancient grudges, the mystical power of a deity, and the equally mysterious Madison Suou, who might hold all the answers Elias needs.

Elias soon learns that the billionaire's son was only one of many victims, and he knows he's ill-equipped to handle a serial killer. Especially one who kills in a manner that can't be explained by modern medicine or science. But the money’s too good to back out, and so is Madison.

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Where You Least Expect It by M. Durango

Still getting over a bad breakup, ex-Army computer expert Matt Halston is a bit of a recluse with a strict routine that involves working too much, playing basketball with his best friend, and letting himself be dragged to parties when he’d rather be catching up on sleep. When he meets Christian Flannery, an out-and-proud college student, he’s immediately intrigued and finds himself going out of his way to spend time getting to know Christian.

When Christian makes it obvious that he sees Matt as more than just a friend, Matt is forced to re-examine his sexuality and take an honest look at his feelings. With unintended pressures from his friends and his own confusion, Matt has a tough time working through the challenges. While Matt faces his fears of intimacy, Christian’s facing his own issues paying for school and rent on barista wages. Can these two stubborn men find a common ground or will their obstacles prove insurmountable?

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Crate Trained by Julia Talbot

Gary knows that anonymous cruising is dangerous, but he never expects for a night out to end in a painful bite that won’t seem to heal. His cop roommate Chey knows that bite is even more dangerous than Gary imagines. Can he convince Gary that he needs to take some precautions before it’s too late?

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The City of Counts by Keira Andrews

Stephen Parker's days are as predictable and boring as the tax law he practices. His heart broken by his long-time lover, Stephen is just going through the motions and burying himself in his work. But a chance encounter with Xavier Dumont, a mysterious -- and dead sexy -- younger man, leads to a steamy night that will expand Stephen’s horizons in ways he never expected.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Greetings from the soggy Midwest!

Good morning/evening, everyone! Walking to the day job today, I got soaked. It's okay, though, since we need rain and the temp is not really cold.

Here's proof that the temps here have been unseasonably mild for the last few weeks. My garden will not let go of summer! My oesteospermum is going crazy, along with the verbena and gerber daisies.

What's happening with your living spaces these days? Folks in the northeastern US are still digging out of a freak autumn storm, and I heard yesterday there are folks in Connecticut still without power. Here's hoping y'all have generators.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Meme Monday: "List 3 Things"

1. List 3 things you see when you look to your left:

2. List 3 things you see when you look to your right:

3. List the last 3 places you ate out at:

4. List the last 3 things you bought:

5. List the last 3 songs you listened to:

Dragonwalker giveaway winner

Man, oh man! I totally dropped the ball on the Dragonwalker giveaway! Blame the October Freak Nor'Easter we're still recovering from in my neck of the woods...

Anyway, the winner of this giveaway, by random draw, is Elaine G!

Elaine, please give me an email shout at leebenoit at charter dot net and we can discuss which stories you'd like as your prize.

Lee B.