Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Releases for July 30

Guava Red: Almost Paradise by TC Blue

Bastian and Chase first meet at a party in Hawaii and are immediately drawn to each other. Things end less than well, though, and what could have been a beautiful friendship is cut off short. Bastian and Chase forget about each other and move on, or so they think. The two men find success in their chosen fields and believe their past relationship to be over and done. They never even think about each other from opposite sides of the country.

When a chance meeting in Connecticut dredges up old feelings and equally old pains, it's up to them to decide whether or not to forge through the assumptions they've made and get to the truth underneath -- that they've never truly forgotten each other and maybe their earlier friendship was something much more. Between their jobs, friends, responsibilities, and an interfering man who wants Bastian for his own, there are hard decisions to make; like whether they really have a chance, when paradise is so long ago and so far away.

Like whether 'almost' paradise can be enough.

Don't miss this fourth book in the Rainbow Color Box Series.

Guava Red: Almost Paradise is available in print and ebook formats!

Ultramarine: Rewriting History 2 by EM Lynley

Museum curator Tobin Wyler heads to London to get some answers from his former flame and suspected art thief Pierce Worthington following the theft -- and subsequent return -- of the emerald called the Green Sorrow from his exhibition in New York. He understands why Pierce and his family steal things, but it's going to take more than understanding to make a future with Pierce.

When the National Gallery hires Pierce's security firm to help thwart a robbery, Tobin joins the team, but soon finds what he suspects to be a fake hanging on the walls of the world-renowned museum. He and Pierce follow the forgery's trail and find more than they bargain for when they try to uncover the truth. Can Tobin and Pierce's relationship survive what they discover?

Find out today!

A Gentleman and His Jockey by JM Cartwright

Jockey Gem Hardaway has a race strategy that will not only carry him and Pilate to victory, it will also show that he's the best jockey at Templeton Yard. Lord Templeton, the Earl of Vickers, knows exactly what he wants to have happen at the racecourse. He demands Gem's obedience.

When an unruly horse intervenes, the Earl insists on a meeting of the minds. Gem is shocked to learn exactly what that entails.

Pick up your copy today!

Wolf Unexpected by Vic Winter

Something very strange is happening to Eric. He's been feeling itchy for days, like his skin doesn't fit him anymore. Under the light of the full moon, he takes off out of the city and finds himself on a farm, feeling more strange and confused than ever.

Jude is the son of a werewolf, and when he meets Eric, he knows exactly what the man is. Can Jude convince Eric that he isn't going crazy, and that everything is going to be just fine, even with the worst of the unexpected going on?

Find out today!

Now available in print:

Lemonade and Margaritas by TC Blue

Lemonade and Margaritas combines the first two Rainbow Color Box Books from TC Blue into a single paperback volume.

In Lemon Yellow: Making Lemonade: When Gray Latham's uncle Will, dies unexpectedly, Gray travels to Connecticut to pay his respects to both Will's memory and Will's long-time girlfriend, Eva Monroe. Imagine his surprise when Eva turns out to be Evan -- tall, lean, too attractive and completely in mourning Evan Monroe.

Evan's expecting a quick visit from his lover's uncaring nephew, but when Gray arrives up he finds much more. Between the instant attraction and a Margarita-fueled kiss, Evan isn't sure what to make of Will under the strained circumstances. With emotions running high and interfering friends and family sticking their noses in, can Will and Evan accept life's lemons and make lemonade?

In Lime Green: Margarita Mondays: A simple noise complaint to Safe Haven Security ends in a broken door when Jeremy misinterprets something he hears coming from Troy Ballard’s home. It also starts the two men on a path of high resistance, as neither of them wants a ‘relationship,’ especially not with each other.

Unfortunately, their hearts insist on wanting exactly what their minds know to be impossible. With the dubious help of their friends, Jeremy and Troy start to discover that sometimes ‘impossible’ is anything but.

Get your print copy today!

Mandarin Orange: Sweet and Sour by TC Blue

Riley has never been the kind of straight guy who sneers at gay men. Hell, most of his best friends are gay, and it only matters when Riley wants to drink a plain old beer at the froufy bars they drag him to. He can look and appreciate, but dudes just don’t do it for him. Or so he thinks, right up until the new downstairs tenant arrives almost literally on Riley’s doorstep.

The raging storm and motorcycle crash with which Kelly makes his entrance pale in comparison with the battle inside Kelly himself once he gets to know Riley. Riley is damnably hot, nice, and exactly Kelly’s type, except for one little thing -- according to all the evidence, Riley’s straight.

Is love truly blind, or does it just wear blinders? Riley and Kelly need to figure it out before the labels and categories drive them irrevocably apart.

Get your print copy today!

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Almost August Sale!

It's almost August! So we're offering 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday! Just put 'almost2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday August 1 at Midnight (est).

Welcome in August with a book from Torquere Press today!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Releases for July 27

Drawn by Sean Michael

Giles is an artist, a man who is intense and totally focused on his art. In fact, a lot of people including some of his own family, think he's a little bit crazy. Harrison meets the artist as Giles is running away from setting up a showing at a gallery, totally freaked out. Harrison is immediately intrigued. He doesn't think Giles is crazy, but he does believe that Giles needs someone like him, or more accurately, him, to help Giles focus on more than just his art.

Giles isn't exactly easy to convince that Harrison is the man to do the job, though. Oh, he likes Harrison well enough and the sex is wonderful, but this BDSM stuff Harrison talks about is just a game, right? And Giles is worried that all the time he's spending focussed on Harrison is damaging his art. After all, you have to suffer for your art, right?

Can Harrison convince him that Giles can have love, happiness and Harrison in his life as well as be a great artist or will Giles' worries about his artwork drive them apart for good?

Drawn is available in print and ebook formats!

Hearts Under Fire by HJ Raine & Kelly Wyre

Ten years ago, Maxwell you-can-just-call-me Clark thought he would spend his life as a military man. But his world turned into a nightmare when a suicide bomber destroyed Clark's career. It's been a long road to recovery, littered with surgery, alcohol, and secrets, but Clark finally has peace. His bar, Glow, is the place to be in the city of New Amsterdam, the son of the mayor employs Clark as a confidential information man, and Clark’s side venture as part-owner of a BDSM club is quite the profitable release. Clark’s life is a good one, so long as no one gets too close.

Then a man walks into Glow who will forever change Clark’s rules and reality. Thinking Professor Daniel Germain is just another handsome face ripe for Clark’s kind of good time, Clark puts on his smoothest moves. When the professor turns him down, Clark goes on the hunt, and what he discovers shows him that even the deepest wounds can be healed by submitting to love.

Pick up your copy today!

Used, Rare and Limited Editions by Chris Owen

When Dave's boss and lover sends him to build bookcases for an old friend, Dave gets a lot more than he expected. Mr. Chase is lean and sharp and clearly thinks Dave is something he's not -- submissive. After the initial confusion is cleared away, though, Dave finds himself intrigued by this intelligent man and Mr. Chase’s live-in partner, Wyatt.

Dave's partner, Archie, is intrigued as well, and wants nothing but happiness for Dave and himself. If happy means having two open relationships expand to mix and mingle into one big poly, mostly kinky partner swap, that's all right by him. Just how entangled can the four of them become, while still keeping the essentials clear and special?

Originally released as the Chaser series Used, Rare and Limited Editions.

Get your copy today!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Featured Author -- H.J. Raine and Kelly Wyre

Today we're featuring HJ Raine and Kelly Wyre, authors of the newly released Hearts Under Fire.

Tell us about Hearts Under Fire. What inspired you to write it? How long did it take to write?

I met Raine on a website where we were posting fanfiction. We hit it off immediately, and we really enjoyed each others' writing styles. After a few months of messages and emails, Raine came to me and asked if I'd like to role play something. In the vernacular, that means we would each make a character and write a story around them. I hadn't done a whole lot of that, but I'd been thinking about what it would be like to write with Raine, so I agreed.

The hard part was figuring out what we wanted to do. Eventually, I told Raine about one of my worlds, New Amsterdam, and some of the characters and stories therein. I mentioned I had a guy named Clark who owned a bar called Glow and was one of the owners of a BDSM club, Break. Raine really liked the sound of him and created Daniel to play opposite my guy. I can still remember salivating over Daniel when I got his character sheet via email from Raine. I thought, "Oh man... this is going to be the best kind of addictive trouble."

Two weeks later, and we'd written 145,000 words and were pretty sure there was a book buried in there somewhere. We excavated the story line, and the rest is written history.

Tell us one thing about yourselves that your readers would be surprised to know.

Kelly: I really enjoy dance, and I've studied everything from ballet to hip hop to ballroom.

Raine: I'm a foil fencer, went to state championships where my team won second place. I also taught it for three years for graduate school, and twenty years later I've started learning kendo, so I really love all the sword arts.

What’s the best thing about writing? How about the worst thing?

Kelly: The best thing is having infinite worlds and people in one's mind. Places to go and people with whom to see it. The worst thing is probably balancing my desire to live in my head with the demands of daily life.

Raine: I actually love nearly everything about writing. I love the creation, the editing, and the learning curve I get to hit when we get editing feedback. The thing that I hate is just having to juggle the rest of my life to find the time and energy to do it well. The balancing act is always hard, but gets especially hard when my inner critic gets going and wonders why I'm doing it anyway, especially on those days when it's just hard to face the screen again.

Character or plot, which comes first?

Kelly: It depends, but usually characters. Even if they don't come first, I dearly love the character making process. Getting to know these people is incredibly fun.

Raine: Characters. If I know the characters the plots just fall into place. This includes knowing the antagonists as well as the protagonists, and understanding everyone's motivations.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Kelly: Honestly? Working. But barring that, I often take walks in the rain.

Raine: Sleeping in late and listening to the sound of the rain. Hot tea with milk and writing and reading and then going out in it to walk. If I'm lucky, I get to paint for few hours in the good and not glaring light of direct sun.

What’s the best writing advice you ever received/found?

Kelly: Write what you love.

Raine: Steal like an artist. Take what you really like, leave the rest, and make what you take yours.

What are you working on now?

Kelly: Meditation. And when I'm not fighting a losing battle with that, several novels of my own, including one fantasy-horror book that's eating my brain. Also outlining and plotting the next New Amsterdam book with Raine.

Raine: A nano-tech and cyborg take on The Journey to the West with lots of good antagonists, along with the next book in the New Amsterdam series with Kelly, and my third big painting show.

Kelly Wyre
Kelly Wyre enjoys reading and writing all manner of fiction, ranging from horror to romance. She used to work in advertising but is now happily chained to her writing desk. Online, she maintains several personal blogs and helps moderate two D/s communities that house the kinkier side of fandom. Kelly enjoys the soft and cuddly and the sharp and bloody with equal amounts of enthusiasm. She's a coffee addict, a workaholic, and a chronic night owl. Currently Kelly resides in the southeastern United States.

H.J. Raine
H.J. Raine was an electrical engineer with a twenty-year career in both hardware and software, complete with side servings of research into artificial neural networks and management for high-performance teams. Deeply involved with the early Usenet, Raine found writing as a means to spread ideas and ideals came early. Involvement in the 90s Seattle scene made it easy to take the next step: posting various works of cyberpunk, SF, and BDSM erotica. Today Raine maintains various blogs, moderates a BDSM fandom community, and writes fanfiction for fun. Reading materials include scientific journals, beekeeping newsletters, SF and fantasy, studies on violence, bodyguard training manuals, and dozens of romances. Days are now filled with writing, painting, swimming, and being a full-time parent with a lifelong partner in Colorado.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coming This Week

Drawn by Sean Michael (Top Shelf)
Hearts Under Fire by HJ Raine and Kelly Wyre (Top Shelf)
Used, Rare and Limited Editions by Chris Owen (Chaser Compilation)

Guava Red: Almost Paradise by TC Blue (Color Box)
Ultramarine: Rewriting History 2 by EM Lynley (Color Box)
A Gentleman and His Jockey by JM Cartwright (Sip)
Wolf Unexpected by Vic Winter (Sip)

Also available in print on Saturday:
Lemonade and Margaritas by TC Blue
Mandarin Orange: Sweet and Sour by TC Blue

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Releases for July 23

Love on the Edge by Kate Roman

It's been four years since Chance Pierce-Smith left the stress and glamour of his Hollywood career for the green acres of his new home, a ranch in the hills of Idaho. The only thing missing from his new life is the one man he can't forget -- Joel Reed. Their on-again, off-again ten-year affair crashed and burned when Joel chose acting over love.

When Chance sees tabloid headlines suggesting Joel has an alcohol problem, he can't abandon the only man he's ever truly loved. Inviting Joel to use the ranch as a weekend retreat from the limelight might just provide the opportunity for them to forge a life together, far from the bright lights. But is Joel ready to commit to a real life off-camera? And if Joel’s problems run deeper than the tabloids suggest, is Chance ready to fight to save his one true love?

Find out today!

Demonic Harmony by Rob Knight

Shy is happy to feed off the crowds who come to his band’s concerts. Their energy literally feeds his soul. Then he meets new guitarist Seth, whose very touch gives Shy more harmony than a screaming horde of fans. Seth has even more secrets that Shy, however, and might be more dangerous than anything Shy has ever faced.

Pick up your copy today!

Green Mountain Boys by Jay Lygon

Inseparable since kindergarten, Matt and Kurt are more than just friends. They're childhood sweethearts, only they've never admitted it to themselves or each other. On their last night together before college, Matt works up the courage to show Kurt how he feels. One kiss is all it takes.

Originally published in Inside Him, paperback only.

Get your copy today!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday -- Redemption's Ride

Hey, y'all!

I was tickled as anything to get to promo one of my older titles.

Redemption's Ride is one of the few Old West books I've put out, and the only Old West Paranormal that I've done. The whole book started with the question (asked over margaritas at a little Mexican restaurant in Grand Junction, Colorado, believe it or not), "what if there was a preacher, a mute Indian, a farting Englishman, a three-legged dog, and Fred the Wonder Horse?"

The answer, of course, is: I'd give them a hell hound with a guilt complex and a past that's hunting his running ass. ;-)

Thus Redemption's Ride was born.

It is one of the few books that I've written that still makes me cry, every time. (There are two others -- prize packs for anyone who guesses who they are.)

Here's the official info:

138 pages / 45000 words
ISBN: 1-934166-18-9, 978-1-934166-18-5
Available file types - html, lit, pdf, prc, paperback

Reformed from his days as a bank robber and killer, Preacher rides the badlands with his crew of misfits, doing God's work and spreading the good word. Despite his friends, which include a three-legged dog, a mute Apache and a flatulent Englishman, he gets lonely on the trail, so it seems a gift from above when Hawk shows up.

Hawk is a scarred cowboy with a past he can't remember, and he thinks Preacher might be the answer to the itch he can't quite scratch. Together, with the help of their friends and Hawk's amazing horse Fred, they face an evil like the world has never seen. Can they survive Redemption's Ride?

Available here.

Thanks, y'all!

BA Tortuga

Rednecks and Romance -- because sometimes fistfights are foreplay

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trying to make a steampunk costume

For Authors After Dark in August.

For those of y'all that know me, I'm not the frilly type. Julia's got her steampunk costume all sorted -- she's going to be lovely. Corset, skirt, boots, hat. She's going to be lovely.

Me? I'm less prepared. Like whoa.

However, my suggestion to just wear a t-shirt that says "steampunk" was met with less than approval, so costuming I go.

I've bought books, done some web research, looked at Etsy and Ebay and wow.


Gears and goggles and corsets and leather and...

At least my hair's already pink.

*goes to read Weird West again and pray for inspiration*

BA Tortuga
Rednecks and Romance -- Because Sometimes Fistfights are Foreplay.

Hot Summer Reading Sale!

It's a hot hot hot summer and what goes better with a hot day than a hot book? Get 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday. Just put 'hot2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Sale this Week

This week we have six Sapphic Signs, as well as some Julia Talbot and Kara Larson titles on sale at 20% off.

Check it out.

New Releases for July 20

Skylar's Pride by Lara Zielinsky

Skylar's got a problem. Make that several. She's kept her shapeshifter nature a secret from her current lover, Lila. Now that it's midsummer, Skylar faces enforced return to her father's pride lands. But Max, Lila's son, has gone missing from the campsite where his father was murdered -- savaged by an animal. Will Skylar find Max and solve the mystery of the Cherry Creek Park wolves before her father forces her return or her secret is revealed?

Pick up your copy today!

Under the Moon by Julia Talbot

Jamie doesn't run with a pack, he doesn't date other werewolves, and he doesn't play role-playing games. So when Ty shows up and is hotter than any man Jamie has ever met, and is a werewolf, too, Jamie doesn't know what to do. Especially since Ty is at Jamie's apartment to game with Jamie's roommate. Can they find some common ground before disaster strikes under the full moon?

Find out today!

Five Spice: Yin and Yang by Kara Larson

Six months after "At the Sign of the Ancestors," Drew and Kit have settled into their relationship. Though Drew doesn't quite share Kit's love of Muay Thai, he's come to accept it and its role in his boyfriend's life. But when an accident at the gym forces Kit to take temporary leave, Drew realizes that he has to come up with something else to fill the void in Kit's life. So they decide to try out a new martial art together: karate. Neither of them anticipated how competition might drive a wedge between them, or how the attention of another black belt might make Kit react -- with jealousy.

Get your copy today!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Excerpt as promised - pretty work safe

Hey y'all!

Here's a snippet from Under the Moon by me, Julia Talbot

Out tomorrow!


Jamie pondered telling Anton no. He really should just go to his room instead of silently protesting this nonsense by sitting in the front room and sighing a lot. He finally got up and headed to the door, an unholy sort of curiosity making him go see who would be coming to play wolf.
Opening the door, Jamie found a mountain of a man standing there. The guy was tall, maybe six four, and had to weigh a muscular two-twenty. He had shoulders that blocked the dying sunlight, dark brown hair that curled wildly, and bright green eyes. He was amazing and a little intimidating.
He smelled like heaven.
Jamie tried to ignore the instant hard-on that sprang up in his pants, stepping back to let the guy in. "You here to game with Anton?"
"He invited me to come over for a beer if that's what gaming means, yeah. Maybe watch some werewolf movies." The smile was wry, the little twist of the guy's lips making Jamie want to pant and show his belly.
"Jamie." He stuck out his hand instinctively, not even thinking about it until after.
"Tyler. Ty. Nice to meet you. You're the roommate?"
"I am."
Ty took his hand and brushed past him, their skin touching in all sorts of places as Ty went by. Jamie's nerves jumped, his nipples going tight. Christ. He might as well just start scratching his balls and whining.
"Well, it's nice to meet you," Ty said, squeezing his hand before letting go.
"You, too. I'll, uh, get you that beer." He had to escape before he did something stupid. Ty almost smelled like pack, and that was just silly. There was no such thing in this part of Boulder. That was why Jamie was there, right? He'd gotten away from that, and he didn't need to get dragged back in.


I'll post a buy link when I have one!



Werwewolves and such

Hey, y'all!

I get asked a lot why i like werewolves and such so much. From the Bloodrose series to my new book out tomorrow, Under the Moon to Sips like Sit Pretty and Sit Up and Beg, I do a lot of writing about the furry beasts.

I'd love to say it's deep. If I was a meta kind of girl I'd go on about animal attraction and the transformative power of werecreatures and stuff. I might even rhapsodize about how a werewolf is the ultimate alpha male, and how that's what romance readers want.

What it really comes down to, though, is I think werewolves are cool, and that biting and growling and maybe a little slapping is hot.

Really hot.

I know, I know, that's pretty shallow. I got taken to task once by a writer friend who was disappointed by my love for the hot and pretty, and by my staunch position that reading material doesn't have to be great literature to have value. I'm not a literary writer, though I have done that route many times. I'm a storyteller, and my guys tend to be just dudes, and what better way to have a paranormal creature that's just a dude than to give him fleas and a wagging tail?

I wasn't always a werewolf fan. When I was a kid, Dracula was my hero, and I admit, my reading ran toward homoerotic stories about vamps by a certain well-known author who will remain nameless because she's a little scary now. It was actually in college, when I saw a movie called The Company of Wolves, that I started thinking, hmm. Nice. (No, I was not in college in 1984 when the movie came out, but I will admit that was pre-DVD and I rented it on VHS.)

Then the werewolf thing kind of exploded. Does anyone remember the short-lived 80s TV show Werewolf? I stayed up a lot of nights watching that.

When I got into writing romance, the paranormal thing was just taking off. I wrote vamps, demons, demon-hunters and creatures of all sorts, but werewolves are the ones I really seem to resonate with.

Thank goodness other people still like to read about them!

If you want more werewolfy goodness, I have a Single Shot coming out tomorrow called Under the Moon. It's about Jamie, a graduate student who left his pack a long while back. He doesn't date other 'weres. Until he meets Ty, that is...

I'll post a wee bit of an excerpt in a bit!

Thanks for reading, y'all!

contest winner

*puts on Lorna hat as I don't want to change accounts*

Congratulations to tracykitn who won the $5.00 GC

email me at ldoone @ (no spaces) with the email you want the GC to go to!

Thanks for playing yesterday, y'all.

I'll be back later today as Julia, for my blog day!

Coming This Week

Skylar's Pride by Lara Zielinsky (Sapphic Sign, f/f)
Under the Moon by Julia Talbot (Single Shot)
Ying and Yang by Kara Larson (Spice it Up)

Love on the Edge by Kate Roman (Spurs and Saddles)
Demonic Harmony by Rob Knight (Sip)
Green Mountain Boys by Jay Lygon (Sip)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Moody Monday

Hey y'all!

It's Monday, and I'm in a good mood.

What's one word to describe your mood this Monday?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Christmas in July Sale!

It's Christmas in July at Torquere Press! Get 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday. Just put 'xmasjul2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday July 18 at Midnight (est).

Celebrate Christmas in July with a book from Torquere Press today!

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New Releases for July 16

A Poor Sort of Vacation by KC Warwick

Rowan, the trainee enchanter, and his elf bodyguard, Valiance, are taking their promised trip back to the Great Forest to introduce Rowan to Valiance’s family. As usual, things don’t go entirely to plan, and what should have been a complete rest turns into something entirely different. Rowan may be able to survive dragons and hostile enchanters, but how is he going to deal with his lover’s parents?

Find out today!

Hurricane Season by Kiernan Kelly

Aiden's life is in a shambles. He's just broken up with his psycho boyfriend, and finds himself homeless as a Category Five hurricane bears down on him. Worse, he's finding little to hope for, and less to live for.

David is a tourist on a mission – he wants to surf the big waves churned up by the hurricane. When Aiden saves his life after a spectacular wipeout, David returns the favor by giving Aiden a new lease on life – if they can survive the mother of all storms.

Pick up your copy today!

Stormclouds by Dallas Coleman

Trace and Dwayne have been together a lot of years when Dwayne decides he's bored and wants to leave. Hurting and growly, Trace tells Dwayne to just go as he prepares the ranch for the mother of all storms his knees are telling him is coming. Will he be able to weather the storms both nature and Dwayne are throwing at him? Or will his life be changed forever?

Originally published in Cowboy Up!

Get your copy today!

Through the Window

the print book I share with Chris Owen is called Through the Window, and it has her story Pyke's Peak, and my story Pictures of You. It was neat to be able to combine these two menage novelas into one print volume. It made me happy.

In Pictures of You, Leanne is a photographer who sees her neighbors below and across the way having sex. A lot. Ryan and Shreve like to get it on, and they like to know that Leanne is watching. Ryan thinks a threesome might be great, but Shreve has some doubts. Throw in Leanne's ex and a hot tattoo artist, and there's yumminess all around.

You can find it here as an ebook

and here in print

I love that big old buildings play a part in both books!

Thanks for playing with us today, y'all! I like flashback Friday already

Menage! The more the merrier!

As an aside, I'm sitting on my deck next to the lovely Tory Temple. You can be jealous, it's okay. I understand. Tory and I once spent most of a week hanging out with Julia and BA and a smattering of other folks. Florida hasn't yet recovered. It might think its okay, but really it just wants us all back again to lounge in pools and go to Disney and drink tequila.

Maybe that's me and not Florida. Whatever.

SO! Julia and I share another book, the print compilation of one of her stories and one of mine. Through the Window has Julia's story Pictures of You and my story, Pyke's Peak. I'll let Julia tell you about her (fabulous) story, but here's the blurb for Pyke's Peak:

Pyke thinks he's found the perfect way to keep his two best friends around; buy a house they can all live in. The trick will be getting Laurel and Shea to move in. His buddy Shea gets with the program pretty fast, the famous Shea gut instinct telling him that it will be all right.

Laurel is not as convinced that she needs to move in, let alone start a deeper relationship with Shea and Pyke than she already has. The boys seem to be a package deal, and she's not sure they can all be happy together. As they work on the house together, though, Pyke hopes he can convince them all that their place is together, in the coolest house any of them have ever seen.

And here's an excerpt!

When he got his breath back, Laurel was still laughing, curled into his side and looking delighted with herself. "So, yes? You like that idea?"

Pyke hated to blush with embarrassment, but not quite as much as he hated going off like he was fifteen and it was his first time. "That was not fair, but you're on. If Shea agrees. Which he probably will." His heart was thundering, but his bones felt damn fine. There really was nothing wrong with being warm on a bed, newly laid, even if his jeans were still bunched up around one knee.

Laurel smiled and snuggled in. "Okay. I'll ask him. Maybe tonight while we're watching you play. Hey, what are you doing this afternoon? Want to go shopping with me?"

Oh, hell no. He loved Laurel a lot, but shopping and Laurel were not things that went well together. Luckily, he had other plans anyway and good ones. "Can't, darlin'. The actual real reason I came by was to tell you that I finally did something with the money."

Laurel sat up and looked at him intently. "You did?" She pulled her hair back and started finger combing it again. "It's about time. And I assume you mean more than just get a lawyer and an investment counselor? Honestly, Pyke. You've had that money just sitting there for far too long."

"Yes, ma'am." It was hard not to roll his eyes; he'd been doing it for weeks, though and thought maybe he should start resisting the urge.

On a whim, passing through the mall one day in early spring, Pyke had purchased a lotto ticket. He hadn't even picked his own numbers, just got an auto selection from the machine. Then, cleaning out his wallet weeks after that, he'd found out that he'd won the jackpot.

The eye-rolling was merely a side effect, he figured.

He found out that, along with knowing a lot of broke people, he also knew a demon in the shape of a beautiful woman. Laurel had been wildly protective of him, making sure he took all the right steps to get himself into a responsible and educated position about what to do with almost seven million dollars. But she still made him roll his eyes.

He gave her a grin instead. "I bought a house. You're going to love it."

She tilted her head at him. "A house? Well, that's good."

Pyke grinned and nodded. "It's amazing. It's completely assbackward and fucked up and ancient. The kitchen is on the second floor, there's five bedrooms, if you count the tower and the half wall thing in the attic, and four bathrooms and the front door opens into the dining room."

Laurel raised and eyebrow at him. "It sounds like a money pit and kind of horrible."

"It's fantastic; you're going to love it. It's got three floors and a glass room, and there's so much space! I can practice, and Shea can do his thing, and you can even have your own suite on the ground floor, if you don't mind that the tub is in a room with half a glass wall. We'll put up shutters or something."

"Pardon?" Laurel stared at him, her eyes wide.

"Oh, didn't I say? You and Shea are going to move in with me."


And with that, the fun began! The fun thing about this story, for me, was that the house was a fourth character. I'm endlessly fascinated with homes and houses and apartments with personality. Pyke's house was the oddest one I've played with, but I'm hoping not the last House Character.

Time to swim!

Flashback Friday-- Chris Owen and Julia Talbot

Hey y'all!

I bet you've seen Chris' post about how long it took us to write Good Cop, Bad Cop.

I maintain it was because Chris lives in a time zone I'd never even heard of until I met her. I was living in mountain time (in central now) when we started, which meant when she was going to bed, I was just getting started good on my nightly writing. (g)

Anyhoo, we did finally get it done, and we had a blast doing it, and it ended up being this.

It's a hot little story about undercover cops who like to have sex, and you can find it HERE!

Want a little excerpt? Me, too!


Cody stared at him, what looked like a smirk dropping off his face. He glared at the dog and muttered, "Traitor." Then he held the door open and said, "C’mon in, then. There’s beer in the fridge, if you want one.

"That would be great." He wandered in, the dog breathing heavily on the backs of his knees. Now he just needed to get the man breathing heavily.

Cody pulled open the fridge door and bent over, offering him a wonderful view of that tight ass, his jeans stretched just so. "American or imported?" Cody asked, straightening up with two bottles in his hand. "And stop looking at my ass."

Good thing he didn't have an iota of shame, or he'd be blushing like Cody. "But it's a great ass. I bet you lots of people stare at it. And imported would be great. My cover can't afford it, you know?"

Cody handed him a bottle and the opener that had been stuck on the fridge with a magnet. "Yeah, I guess. The cover, I mean. Not my ass." The blush was back, and Cody was moving, his own open bottle in hand. "Want to check something in the living room. Can come if you want."

He was really getting to Cody. Hot damn. "Sure." Pete followed that tight butt right into the living room, pulling on his beer.

If he hadn’t already seen Cody’s prick he really would have been thinking about the whole big toys for the challenged thing. The truck, the dog, the TV…God, who needed a TV that big?

Cody picked up the remote and tossed himself onto the couch, flicking through the channels. "Want to tape a movie tonight, this’ll just take a minute to set up," he said, lifting his beer bottle and draining about half of it.

The dog tried to crawl up on the couch next to Cody, but Pete neatly cut him off, letting the big drooling mutt knock him down practically on Cody's lap. "Oops. Sorry, man."

Cody swore as he nearly dropped his beer, catching it just before it landed in his lap. Which was practically Pete’s lap. Then blue eyes met his, and Cody just looked at him, his pupils dilating. "Are you?" he asked softly.

"No. Not a damned bit." Pete figured you had to take your chances where they came, and he leaned up to kiss the man, hoping maybe his memories were better than the real thing. They weren't.

Cody made a soft noise that might have been, "Oh, damn," or might have just been a noise, then their mouths were fused together, Cody tasting like beer and behind that, coffee.

The kiss just got deeper and better, and Pete pushed in deep, taking Cody's mouth like he'd wanted to ever since he'd seen him in the parking lot. Cody kissed him back, fighting for control, one hand coming up to the back of Pete’s neck and keeping him there. Like he was going anywhere.

A moment later, though, Cody pulled back and looked at him, his eyes wide and his breath coming in shallow pants. "Shit. I really don’t do this." Then the man kissed him again.

Wow. He'd love to see it when they did something Cody did do.

Way back in the day....

A little while ago, back in the depths of last week, Julia Talbot e-mailed me and asked if I'd like to share a promo day here, doing a little Flashback-style talking about... well, older stuff. See? Flashback! If there's anyone in the wide and far-flung ranges of Torquere Authorship who can do some flashback, it's me and Julia. And Sean, I suppose, but Julia and I haven't co-written anything together with Sean, so it's just us today. :D

Way back in 2003 (I just typed that as 1009 and then 1993. We're not that old) Julia and I, along with Sean, were the first three authors of the initial release novels. Now it's a 2011 and in all that time Julia and I have shared credit only twice. A lot of cheerleading, a lot of whining (me) and a lot of raised eyebrows (her), but only two credits and only one of those was a true co-write.

We would do more but I'm pretty sure Julia is one of the four busiest people on the planet.

The co-write was a little smutty story called Good Cop, Bad Cop. They're both good cops, really, but Cody is a good cop -- he likes the rules, he's not exactly comfortable going undercover to be Pete's contact, and he's completely unsure of what to do with himself when Pete makes it clear that they are, indeed, going to be together. Then his libido takes over and that's figured out very quickly. And often. In lots of places. With a high-speed and pretty gritty police plot line that puts Pete's life in danger, Good Cop, Bad Cop is a sexy read with some tension.

You would not believe how long it took us to write. Julia's busy. I'm busy. I can't swear to it because my memory is direct linked to how much coffee I've had, but I think it was something like three years between when we started to when we finally finished it and passed it in. The beginning was quick and fun, and then we got distracted by novels, other stories, children (me) and moving (her) and we took a break. I think the last two thousand words took three months, squished into spare moments. It was oodles of fun, though, and if there weren't stupid timezones in the way (and my strange sleeping habits) I'd be harassing her often to play with me. Loves me some Julia.

I'm going to go find my coffee. I'll be back in a few hours to talk about our other credit, and Julia will be here later on today to give HER SIDE of events. ;-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


What's your favorite kind of kink to read about?

And if you aren't into kink, what's your favorite position to read?

First Gift by Sean Michael

One of my recent releases is First Gift. This one is a threesome, lots of kink -- spanking, cockcage, piercings, voyeurism and hot sex.

Mike came to me first, whispering in my mind about this wonderful gift that he'd gotten for his lover, and how he was going to watch every second. Tomas wasn't sure about it, but Cage was definitely in for the ride and as soon as Tomas realized it was working for Mike as well as him, he was into it, too.

First Gift

Mike and Tomas are very much in love and committed to each other. Unfortunately, Mike's job takes him out of town for extended periods and after a while, seeing your lover on the computer monitor and having only your own hand for company begins to wear thin, especially when you're a bit of a pain slut, like Tomas is.

With this in mind, Mike gets Tomas a present -- Cage. He's paid up for a week and Cage will do to Tomas the things Mike only wishes he could, all while Mike watches and directs the action.

Will this gift be the first of many? And will it help Mike and Tomas feel closer despite the miles separating them?

You can find it here.

Boiling Point

My latest release is Boiling Point. Drake and Jeren were very intense right off the bat and were a ton of fun to write.

Denny's friend Drake is a hard core top in the BDSM world, while Cain's friend Jeren is a graphic artist who does horror books and lives on cigarettes and coffee with the occasional whiskey thrown in. They couldn't be more different. Still, Denny and Cain (Cherry Sours, Licorice Whips) think their friends would b great together and they set them up at a dinner party.

Now that they've met, will Drake and Jeren prove Denny and Cain right? And could they burn hotter for each other than even their friends know?

there's an excerpt here

and here's a not work safe excerpt

you can buy it here and don't forget to use the discount code 'boilingsm' to get 10% off.

Good morning and a discount coupon for you

Good morning! I'll be posting about my latest releases in a bit, but I wanted to share a special discount coupon with you. The coupon is 'boilingsm' in honor of my book released last week -- Boiling Point -- and it's good for today only (can be used until midnight est). It's for 10% off and it's for the whole order, so be sure to check out my entire catalog (and the rest of the books at Torquere Press) before you check out.

Back soon with more information on Boiling Point, as well as First Gift and Bruised.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Torquere Pride

On June 18th, I made the 80-mile trip to Providence, RI to run a vendor booth at the 35th annual Pride Fest. It was my third year there as a vendor, and by far the best year yet! There were three reasons it was so fabulous. First, more authors and publishers sent me materials and books than ever before, which made for a dynamic table. Even when the same visitors wandered by more than once, the contents on the table had changed and they stopped to browse and chat a second or third time. Second, the energy was incredible. The weather was perfect, the river behind us sparkled, and music from the entertainment stages reached us just loudly enough to maintain the festival atmosphere without dampening conversation. Third, my sons, 11 and 13, who had come with me to help unload and set up, decided to spend the entire 8 hours with me in the booth (with frequent forays for fried dough, corndogs, and Pride hats / necklaces / noisemakers). Their presence and enthusiasm were just one more source of pride for me.

I had lots of eye-catching promo material from participating authors and publishers, and a steady supply of almost 300 rainbow swirl lollipops brought folks to the table who might have passed by otherwise. Visitors enjoying the festival don’t always want to buy a book and then have to carry it around the rest of the day, which gives me a great opportunity to pimp e-books in general, and many were pleased with the special Pride coupon Torquere Press issued for me to distribute. Even so, I sold more books than ever before, and had a great time sharing free books from Torquere Press with many who came by. What were folks grabbing? Well, paranormals and fantasy, contemporaries (especially featuring first responders), and erotica sold well, and good covers absolutely drew folks from glances to picking books up to read the back covers. (As a reader who pretty much ignores covers, this phenomenon always surprises me.) Librarians were delighted to get a crack at a free book, and snapped up Prizm’s YA titles. As you see in the photo, I had a banner with “Rainbow Writers Collective” on it – the festival organizers require a name other than the individual and that one seemed appropriate to me. Several visitors inquired about whether we have a bricks and mortar bookstore or an online presence, and I told them we were an ad hoc group of authors and publishers who pool resources to have a presence at events like RI Pride. I encouraged visitors to pick up lots of author postcards and publisher lists and visit their sites online. (Readers who attend events like this -- don't be shy about approaching the nice folks at the book booths. Believe me, we are dying to chat you up and hear what you're craving for your next read!)

The most common question visitors asked was where to find more LGBT books. It turns out many, many readers still browse their local B&N shelves in vain hope of finding new LGBT fiction. Almost no one had thought of following favorite authors to their web sites, and no one I talked with had heard of the GLBT Bookshelf – by the end of the day I wished I’d thought to print up some cards or flyers so I wouldn’t be scribbling the URL on the backs of coupons, postcards, and chapbooks! I also spoke with some aspiring authors, many of whom were bewildered by the new publishing landscape. I hope I was able to encourage them and steer them to good resources. Young people of all descriptions (including a couple of my students!) stopped for a lollipop and stayed to ask about books that address coming out, building an identity, and navigating the world as a queer person (I call these “coming to self” stories). The gal working the temporary tattoo booth next to us wandered over again and again to peruse the books on offer until she found one that took on these issues. Older folks cheerfully described their reading habits and asked for recommendations – and I was interested to hear that most didn’t equate “GLBT fiction” with “porn” as is so often done in the mainstream. I ran into some of them later at the illuminated nighttime parade and it felt so good to know that I’d had the chance to widen their view onto the dynamic and rewarding universe of GLBT fiction and publishing. Besides, everyone loves a parade! I want to thank Torquere for being so supportive and sending so many great books, and also Torquere authors Syd McGinley, JM Cartwright. And J. Rocci!(Edited and revised from post at

On Sale This Week

This week we have books by Lee Benoit, Syd McGinley and Lydia Nyx on sale at 20% off.

Check it out.

New Releases for July 12

Black Shore of the White City by Lydia Nyx

Jude Coffin enjoys the finer things in life: an exceptional wine, a good whiskey, non-menthol cigarettes, and a cute guy with a great ass. Despite being a Siren, or an 'aural captivator' for the supernaturally correct, he doesn't like paranormal politics, paranormal science, and certainly not paranormal activists.

Despite this, Jude and his similarly supernaturally-endowed twin brother Jason are lured to Chicago to undergo study at the controversial Institute of Supernatural Research. Jude remembers why he stays away from the paranormal world when the Institute takes his brother hostage. His only hope of getting him back is enlisting the help of Micha Bellevue, Chicago's leading paranormal advocate, and Sam Haain, fiery, possibly insane paranormal supremacist. Tangled up with these two clashing and decidedly sexy personalities, Jude gets a look at Chicago he never wanted: a city at war with itself, full of angry supernatural people, conspiracy, and murder.

Pick up your copy today!

Imposition by Juniper Gray

Therse Bodan is a Navy Lieutenant of exceptional caliber, approached with an offer of his dream position in the upper echelons of Navy Command. Therse is on a transport cruise ship, returning from a far-flung region of space with only his best friend and chronic under-achiever Genham Drisjic for company when he realizes that if he accepts the offer, he and Genham may never see one another again. Therse wants to confess his long-held feelings for Genham but is afraid he might be pushed away.

The arrival of Meitou, a member of the military's secretive elite, aboard their quiet ship throws them into turmoil, forcing Therse to confront events in his past, and making Genham face up to feelings of his own. And the ship itself is no stranger to dark secrets...

In space, no one can hear you weep.

Get your copy today!

Lost and Found by Syd McGinley

Dr. Fell is teaching English at a local college, and working on fixing up his cabin, but his best friend Ben and Ben's sub twink want him to get back into the swing of regular life, worried that he's withdrawn after the death of his lover Rob.

Through teaching, hosting a summer camp for Doms and their subs, as well as running a foundation put together by the Doms for rescuing subs from bad situations, Dr. Fell goes through a number of temporary boys until he finds a new boy of his own who, as it happens, doesn't need rescuing at all.

Things are never simple for Dr. Fell, though, and between family problems and things going perhaps too well with his new boy, he's anxious over what will come next. Will he allow himself to have a happy ending of his own?

Lost and Found was originally released as the Chaser series Lost and Found.

Pick up your copy today!

Servant of the Seasons by Lee Benoit

When architect Mèco is turfed, or ejected from his protected but autocratic Dome, he finds himself adrift in a dying and dangerous land. With no choice but to scrape his survival from an abandoned farm, he tries to improve his prospects by acquiring an animal to pull his plow.

What he ends up with instead are two slaves, a bonded pair of Novigi, a strange people Mèco's never heard of. As the land slowly awakens by their combined efforts, so does Mèco's sense of himself as a man and maybe as a lover. But when their fragile home is threatened by brutal gangs of Salters, Mèco and his friends discover being servants of the seasons may not be enough to protect their new way of living and loving. They must become warriors.

Originally published as the Chaser series Servant of the Seasons.

Get your copy today!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Featured Author -- Juniper Gray

Today we're featuring Juniper Gray, author of the newly released Imposition.

Tell us about Imposition. What inspired you to write it? How long did it take to write?

All-in-all it took me about eight months, I think. A lot of that time was made up with planning and procrastination (which I'm awful for - writing used to be my procrastination, so I need to find something new to occupy my dawdling streak now), not to mention figuring out how to write a novel. Once I'd got myself sorted and stopped writing other things it took three months of focused work, which I guess isn't too bad.

As for inspiration, I don't really know. The book is set in a universe I've had growing inside my head for a very long time, but this particular plot and characters slowly announced themselves over a couple of months back in 2010, and I loved them enough for them to be my first.

Tell us one thing about yourself that your readers would be surprised to know.

I used to hold (and successfully defended) a regional championship title for archery. Maybe I should procrastinate in that direction and pick it up again.

What’s the best thing about writing? How about the worst thing?

The best thing about writing is everything. The worst thing is the time between writing.

Character or plot, which comes first?

Everything all at once. Which is really inconsiderate, because I can be walking down the street and suddenly ideas will decide now is definitely the best time to present themselves, and I have to run to a bench or a coffee shop and scribble them down before all the good ones slip through my fingers like an un-set jelly, and I end up feeling like they've gotten one over on me by appearing when I couldn't catch them. Sometimes they come in pieces, so I'll get a shadow of the plot or the characters but I need to sit back and let them define themselves for a couple of months first before I'll put anything to paper.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Not being out in the rain and laughing at people who are and have forgotten their umbrellas.

What’s the best writing advice you ever received/found?

That you should never listen to any advice about writing, because it's a vastly different process for everyone. I still haven't quite gotten over the paradox of listening to that particular piece of advice...

What are you working on now?

I am currently in the plotting (procrastination) phase of writing the book which would follow on from Imposition, though my mind seems think the book following that is more fun to think about at the moment. I'm planning to take things in a broader, darker direction, so I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into the writing.

Juniper Gray is a scientist by trade who harbours a secret passion for story-telling. She lives happily in the suburbs of a city in Northern England where she enjoys adventures into the surrounding countryside, tests experimental food recipes on unsuspecting dinner guests and spends far too much time on the internet.



Short stories abound! Kind of...

Good morning! It's 85 here in the Midwest, not as bad as some, hotter than others. Not complaining, though!

I'm happy to report that I've written a couple of short stories that are being published this month. My first try at a couple of things- one is a Sip for Torquere that's actually a regency. It's titled A Gentleman and His Jockey. The second is part of the Goodreads Hot Summer Days Anthology. It's fanfic based on the Batman character.

You can find out more here.

I didn't think I could tell a good story without at least twenty chapters. Who knew? I hope you'll take a look.

In the meantime, let me know what you're doing this summer. I've grilled ribs twice so far, which is one of my favorite summer meals. My secret is to bake them for seven hours at 200, gets them so tender, they just need 20 mins on the grill for flavoring.

How about you?

Monday, July 11, 2011

GC win from last Monday

Kelly! Email me at ldoone @ (no spaces) with the email you use at TQ for your GC!

Meme Monday - Pie flavor

Hey y'all! Monday meme is all about summer flavor! What's your favorite pie? Hate pie? What's your favorite dessert flavor?

Coming This Week

Black Shore of the White City by Lydia Nyx (Top Shelf)
Imposition by Juniper Gray (Top Shelf)
Lost and Found by Syd McGinley (Chaser Compilation)
Servant of the Seasons by Lee Benoit (Chaser Compilation)

A Poor Sort of Vacation by KC Warwick (Single Shot)
Hurricane Season by Kiernan Kelly (Sip)
Stormclouds by Dallas Coleman (Sip)

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Weekend Fling Sale!

Have a weekend fling with a book from Torquere Press! Get 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday. Just put 'fling2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday July 11 at Midnight (est).

Enjoy a weekend fling with a book from Torquere Press today!

Discount codes are provided as a courtesy to our customers. Torquere Press Inc. cannot be responsible for discounting purchases made before coupons/sales are announced, and cannot issue discounts to customers who fail to use the coupon or discount code during the purchase process.

New Releases for July 9

Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Brooks

Rafe's first dozen years were brutal, defined by privation in the slums of the free city Haven. When Maestro Servio, Haven's finest shipwright, offers the boy a position as an apprentice, Rafe finds himself bewildered and confused by a world he's never hoped to enter, and suffering nightmares, memories of the past he only wants to leave behind. In order to survive, he relies desperately on his fellow apprentice, Tyver.

As they enter adulthood together, Rafe realizes that his friendship with Tyver has grown into something deeper. He dreams of making Tyver his lover, but before that dream can come true, Rafe must set aside lessons of pain and fear that he's learned all too well, and instead learn to trust not only Tyver, but himself.

Pick up your copy today!

In the Eye, a BBA menage story by Giselle Renarde

Dale and Xu are not your typical tornado-chasers. These guys don’t pretend to be in it for the research. It’s a thrill ride for them. Hell, they spend September to May bettering their minds as Grad students, and then spend most of the summer teaching seminar courses. This is their time to kick back before summer session starts. When Susitna begs to come along on their annual adventure, Xu is absolutely opposed to the idea. Dale convinces him to take her on as a driver so they can fulfill their fantasy of getting it on in the backseat during a storm--but they don't tell her that! How will Susitna react to the boys' storm fetish?

Find out today!

Picking Daisies by Julia Talbot

When smokejumper Lane comes down from Oregon to fill a gap on a firefighting team in Colorado, all he seems to do is trip over team leader Dave Calhoun. This is a problem because Dave doesn’t seem to like him much. Can he stop falling for the man in time, or will it be too late before they even get started?

Get your copy today!

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Better Late Than Never

Howdy, y'all.

I'm traveling again, this time to BFN Arkansas. Y'all. There is no espresso in this town. Not here, not in the next one, or the one after that.


I swear. I'm dyin'.

Don't get me wrong -- it's great to see Mother, the land is lovely. Everyone has been polite as all get out, but...




Heading back to Daddy's ranch tomorrow to go riding with Julia Talbot for a couple days, then home to Austin, my local Cafe Java, and my dogs.

Do have a couple three new story ideas, though. Yay. :D

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On Sale this Week

This week we have several Birthstones and several Sean Michael titles on sale at 20% off.

Check them out.

New Releases for July 6

Boiling Point by Sean Michael

Denny's friend Drake is a hard core top in the BDSM world, while Cain's friend Jeren is a graphic artist who does horror books and lives on cigarettes and coffee with the occasional whiskey thrown in. They couldn't be more different. Still, Denny and Cain (Cherry Sours, Licorice Whips) think their friends would be great together and they set them up at a dinner party.

Now that they've met, will Drake and Jeren prove Denny and Cain right? And could they burn hotter for each other than even their friends know?

Find out today!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Waves and grins

Hi there!

Lorne Rodman here, pimping my new book, Fire in the Hole. It's a hot little number about a firestarter and how he finds his cool partner. I think Tanner and Win are really great characters, and I hope you'll check them out, here.

Did you know that Stephen King coined the term pyrokenetic? How cool is that, that as writers, we have the power to add to the modern lexicon? I'm probably not changing anyone's world view with Fire in the Hole, but I'm hoping I have the power to make people smile!

Here's an excerpt. Thanks for stopping by today! Should be work safe


"You're hot." He dragged Tanner along to his place. He lived over a fish store -- aquariums and shit, not the flounder and salmon kind.

"As in wow, you're a hot guy, or as in my skin is hot?"

"Both." He grinned, pushing the door to the stairwell open.

"Oh." Tanner followed, climbing the stairs easily, which boded well for the body under those clothes.

He let Tanner into his home, not bothering to turn on the lights -- it was bright enough from the illumination coming through the windows.

"You're more cool. To the touch, I mean." Squinting, Tanner looked about. "And cooler than me, kinda. No. No, I mean..." Tanner rolled his eyes. "You're definitely cooler than me, I just meant your place was more up with the times than mine, you know?"

"Is it? Where do you live?"

"Oh, over on the south side of town."

One of Win's eyebrows went up. He was surprised. It wasn't a very good part of town, as in drug dealers and guys with bullet holes in their cars.

"I know." Grinning, Tanner shrugged a little. "I can't afford a lot."

"Yeah, sorry. I didn't mean to come off judgemental."

"No prob. This is nice, though." Tanner paused. "I promise, I'm not here to rob you or anything."

"I didn't think you were, Tanner." He gave Tanner a cocky grin, looking to break the ice. "You're here to fuck the stud, right?"

"Absolutely." Tanner laughed, the sound bright and hot, somehow. Like actually warm enough to stir the air in little shimmery waves.

"Cool." He reached for Tanner, wrapping his hand around one hip. He could feel the heat coming off the man, even through the layer of denim. It had him moaning a little as he pressed his lips to Tanner's.

Tanner moaned back, opening up for him, lips like fire. The kiss burned between them, chasing away the chill he always seemed to have