Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Releases for April 30

Mr. Plum by Sue Brown

Dave picks up coffee every morning at the train station on his way to work. He can't help but notice when the man in front of him is given a plum-colored cup holder, as it goes perfectly with his own tie. There are other things he can't help but notice, like how hot "Mr. Plum" is.

When Mr. Plum hands over a cup of coffee, exactly how Dave likes it, the morning he's late getting to the station, it's the start of a beautiful friendship. Or is it?

Find out today!

The Man With the Alabaster Heart by Aaron Michaels

Chuck and Milton have a great relationship, even though Chuck's as easy-going as they come and Milton grew up in a household where the white-on-white furniture was protected with clear plastic slipcovers. Milton's family loves Chuck, except there's a problem -- no one ever told Milton's great uncle, the stern family patriarch, that Milton's gay.

When Milton comes out to his great uncle, the old man banishes Milton from the family. Chuck can't stand to see his stud muffin in pain. There's only one thing he can do to make things better; chip away at the ice surrounding the old man's cold, alabaster heart.

Pick up your copy today!

Sleeping Beauty by Rob Rosen

It was supposed to be a routine mission. Space outpost demolition. Place hadn’t been used in a handful of decades. Deserted. Or so James thinks until he comes across a stunning, naked man in a glass coffin, with T-minus twenty minutes remaining before the place is set to blow. But who is this man and how did he get there? And why is James so drawn to him? And what can you do with a stunning, naked man in twenty minutes? More importantly, can they blow before the outpost does?

Find out today!

The Assignment by Ann Taylor

Vampire hunter Kellen is assigned to keep an eye on Sanders Wakefield, romance novelist/recently turned vampire. He expects boredom and maybe some good, old-fashioned bloodshed if worse comes to worst. Kellen could deal with a pair of fangs to the jugular, but what is he supposed to do about an offer of tea?

Find out today!

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Daddy's Birthday Sale!

It's Shawn's Daddy's Birthday! So we're offering 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday! Just put 'daddy2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday May 2 at Midnight (est).

Celebrate Daddy's birthday with a book from Torquere Press today!

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The Importance of Being Erotic

Today I've been thinking about the importance! Authors of erotic fiction. Why do we do this? Is it important? Or is it fluff?

Here's a question for authors and readers: Do you think erotica plays an important role in society?

I vote yes. Erotica is an affirming force.

It isn't as common as it used to be for people who fall outside the accepted "norms" of cisgender vanilla heterosexual to think, "My god! I'm the only person on the planet like this!" What do we have to thank for queer empowerment? In part, porn! The internet! Erotica! Artists! Ourselves!

When we read about different sexual practices or pairings, our desires may well be affirmed in fiction. I might read a story about a lesbian in love with a trans woman and feel elated in knowing I'm not the only one. There are others like me. Because my girlfriend Sweet was raised in a different generation, she grew up thinking she was the only boy in the world who liked wearing girl clothes and playing with "girl toys" and who, all in all, wanted to be a girl. It was in fiction that she found her identity.

But literary fiction only gets us part way there. Reading literary fiction and watching characters get together and get close, I always used to wonder (and still do)...what next? Okay, they're getting it on, but how? What exactly are they doing?

When we see our own sexual practices or sexual practices we've always dreamed of in print, there is a moment of, "Yes!" We feel recognized, acknowledged, and affirmed. It's a confirmation that we are not alone in our world of desires. There are others like us. I think that's important.

What do you think? Does erotica help people in any way? Or is it just a pleasant distraction?

Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Releases for April 27

Alphabet Soup by CB Conwy

Andy knows exactly what he needs: scenes hard enough to take him out of himself. Then he meets CK, and everything is turned upside down. CK is relaxed and gentle and nothing like what Andy's looking for. Despite that, or maybe because of it, Andy's still attracted to the stranger.

CK is new to the city and the club, but definitely not to the scene. Andy's ideas of BDSM are very different from CK's, but there’s still something about the man that draws CK. Something fascinating and completely unpredictable. The results can be amazing scenes or complete disasters. Andy is difficult to get to know, and CK has to work hard to find the reason for Andy's erratic behavior. CK is nothing if not stubborn, though. He's very determined to help Andy, and Andy's ready for it, but there's so much Andy's trying to forget.

Like the conscientious Dom he is, CK guides Andy's recovery, one scene at a time. Very much against his principles, CK finds himself falling in love with the man he's trying to help. Now he has to fight not only Andy's past, but his own conscience as well.

Alphabet Soup is available in print and ebooks formats!

Collars and Cuffs, a BBA Menage Novel by BA Tortuga

Hannah is a tough cop with a hardcore reputation. She’s not called the Hammer for nothing. It’s a lonely life for her, but all she needs is her work. At least that’s what she thinks until she meets exotic dancer Johnny. John is sexy, even if he is a suspect, but as far as Hannah can tell, he’s also taken.

John is definitely taken with his lover, Ben, but he and Ben play sometimes, and they want Hannah. The three have fun, even when a murderer begins stalking their lives. John and Ben love Hannah to death, even if her police partner Ricky disapproves, but they hope it doesn’t become literal.

Collars and Cuffs is available in print and ebook formats!

Twelve Steps by CB Potts

Hitting rock bottom is only the beginning. Jacob's life is falling apart around him. No money, no job, and no hope for a better future... until he meets Craig. By introducing Jacob to the possibility of recovery, Craig gives Jacob a chance at a new life, and maybe more.

Set amidst the drama, romance, and furtive desires of the recovery community, Twelve Steps tracks the progress of a relationship through timid infatuation into something stronger, darker, and perhaps far more addictive than either man ever imagined. It's one thing to surrender to a Higher Power. It's another to give up your heart.

Get your copy today!

A Russian Bear by CB Conwy

To Mischa, life is simple. Doms are Doms and subs are for fucking, flogging, and bossing around. Until he meets Tom, that is. Tom is deeply offended when the stranger in the bar takes him for some kind of slave boy. Well, offended and more than a little excited by the thought of surrendering to Mischa. Mischa being Mischa, their meeting results in Tom losing his virginity in a way that's hotter than even his wildest fantasies.

Mischa is drawn to Tom and makes another appointment. And then another, initiating Tom to every kink Mischa knows. They aren't scenes, of course, because Mischa has a "one boy, one scene" rule. But then again, Tom isn't exactly like his usual boys, and Mischa finds himself falling in love, though nowhere near ready to admit it. Luckily, Tom isn't exactly your stereotypical slave. Life is good -- until Tom gets attacked, and Mischa has to fight harder than ever to make Tom realize that he isn't going anywhere.

A Russian Bear is now available in print as well as ebook formats!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Featured Author -- CB Conwy

Today we're featuring CB Conwy, author of the newly released Alphabet Soup.

Tell us about Alphabet Soup. What inspired you to write it? How long did it take?

When I write, I often explore everything in the scenes I write – not just what you see in the finished novel. In A Russian Bear, one of the minor characters is a carpenter, Andy. I'd written a scene where he seems to be a little insecure and a lot interested in what Tom and Mischa have. I started thinking about why he acted the way he did, and the answers turned out to be more interesting than I thought. Then CK came into the picture; after that, there was no way back. I just can't resist hot, caring men.

You write in short and long lengths. What differences are there to the process between the two?

It's a lot harder to write short stories! You have to be far better at depicting a character; you only get one chance. The plot has to be a lot tighter, as well. It's a really good exercise for me, but I have a lot to learn.

Tell us one thing about yourself that your readers would be surprised to know.

I talk to myself all the time. Wait, that's probably not a surprise.

What’s the best thing about writing? How about the worst thing?

The best thing is that you get completely absorbed in another world when you write; it's an almost physical rush. The worst part is that I'm too busy to do it all the time.

Character or plot, which comes first?

Neither – situations come first. To me, writing is like walking into a still image and making it come alive.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Reading or writing. As a matter of fact, rain is a perfect excuse for cuddling up inside. Sunshine makes me feel like I ought to do something outdoorsy. Yikes.

What’s the best writing advice you ever received/found?

I haven't had any big light bulb moments; writing is a very practical thing to me. I'm a firm believer in learning by doing (which is surprising, because in every other aspect of life, I'm such a brain person). Well, make that learning by doing and getting your text edited by someone who can't read your mind. It's astounding how much you take for granted. And how many semicolons you use.

What are you working on now?

The Novel Formerly Known As Last Part Of Himiko. In other words: I'm this close to finishing Himiko: Warrior. After that, I have at least three different stories competing for my attention. Slave boys seems to be a common theme…

Bio: Doing relatively sane and responsible things during the day, I'm always looking forward to coming home to see what my characters have been up to. It’s only very rarely what I want them to do, but there you go. I have no problems whatsoever reading both Flaubert and smut (although not at the same time), and the only thing I like more than chocolate is a good comfort read.

Email CB or visit CB's website

Why are people fascinated by girl on girl action?

As soon as there’s an item in the news about two female celebrities kissing, men swarm to the site, attracted by it. Women have always kissed each other in public. Yeah, sure, mostly its air kisses, but the concept is older than time. So what’s the attraction? Why all the hype?
Are men worried about the whole idea of women satisfying each other romantically, and men finding themselves no longer needed? Or do they lust after seeing twice as many breasts, twice as much female flesh to taste and touch?
More recently women are openly finding and reading lesbian fiction. Is it something they’ve always enjoyed, but previously hidden? Or is it something new, that fulfils a need they weren’t previously aware of having?
There’s something exciting about a kick-ass heroine who can save herself from danger finding romance for herself too. Finding her perfect match in maybe another kick-ass type, or possibly in someone softer, sweeter, gentler. Either way, the sex is sure to be explosive. After all, no one knows what turns a woman on, like another woman does. Likely because it turns her on too.
My fourth lesbian erotic romance novella has just been released. If you’ve never yet tried lesbian erotica be daring, give it a try!

"Paige's Passion" blurb

Paige is sent on a business trip and invites her good friend Madeline to go with her. They’ve been lusting after each other for some time but Paige was worried that taking the step to a sexual relationship might destroy their friendship. At the end of the second night they are committed to an ongoing relationship together.
But when they get back to their ordinary lives Paige is consumed by her job. Paige desperately wants the relationship to work, but her career is very important to her and Maddie is so easy-going. Can they ever be happy together?

STORY Excerpt WARNING Lesbian Romance

"Shit, Paige, this's a really nice suite. Are you sure it's okay for me to be here with you?" asked Madeline, looking around at the solid wooden doors hiding the huge flat-screen TV and mini-bar, and at the ultra king-size bed.
Paige opened the drapes wide, exposing a fantastic view across to the river, which was dotted with yachts and other sailing boats. "Of course it's okay. Wait 'til you see the bathroom, Maddy. It's something special. Go, look at it."
"Oh, wow, this is great. Two would definitely fit in this Jacuzzi and in the shower. And there's a separate room for the toilet. That's really classy." Madeline's voice echoed back to Paige.
At forty, Madeline's hair was still a shiny chestnut with no signs of gray, her hazel eyes were always alive with fun, and she flitted from job to job as the mood took her. Paige, ten years younger, considered her short, dark brown hair and brown eyes positively dull beside the vivacious Maddy.
Paige grunted some affirmative noises, but her eyes and her mind were on that huge bed. She sat on the side of it and sank deeply into a cushy mattress and puffy quilt.
I'll finally be sharing a bed with Maddy. It's what I've wanted to do for so long. She turns me on so much more than any man ever has. And I know she's bisexual, she makes no secret of that. But does she desire me in that way? And if we fuck, will that ruin our friendship? We get on so well together. Will taking our relationship to a sexual level destroy our ability to have fun together? Gods, I wish I knew what to do here!
"Hey, wake up! Let's go try out the pool and hot tub on the roof," suggested Maddy, bouncing back into the room.
"Good plan. You change in the bathroom and I'll change here. But you have to put your clothes and shoes back on; they don't let you in the hallways just in swimwear."
"Not a problem," responded Maddy, grabbing her tote bag and heading back into the bathroom.
Paige changed into her plain navy one-piece and hastily dropped an equally plain navy A-line skirt over it. She was buttoning up a pale blue shirt when Maddy called out, "Okay to enter?"
"Yeah, sure," Paige replied, moving over to her luggage to grab her flip-flops.
Paige's heart began to beat so hard it almost drummed its way out of her chest as she looked at Maddy. Her friend was wearing a bright candy pink and orange tankini that should have clashed horribly with her hair, yet somehow looked stunning. Maddy's lush breasts stretched the top enticingly, her hips rounded out the bottom, and her belly protruded just the slightest bit, making a smooth-flowing curve across the garment that was very enjoyable to look at. Her legs were long and straight and slightly muscled, yet very feminine.
Maddy dropped a pink sundress over her head, slid her feet into matching pink sandals, and asked, "Are there pool towels, or do we need to take towels with us?"
"When I went up to look at it before you arrived, there was a stack of pool towels on a table by the door."
"Excellent. Let's go."
Paige grabbed her keycard and followed Maddy to the door, trying not to drool at her friend's yummy ass swaying beneath the sundress. It was even worse as they got off the elevator and walked up the few steps to the pool entry. Maddy's calf muscles flexed and stretched. Her ass swung slightly and Paige's cunt clenched with desire. She's my friend. Just a friend. Someone to hang out with and talk to. Not a lover, she told herself sternly.

Buy Link:

Berengaria Brown

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Meme Monday! bdsm anyone?

What's your favorite kind of kink to read?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Releases for April 23

Lean on Me by Julia Talbot

Aiden has a special, and sometimes downright annoying talent. He doesn’t mind being psychic, but it is a pain in the butt when it starts to affect his sex life. He thinks he might have found the answer in a club called the Bloodrose, a place where guys like him can find some companionship.

Werewolf and control freak Jared thinks that Aiden might be the most interesting customer who has ever come into the club. He also thinks he’s got the perfect solution to Aiden’s little problem. Can he make Aiden believe that it’s okay to let go when someone is there to catch you?

Find out today!

Leila by Elizabeth Reeve

When college student Megan hits the library, she's looking for sources for a paper on Carmilla, an early vampire story. But in gorgeous librarian Leila, she finds much, much more. It's no surprise that Leila haunts Megan's dreams, but as her fantasies heat up, she begins to wonder -- is Leila really who she seems to be?

Find out today!

What Matters by Dallas Coleman

When Toby finally comes home, it’s only to see his momma one last time before she passes on. He’s not sure if he’s happy or furious that Malachi shows up to lend a hand, especially since Toby has never found Malachi particularly helpful. He and Malachi have a bond that goes beyond the bounds of human lives, though, and Toby might just have to learn how to balance dancing with the devil and loving an angel.

Pick up your copy today!

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Free Fic Friday~Extra Scene from "Defining Moments"

I hope you're having a good Friday this Good Friday! Just thought I'd stop by with a free tease for fans of lesbian erotic romance!

Devra remembers the exact moment she realized she was a lesbian. When she talks to her girlfriend Priti about growing up as a child of the eighties, she's flooded by memories of pretending to be just like all the other girls. Devra's known she was different nearly forever, but what about Priti? Even now, sleeping with Devra every night, she refuses to identify as a lesbian. Will a war of words ruin their cozy winter evening together?

Torquere Press asks us authors if we'd like to provide "author extras" to help promote our books. An author extra can be anything from a story behind the story to an additional scene that didn't make it into the book. For my Sip "Defining Moments" I decided to write up an extra scene to share with you. Here it is!

Extra Scene from Defining Moments:

As Priti cuddled her cheek against Devra’s shoulder, Devra reflected on
childhood hours spent in front of the TV. Every Friday night, Dad would
fire up the VCR. They’d eat pizza and pop and chips -- all special treats
-- and the whole family would watch the same set of animated classics.

“I never knew why,” she told Priti, “but something always bugged me about
those movies: the brave prince, the useless princess, the heteromance… it
all made me feel a bit nauseous.”

“Nauseous?” Priti giggled and nuzzled Devra’s neck. “That’s silly. I
learned English from those movies. I still like them.”

How could someone Devra loved so deeply have such lousy taste? She drew a
long breath to figure out exactly what she was trying to say. “Even when I
was a little kid, I watched those happily-ever-after prince-and-princess
movies and I knew that wasn’t everybody’s story. I remember turning to my
parents one time and saying, ‘Not everybody is like that.’ They didn’t know
what the hell I was talking about, of course, so they asked, ‘Not
everybody’s like what?’ But at that age, I didn’t know what I meant either.
I didn’t know what a lesbian was yet, I just knew I didn’t want to be that
princess or grow up to marry that prince.”

“I wanted to be a princess,” Priti said. “I wanted to be rich and wear long
silk gowns, and get presents and dance all night.”

Even if Priti’s words were true, Devra didn’t want to hear them. She
especially didn’t want to hear the answer to her next question, but she
asked it anyway: “What about the prince? Was there a prince in your little
girl fantasy?”

Priti looked away quickly, and shrugged her shoulders just as fast. “I
wanted to be the princess. Every princess marries a prince.”

Tempted yet? Check out "Defining Moments" at Torquere Press!

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J. Rocci stopping by today

So my day has been crazy and I didn't get a chance to post this morning as I had intended, but doesn't that always seem to be the case?

As a writer with a full-time non-writing career, I have a tendency to push my writing off to the side when I'm "not in the mood," or worse, I assume that I'll pick it up a little later in the evening, followed by promptly passing out on my pillow. I was on a roll last year after resolving to be more active with my authorial pursuits, but combined with a personal illness and the death of a family member, I seem to have gotten off to a slow start in 2011. Is it procrastination if I don't have deadlines? I am, afterall, the boss of me, but that also means I'm the only one who can motivate myself.

So what can I do to keep the good times rolling? Some ideas:

1. Set deadlines for myself. I'm terrible at not doing this. If I don't have a story under contract, it will sit there and percolate in my brain until it's grown five permutations of odd since the last time I sat down to fiddle with it.

2. Get out more, but leave time to process my experiences. When I say get out, I mean people-watching over a cup of coffee at a cafe or going for a hike to be alone with your thoughts in nature. I have to admit, I love going to the theater, and the light of my life couldn't be happier that we've found a physical theater in D.C. -- Synetic -- that both of us can enjoy (silent Shakespeare: great fun for the hearing, hearing impaired, and Deaf alike!)

3. Read the work of an author whose style and prose I admire, or listen to music that will set the mood. I've found that when I only read dry technical writing all day, my own writing tends to suffer from having all my joy with word-play sucked out of my soul. Listening to music that fits my characters moods or the setting of a story helps me get my groove back.

I also have a tendency to start more stories than I can finish in a year! My current to-do list includes:

Army Green: Hooligans, focusing on Reo and Derrick
A Cam and Evan-centric Army Green short story
Youthful Gods, Book 2
A sequel to Sage
A longer story about a mechanic and a lawyer in the Ivory universe
A short Josh and Garrison story about the USMC marathon
A steampunk short story set in the Oilsmouth universe
And then a random superhero-zombie!barista love story that just won't leave me alone...

So how about you guys? What do you do to stay motivated? Have any questions on the works-in-progress list above? I'm all ears!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Releases for April 20

Stubborn as a Bull by DL King

Kat tends bar at the local watering hole. A free spirit, she’s fine hooking up with random hot girls from time to time, but not interested in settling down. Her best friend thinks what she really needs is a full-time girlfriend.

Enter Lil, a local restaurateur who’s smitten by Kat and won’t take Kat’s brush-offs for an answer. But the more Lil chases Kat, the more she runs away. Besides, Kat’s got her eye on the adorable butch or maybe the hot stripper. She doesn’t have time for love, right? Good thing Lil’s stubborn, stubborn as a bull.

Get your copy today!

Paige's Passion by Berengaria Brown

Paige invites her good friend Madeline on a business jaunt to a distant city. They’ve been lusting after each other for some time, but Paige is worried that taking the step to a sexual relationship might destroy their friendship. A coy glance in the hot tub and a luxurious hotel suite help overcome her fears, but nothing seems to help Paige's insecurities about her body. Maddy is so lush, so confident – and Paige, well, Paige feels safest in a plain navy suit.

Paige desperately wants the relationship to work, but her career is very important to her, and Maddie is an easy-going hedonist. Can they ever be happy together?

Find out today!

Allspice: Recipe for Love by Sean Michael

Jack's life is already on a downward spiral when his teenage daughter Rache shows up on his doorstep, and she’s pregnant out to here. When he takes her to confront Billy, the boy who knocked her up on her last visit, he discovers boy's uncle, Dan, who is not just a fine baker. He’s a real stud.

Much to his surprise, it looks like Billy is going to step up and assume his responsibilities with Rache. Now that he's met Daniel, could it be that the rest of Jack's life is also looking up? Of course there's the small matter of Daniel not knowing that Jack is actually gay...

Pick up your copy today!

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meme monday-- facial hair

yes or no? come on folks this is an easy one

I am an emphatic yes

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Spring Sale!

We're happy it's spring! So we're offering 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday! Just put 'happy0411' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday April 18 at Midnight (est).

Celebrate spring with a book from Torquere Press today!

Discount codes are provided as a courtesy to our customers. Torquere Press Inc. cannot be responsible for discounting purchases made before coupons/sales are announced, and cannot issue discounts to customers who fail to use the coupon or discount code during the purchase process.

New Releases for April 16

Roughstock: And a Smile -- Coke's Clown by BA Tortuga

Bullfighter Coke is having a rough time in the Roughstock universe. When his dear friend Sam Bell is injured at the finals of the bullriding season, he takes that, and his injuries, pretty hard. His very own clown, Dillon, is determined to take care of Coke, which is tough when Coke is usually the one to care for everyone. Can Dillon get Coke to take a little downtime and recover?

Dillon and Coke appear in And a Smile: Season One.

Pick up your copy today!

Claiming Rights by ID Locke

Etireh and Wynn, from Ermine & Bougainvillea, are settling into their relationship with each other and enjoying the domination/submission that’s an important part of their time together. When Wynn finds a full-blood Fae trying to convince Etireh to sleep with him, Wynn decides that Etireh needs a few marks of ownership to let others know Etireh is taken.

Etireh thrills Wynn by letting him take the dominant role. After their role reversal, Etireh surprises Wynn by offering him tangible proof of ownership by Etireh that will stay with Wynn when he shifts. Etireh pledges himself to Wynn as well, deepening their relationship.

Pick up your copy today!

Deck the Sub, a Hammer story by Sean Michael

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, Marcus has plans for Jim and declares a week off. Jim, however, isn't sure candles are the best idea. Can the boys from Bent come to an agreement?

Originally published in Toy Box: Candles

Get your copy today!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Fic Friday~A Snippet from "Waxing is for Pussies"

Hiya! I'm sneaking in under the radar, only an hour until midnight, to post a little snippet from a lesbian threesome Sip of mine called "Waxing is for Pussies."

Claire is a butch dyke who doesn't go in for all the "girly" stuff. Her girlfriend Billie works at a salon, joyfully painting nails all day. When Billie takes up hot waxing, she asks Claire to be her test subject. She also asks her salon buddy Soo Jin to give her hand. How will Claire and Billie react when Soo Jin takes the request for help as an invitation to play?


"Have you ever had a bikini wax?" Billie asked as she ate.

I laughed. "Do I look like someone who gets waxed?"

With a shrug, she said, "I don't know. You got a pedicure once."

"From you," I reminded her. Billie lifted a piece of sushi saturated in soy sauce to her mouth. "I just wanted to meet you. Every time I tried to say hi on the street, I chickened out. I get nervous talking to beautiful girls."

Billie smiled as she chewed. "Want one?"

I waved away the sushi. "Nah, I already ate, but thanks."

Shaking her pretty head, she leaned forward to kiss my cheek. I knew she'd left a big red lipstick stain in her wake, but I ignored it for the moment. "Not sushi, sweetie," she cooed like a crafty little dove. "A bikini wax. Want one?"

Without meaning to, I laughed out loud. There were so many reasons to say no, I didn't know where to begin. "What, you mean at the salon?" I asked. "Because I'm pretty sure your boss banned me for life."

"We could do it after hours," she countered. "I'm a key holder."

What other excuses could I come up with? "I've heard it hurts like hell."

"Oh, don't give me that," she said with a sneaky grin. She spread some wasabi on her sushi and topped it with pickled ginger before setting it in a pool of soy sauce. "You have how many tattoos? I think you can handle a little hot wax."

Rising from the footstool, she pulled down on the hem of the black cotton dress that served as her uniform. The one last piece of sushi, she left in front of me in its plastic box. I stared at it in displaced awe. After tiptoeing to the door, she turned around and said, "Come down after hours. We'll have a good time."

* * *

If you're at all curious about how this waxing session turns out (I'll give you a hint: not as expected. LOL) you can click here to get yourself a copy!

by Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

late but here - Friday five

what are your five favorite fruits and vegetables?



Thursday, April 14, 2011

Deck the Sub and Allspice: Recipe for Love

I have two releases coming soon.

Deck the Sub will be out on Saturday. It's Jim and Marcus from Bent and was originally in Toy Box: Candles.

Allspice: Recipe for Love will be out Wednesday the 20th of April. It's a short contemporary about a man whose cheating lover has just kicked him out and now his daughter shows up on his doorstop pregnant... Things can only go up from there, right? Too bad the man he's interested in doesn't know he's gay.

And I'm a day early -- but everyone have a great weekend!

Lovely Bodies

What is your favorite body part?

Is it the package? Erect or not?

Is it the guns -- those well-developed arm muscles that scream strength?

Is it the abs? Six-pack or not?

Maybe you like the ass tight and tiny, or do you prefer the bubble butt?

Delts? Glutes? Pecs? Biceps?

Or maybe the crinkle around the eyes when he smiles? How about a pair of roughworn hands? Or maybe you prefer them soft and supple, long and agile, like a pianists?

What makes you sit up and drool?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Releases for April 13

From Morocco to Paris by Lydia Nyx

Zane Reed wants to be a movie director, but first he has to learn the ropes by taking every crap job in the industry. Employed as personal assistant to actor Elliot Butler, Zane hopes to further his education when Elliot works with famed director Saul Brennan on an epic movie about Napoleon Bonaparte. However, Zane gets an education in something else entirely when he meets Davey Alexander, one of the production's costumers.

Davey, vivacious and erotically-charged, shakes reluctant, sexually-confused Zane down to his core. Zane's feelings for Davey quickly grow beyond lust, but the two can't get it together. During filming, from Morocco to Paris, the two struggle with desire and muddled emotions. In the end, Zane will have to overcome himself if he wants to keep the most intriguing, passionate man he's ever known from walking out of his life.

Pick up your copy today!

Full Release by Marshall Thornton

Studio accountant, Matt Latowski orders an erotic massage on the one-year anniversary of a bad break-up, but is surprised when the masseur calls him a couple weeks later to ask him out on a date. Unable to say no to a freebie, Matt begins a journey that eventually leads to his becoming a murder suspect.

As the police close in on him, Matt is left with no choice but to turn the tables and become an erotic masseur himself in order to find the murderer. Along the way he meets Detective Aaron Tripp. Sparks fly as Matt wonders whether the detective might be the murderer, or worse, the murderer’s next victim?

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Embracing the Dragon by Kathryn Scannell

Danny O’Riordan’s life was complicated before the vision of a past life forced him to admit he was bisexual. There’s a war going on, and being Liegeman to Aran, the Elven King of Avalon puts Danny squarely in the middle of the politics of two worlds, Earth and Avalon. Adding a romantic relationship to the mix could be explosive.

His lover from that previous life has been reborn as Mordellir, the ruler of the Tengri Empire. The Dragon of Heaven is the most powerful person in his world. Will he want Danny back once he knows he’s been reborn? If he does, how far will he go to get his way?

Find out today!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Featured Author -- Lydia Nyx

Today we're featuring Lydia Nyx, author of the newly released From Morocco to Paris

Tell us about From Morocco to Paris. What inspired you to write it? How long did it take?

The opening scene came to me in a flash one day, extremely detailed and vivid, and I simply had to write it down. I didn't know where I was going with the idea or where the story would end up, but I had to write that scene and then build from there. I'm drawn to exotic, romantic desert locales and setting large parts of the story in Morocco and Cairo gave me the perfect excuse to do reserach and indulge my longings. Davey is also a manifestation of my favorite muse, and even though the story is told from Zane's point of view, I really think it's about Davey.

I originally wrote From Morocco to Paris years ago, not as a novel, but as a series of short stories with no intention of turning them into a novel. When the idea struck me I should make the change, it took about six months of rewriting and piecing parts together to make it into a coherent novel.

You write in short and long lengths. What differences are there to the process between the two?

Short stories obviously take less time to write, but they have to be clever. There has to be a theme that starts in the beginning and gets circled back around to at the end in a way that leaves the reader breathless and charmed. With novels, there's so many wires and strings that have to connect and be tied together at various points. A short story might come to me fully formed, whereas when I'm writing a novel the ideas come to me bit by bit, like I'm pulling myself up a rope hand over hand. I usually don't know much beyond the middle of a novel when I first start writing it. I let the story and characters guide me through the last half.

Tell us one thing about yourself that your readers would be surprised to know.

Although I have a pretty sizeable published body of work, I actually got my first publication less than a year ago.

What’s the best thing about writing? How about the worst thing?

The best thing about writing is writing, and the worst thing about writing is writing.

Character or plot, which comes first?

For me, it's usually character. I get the idea of a person, with all their good qualities and dark secrets and strange quirks, and then I start thinking where I could put them and what terrible things I can do to them (just kidding...mostly). Of course, sometimes the character brings the story along with them, and I like those characters the best.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Writing of course. On my laptop, in bed, with my cat curled up next to me (when she's not wedged between me and my laptop).

What’s the best writing advice you ever received/found?

The best promotion you can do is to write more and publish more. Although, I suppose that's promotional advice. An excellent piece of advice I've only recently gotten good at implimenting is to not edit as you write the first draft. Just get it all down, no matter how terrible, then go back and fix it.

What are you working on now?

In July, Torquere will be publishing my novel Black Shore of the White City, which is the first in an urban fantasy trilogy. I'm working on the second book in the trilogy, tentatively titled Red Rain in the White City. I will also be speaking on various panels at Penguicon at the end of April, so I'm preparing myself for that.

Bio: Lydia Nyx is from Cleveland, Ohio. She's older than she looks and not as wise as she seems. Her many incredible talents include making things up, finding amazing clothes in thrift stores, and giving her opinions on things no one asked her about. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and her favorite color is black, not because she's dark and broody, but because it doesn't show the stains when she dumps things on herself. She writes romance and erotica, as well as paranormal, horror, and urban fantasy, and prefers all her fiction with a male/male twist. She currently resides in a little apartment with her teenage son and a crazy cat and spends countless hours of the day entertaining the dirty fantasies in her head. As a "day job" she works as a waitress, which gives her lots of free time to slack off and plot stories. Writing since the age of thirteen, she has always wanted to be an author and hopefully one day writing will be her only job.


Cartwright Blogging today!

Hello, Torquere-ers! (I just made that up - can you tell?)

Working at the day job has held me up from posting, so my apologies. Want to share that my next book, The Trouble With Angel, is being released by Torquere in a few weeks. On May 11th, you'll get a break from my Change series and get the chance to read about Angel and Brandon, two seemingly mis-matched guys, whose paths have crossed professionally for the last three years. Hope you'll give it a look.

On the homefront, spring appears to have sprung here in the Midwest. It was so warm over the weekend, that two snakes were doing the deed outside my basement door. One of my dogs found them, was barking her head off. One of them was a biggie! I don't usually see snakes around my house, so this was exciting. Woohoo!

What critters are causing a commotion around your house? For you southern hemi folks, are you raking your leaves yet? What happens in April down Australia way?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meme Monday! top three

Hey y'all!

What are your top three favorite singers?

I'll go first!

Tim McGraw
Luke Bryan
George Strait

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Releases for April 9

Waiting: Green's Hill Werewolves Book 2, a BBA Menage Story by Amy Lane

After a year and a half, Jack finally has what he wants -- Teague in his bed. But Teague is having a hell of a time showing Jack his heart anywhere but in bed. Plus, there’s the idea of the lovely Katy Garcia joining the two of them. Werewolves in Green's Hill have a very limited time to bond. Teague and Jack are well on their way, so if Katy wants into this relationship, she needs the door to open now, or the man she loves is going to be out of her heart forever.

Teague's scarred inside and out, and the fireworks between him, Jack, and Katy have made him afraid of being naked, emotionally or physically, but he's going to have to man up and strip down. If Teague thought being bitten by a werewolf was hard, it's nothing on the rest of his life on Green's Hill.

Pick up your copy today!

Manifest by Julia Talbot

Craig is on a mission. He needs monsters for a movie, and he’s heard of a guy in New Orleans who makes the most original masks and statues out there. Etienne is way more than a weirdo who makes monsters, though, and Craig finds himself willing to face his own fears to get to know the hottest guy he’s ever met.

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Waiting for the Sun by Alyx Shaw

Sebastian has never been happier than he is now, living on the warm, wet jungle planet Sferkkaa. As a naturalist his days are filled with new and wonderful creatures to study. However, when Tiff takes Sebastian to speak to his cousin Draephus about one of the local animals, Sebastian gets an unexpected surprise…

Sebastian and Tiff first appeared in Life Out There.

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Surrender by Jourdan Lane

Dale's been in love with Brandt – his best friend and sometime boss – from the moment they met on the ranch. For nine years, they've lived and worked side by side. It hasn't always been easy and they've had plenty of words and fights, but one thing Dale is sure of is that the stubborn man he admires is someone he doesn't ever want to be without.

But Brandt is straight. Or so he wants Dale to believe. He can't seem to see his way through years of fear and hiding to tell Dale the truth. Better to let him think all they'll ever be is friends. One night, however, Brandt crosses a line and everything between them changes – and not for the better.

Fighting's easy. Making up is the hard part. Can they see eye to eye before it costs them everything?

Originally published in Cowboy Up!

Get your copy today!

Bluebonnet Sale!

It's bluebonnet season! So we're offering 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Tuesday! Just put 'blue2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Tuesday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Tuesday April 12 at Midnight (est).

Celebrate bluebonnet season with a book from Torquere Press today!

Discount codes are provided as a courtesy to our customers. Torquere Press Inc. cannot be responsible for discounting purchases made before coupons/sales are announced, and cannot issue discounts to customers who fail to use the coupon or discount code during the purchase process.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lord Have Mercy!

I've had a week of ups and downs this week.The best news is that Tory Temple has come to Texas to play with us for the weekend. We're going touristing and to the bluebonnet festival, then to see Tim McGraw. It's always a joy to see her.

There was bad news, though. Julia Talbot and I lost our 14 year old pit bull, Lily, to a stroke on Tuesday, which made for a lot of tears and a lot of reminiscing about the joy she's brought us all over time.

Lily was a force of nature -- a great hunter, she hated snakes and rats with equal attention. Fireworks made her crazy -- what if some random thing was invading her sky? BARK! Her favorite snacks were apple cinnamon dog cookies, her favorite things to chase were cats, and her very best friend, Sadie the Basset Hound, misses her terribly.

So do her moms.

I'm about to head out for the weekend, and I hope y'all have a great one. Please, if you have pets at home, give them scritches and loves for me.

I have no doubt that right now, Lil's getting neck scritches from Julia's mom in Heaven and chasing ducks.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Releases for April 6

Diamond: Double Cross by Winnie Jerome

Twenty four years ago, naive trainee Randy Hughes lost his heart and virginity to the mysterious Cain. Randy expected to build a life with Cain, but his romantic dreams crashed down after he was abandoned.

Now an undercover paranormal investigator, Randy has the opportunity for revenge when Cain resurfaces. A raid has yielded a strange magical artifact, and Randy's ex-lover is the only one who has any information. He’s changed in more than a few surprising ways, but Cain still has feelings for Randy, a weakness Randy is ordered to exploit using any means possible. As the case heats up, Randy discovers that emotions he long thought dead are threatening one of the most important assignments of his life.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Posting for Nerine Petros :D

Now Available for purchase through Torquere Books is the much anticipated Shifting Perspectives sequel telling Jacey, Fynn and Aden's story.
Months ago, Fynn got into Jacey's face in the most unnerving of ways. Now they have to work together every day on the dingo shifters' ranch. Jacey can't forget that first encounter, and desperately fights the attraction he feels for Fynn and Fynn's mate, Aden. Fynn and Aden want Jacey to come to them willingly--but patience has its limits, and Jacey pushes too far when he drives home drunk after a night at the local bar. It's time to show Jacey what a mate bond really means, and maybe Jacey has a few things to show his shifters, too…
Clean Excerpt:
This from Aden, who Jacey guessed had finally decided to join in with 'pick on Jacey day'. Jacey didn't think that was a good thing, either, 'cause Aden's tone of voice was not friendly. Aden looked friendlier than Oliver, though, whose face had that slightly flushed look to it that meant either really mad or had just been fucked. Since Jacey didn't see Angus anywhere close, he was going with the former.
Jacey dropped his head back into his hands so he didn't have to look at either of them. "Yeah, I needed to relax, so I drove out to the Pig and Whistle and had a really good time. I think I did anyway. Can't rightly remember most of the second half of the night, but I do remember riding the 'bull' and getting it down. That was where the beer shower came in."
He really should have stopped while he was ahead. Too late, he glanced to the side and realized Aden had developed a tic in the left cheek. Jacey watched, fascinated.
"Okay, so you rode the bull and stayed on for the time, congrats for that, but what made you get in the car and drive in your condition?" Oliver asked.
"Oh, I had to drop Cristal off at her place; a gentleman always takes his date home, even if he only gets said date at the bar," Jacey informed them knowledgeably.
"Ah, and how is the wonderful Cristal?" Oliver asked.
Jacey was more than aware Oliver already knew the lady in question by reputation. If Jacey had looked at Oliver before responding, he would have seen the question was sarcastic, but he was still so fascinated with that tic of Aden's that he gave a smart-arse answer without pausing to think. "My memories are vague, but she gives good head."
He really should have held his tongue, but he would never learn. He always had to have the last word. Jacey whipped his head in the other direction as a magazine snapped closed, watching Aden take a deep breath, stand up, and walk out.
"What's his beef?" Jacey muttered, feeling like his head was going to explode off his shoulders and really wishing he had hit the coffee pot before sitting down.
"I have no idea, Jacey. I mean, really, what could his problem be with how you spent yesterday evening and last..." Oliver started in a dry, cutting tone.
They heard a door slam from the front of the house. Heavy, almost angry-sounding footsteps thudded down the hall, just before Fynn came striding around the corner into the kitchen and set infuriated eyes on Jacey.

Feedback from the Shifting Perspectives series for the use of dingos as my choice of were-animal, and some of the fun that was had at the launch party on LiveJournal based around a were-hedgehog's drunken adventures, got me thinking about other were-creatures and what I would like to see as a were.
I'm thinking Koalas...these cute cuddly bears are slow and lazy and so darn cute, but whammo! Try and approach one in the wild and they are more likely to pull out a can of whoop-ass on you as well as some seriously dangerous talon-like claws. Sneaky, deceptive teddy bears....I could be on to something here.
For a chance at a free novella of your choice from the Shifting Perspectives series, post a comment with your were-animal of choice and it would be interesting to hear why you chose that animal?
I'll post the winner to my blog on Saturday, so you have the rest of the week to decide :).
You can purchase the first two novellas in the Shifting Perspectives series from Torquere Books now. Each novella can be read as a stand-alone, but is enriched when read as part of the series. There are also two free mini-reads that can be found on the Author Blog.
Anybody down my way, I wish you happy hump day! I'm not sure if this is just an Aussie thing, but this is what we call Wednesday...that day in the middle of the week that is our hump. After today, it is a downhill slide into our cossies and the weekend when we can get our drink on! For nearly everyone else, have a lovely Tuesday :).
Nerine x.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Meme Monday anyone?

Blind vamps or deaf werewolves?


Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Releases for April 2

Compass Hearts by Maia Strong

As the fourth son of merchant parents, Matthew Morgan has always been superfluous. The only guidance he ever received was to behave and stay out of the way. Now, at a university half a world away from home, he must discover who he is and what he wants. Too bad he's never made a decision in his life.

When Ash Thearon meets Matthew, the handsome fellow student he's been ogling all quarter, he finds him sweet, sexy, and more than a little puzzling. To solve that puzzle, he must first collect all the pieces, which is easier said than done. The new friends quickly become lovers, but Matthew's sheltered life has taught him only how to follow. Ash wants the give and take of an equal, and Matthew's tendency to try too hard to please others leaves Ash wondering how to teach him independence without losing him.

Get your copy today!

Priorities by Tory Temple

Teagan and Cash are back! The two rodeo cowboys from Tory Temple’s popular EPPIE finalist novel, Tabula Rasa, are back with this glimpse into their domestic life.

Teagan is expecting a delivery of new horses to his ranch in Wyoming. He’s counting on Cash to be home from his latest steer roping competition in time to help. But when Cash decides to stay in Tulsa an extra day and Teagan is felled by an unexpected illness, Teagan can’t help questioning his partner’s priorities. Can these two headstrong cowboys come to an agreement about the most important thing in their lives together?

Find out today!

Realize by Kerry Freeman

College senior Ryan buries his feelings for his younger roommate Will and becomes an overbearing, overprotective bodyguard. When Will drags Ryan to a Homecoming party, Ryan learns he's not the only one attracted to the wide-eyed freshman. The night ends in a confrontation, and Ryan must decide if he'll finally reveal his true feelings to Will, or lose his roommate to another man.

Pick up your copy today!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Friday Five!

What are your favorite five TV shows?

Mine are:
Criminal Minds
Top Chef
NCIS Los Angeles

Free fic Friday!

Anyone got some free fic to share?