Monday, February 28, 2011

Meme Monday!

Anyone else have a meme they want answered? Feel free to post them on Monday!

Today we'll go with something easy.

Play anywhere but here! if you could be anywhere with anyone, where and who?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring is here Sale!

Spring has come to Texas! So we're offering 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday to celebrate! Just put 'spring2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday February 28 at Midnight (est).

Welcome spring in early with a book from Torquere Press!

Discount codes are provided as a courtesy to our customers. Torquere Press Inc. cannot be responsible for discounting purchases made before coupons/sales are announced, and cannot issue discounts to customers who fail to use the coupon or discount code during the purchase process.

New Releases for February 26

Malachite: The Year Without Summer by Kate Cotoner

A murderer is loose in London's most notorious rookery, and now his evil is spreading to the upper classes. Constable Nicholas Green is sent undercover to investigate, armed only with his wit and a malachite talisman, a gift from his mother. At the multiple crossroads of Seven Dials, Nicholas meets Kristian, a mysterious gentleman who claims to know the identity and motivation of the Rookery Murderer.

Kristian is searching for a companion to help him defeat the dangerous, charismatic Lord Winter. He thinks he's found his man in Nicholas, and together they plunge into an underground world of occult and esoteric worship. The malachite talisman protects Nicholas from the evil that threatens to engulf the city, but only great sacrifice can ensure London's safety...

Get your copy today!

Neon Yellow: Obsessive Adhesives by Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde

What happens when a shy accountant goes from being invisible to Mr. Popularity? He gets scared… and lucky, that’s what. Spencer Whitfield is used to being ignored. When explicit Post-It notes regularly start appearing on his computer monitor, he's sure someone is having a laugh at his expense. Stalker? Don’t be silly, who’d want to stalk Spencer?

Jason Doyle, hot IT tech, can have any man he wants. He wouldn't give the painfully shy Spencer a second thought. Breakfast, a James Bond double feature and a Chinese Good Luck Banquet for Two change all that. As the men become closer, the notes become more threatening, until it all comes to a head early one Sunday morning. No one knows why shy geeky accountants get all the boys, but Spencer certainly deserves the special one he has.

Pick up your copy today!

Road Songs, a BBA Menage story by Tracy Rowan

Sam knows that life in Kansas offers no real future. In an act of desperation and faith, she puts everything she owns into her car and goes on the road looking for something better. When she sees Cody hitch-hiking in the middle of nowhere, Sam's better instincts tell her to drive on by, but Cody's tight-fitting jeans win his way into her car, and his silver tongue wins his way into her bed.

The two of them burn up the B&B bed for a night, but in the morning it's clearly over. They go their separate ways only to rediscover each other in Chicago, Sam has found a job and a good friend in Scott who, surprisingly, also knows Cody very, very well. Can the three of them find some way to temper the almost unbearable heat that burns among them, or will they burn each other out?

Find out today!

About Damn Time by Elizabeth Jewell

Troy and Jason have been best friends forever -- or at least since first grade. Lately, though, Troy wants more. A drunken make-out session makes him think Jason might want more, too, but Troy is afraid to push things for fear of ruining their friendship.

When a vintage Mustang enters the picture, though, Troy makes a hasty bet with Jason that will change their relationship forever. Are they ready to take the leap from friends to lovers?

Find out today!

Splattered by Rob Rosen

You might've seen their artwork up and down the California coast, but do you know the story of Doctor Dick and Master Dan? Do you know how the Come Series came to be? For Dick, that bachelor’s degree wasn't opening any doors. For Dan, he wasn't getting the recognition he so richly deserved for his massive canvases. But throw in a new doctorate degree and one fateful day, not to mention two young, naked bodies writhing around in a kaleidoscope of paint, and what do you get? Well, a masterpiece and a love story, of course. Not to mention a whole lot of paint remover!

Get your copy today!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Fic Friday - A short sequel to The Angel of 13th Street

Here's a mini sequel to The Angel of 13th Street, a little scene that takes place shortly after the story ended:


“The place looks fantastic!” Noah whistled as he looked around the ultramodern, new and improved Tub of Suds. The old worn out washers and dryers had been replaced with state of the art, gleaming silver behemoths.

“Told you!” Jeremy smiled as he looked up from the book that lay open upon a folding table -- a new folding table that wasn’t burned and stained and quite probably still “gum-free” underneath. He embraced Noah, burying his face in his lover’s neck.

“Mary’s closing tonight so I’ll be able to leave a little early,” Noah murmured, a hint of hope in his voice.

Jeremy nibbled Noah’s neck, anticipating the night to come. “I should be ready to leave in an hour.”

Suddenly Noah raised his head and stiffened, looking out over Jeremy’s shoulder. “Umm..Jeremy?

“Hmmm?” he replied, too comfortable to move.

“What’s that doing there?”

Jeremy reluctantly pulled away from the warmth of his lover’s body, following Noah’s line of sight. Between two shiny new double-load washers was an old, badly beaten and rusted avocado, single-load unit. “Oh, that!”

“I though you were gonna replace all the washers. It was in the budget.”

Jeremy glanced up at the clock and smiled. Taking Noah by the hand, he led him back to the office, turning off the light and closing the door all but a crack. “You’ll see,” he said. “They should be here soon. In the meantime…”

Their mouths had just found each other’s in the dark when the bell chimed over the door. “It’s kind of late,” Noah said, “who’d be washing clothes at this hour?”

“Shhh…you’ll see.”

They positioned themselves with a clear view of the laundromat when two young men entered, each carrying a plastic bag. Their clothes were old and worn, and the younger-looking one’s jeans were too short. He was wrapped in a much-too-large jacket, while the older-looking boy wore only a sleeveless shirt. It had to be forty degrees out tonight. They bypassed all the newer washers, making a beeline for the old one.

“This one works if you only put a dollar in,” the older one said. “That’ll give us just enough to wash and dry.”

The other boy sighed. “Too bad we don’t have enough to order a burger. I’m starving.”

His companion wrapped him in a hug. “Don’t worry, Dave, I’ll think of something. I promised I’d take care of you, right?”

“You always do.” The adoring look on Dave’s face said just how well he believed those words, even though Jeremy could see the worry in the older boy’s eyes.

“Noah?” Jeremy whispered.


“Think you could call over to the bar and order two ‘mistakes’ all the way? With fries?”

“Coming right up,” Noah replied, pulling out his cell phone.

Free Fic Friday!

hey y'all! Free fiction Friday here today!

Here's a snippet from one of my Blue Sky Lodge stories!

Danny is a cowboy from Texas, on vacation with his lover Raul

you can find blue sky here:

"Baby. Please tell me you aren't going to harp on this. Hell, it's one reason we're on vacation."
Garcia had begged him. Told him they never did anything fun anymore. Just worked. They had the money. Why not go now?
Danny had agreed because, well, it had surprised him. Garcia hardly ever asked for anything. The man could work like a dog and never complain. It was time to cowboy up and smile for his man.
"Not gonna harp on that. Can't promise the same about the snow."
"Jesus." The man was laughing again, though. "Put your head back and close your eyes. Let the water relax you."
He did just that, resting his head against the back of the tub. He let his foot float up and touch Garcia's leg, the tiny touch feeling so good that he immediately felt bad at assuming Ro's touch had meant sex.
"I love you, honey."
Garcia drew in a deep breath, the sound sharp, and Danny opened his eyes. "What?"
"I don't think you've ever said that when it wasn't just after sex."
Those dark eyes bored right into his. "I love you, too."
Danny nodded, wiggling his toes. "I know."
"Well, I'll count myself lucky."
"You should. Not every day a crusty old cowboy like me gets his romance on." He managed to keep the laughter at bay. Mostly.
"Not every day a Mexican admits he's gay." Garcia's toes nudged his balls. "I think you're the lucky one."
Damn. Danny smiled, closing his eyes again, really relaxing into the jets of the tub. "I always have been, honey."

And the winner is...

Just DC Juris here, sneaking in to post the winners of my blog contest yesterday - everyone, of course! I think I still have your e-mail, Jason, but Chris and Susan, if you'd drop me a line to, I'll get your copies of "On Solid Ground" out to you! :-) Thanks for participating!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons

Hi everyone! ::waves:: DC Juris here, with a post for your blog reading pleasure!

My latest release with Torquere Press is an m/m romance called "On Solid Ground." It features Jack and Alan, my couple from "Cupid Knows" and "The Best Kind of Prize." It actually falls between those two stories, as far as the couple's timeline.

In this newest story, Jack comes face to face with one of his biggest fears: becoming an emotional burden to Alan. When I first started writing "On Solid Ground," it seemed like a cut and dry story about a couple struggling with the aftermath of a home invasion. But the further I got, I realized that the emotions of both characters ran far deeper than that.

I started thinking about the things in my life that had been traumatic, and how much of an impact they'd had on me. Aside from my childhood, I'd been blessed with a pretty tragedy-free life until last 2009. Then, in the space of a few months, I lost two of my best friends, and my beloved dog. All three situations ended up being major turning points in my life. One friend's death prompted me to finally pursue my transgender dreams; the other's death changed my perceptions on preventative medicine. And losing my dog...well, that just plain sucked.

I suppose the point is, no matter what life throws at us, what matters is how we handle it. How we let it affect our lifestyles and us. So what about you? Have you had any major events that were turning points for you?

Leave a comment below with your answer, and I'll pick one lucky person to win a free pdf copy of "On Solid Ground!"

Here's the blurb:

Jack and Alan's world is turned upside down by a break-in, and while Alan takes it all in stride, Jack finds himself faced with something he's never dealt with before: fear. When panic attacks start to take hold, Jack decides Alan would be better off with someone "normal" and runs away to his parents' cabin in the woods. With the help of Solid Ground Security Systems, Alan just might convince Jack there's nothing they can't overcome together.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Releases for February 22

A Change of Scenery by JM Cartwright

Conway Danvers is tired of a life twisted and constrained by the politics of working in Chicago. He chucks it all and heads to a small city in West Virginia, where this Yankee is in for a rude awakening -- professionally and personally. On his first day in town, he meets southern gentleman, Stephen Rydell. While feeling a strange, compelling attraction for Stephen, Con is in denial. He doesn't want to want another man. Stephen, meanwhile, is comfortable with who he is and happy running his garden shop. He knows he and Con could be the real deal -- but it takes two to get this gig going.

Con is stubborn. Stephen is determined. Who's going to come out on top?

Find out today!

Cornfed by Kiernan Kelly

Jacob Yoder is a young Amish man on "rumspringa" (running around time, an Amish tradition) in New York City. There he runs, quite literally, into Fahd ibn Azar, son of a powerful Saudi Sheikh.

Fahd is smitten with Jacob, and brings the all-too-trusting Amish man to his penthouse hotel suite, where he introduces a confused but willing Jacob to the pleasures of the flesh. Jacob feels guilty by indulging in his most secret (and forbidden) fantasies with Fahd, but Fahd's situation is much more dire. Fahd's brother, Munif, wants to be their father's heir and successor, and has decided to kill Fahd in order to assure his place in the family hierarchy.

Forced to flee Manhattan without a penny to his name, Fahd accompanies Jacob back to the family farm in Pennsylvania, where he hopes to hide out and avoid Munif long enough to get political asylum. What Fahd doesn't count on is falling hopelessly in love with his blue-eyed, blond, cornfed Amish savior, or on Munif finding him in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Coming from two vastly different cultures, Jacob and Fahd must struggle with both dangerous outside forces and serious internal doubts to find happiness in each other's arms, and neither is certain love will be enough to overcome their adversities in the end.

Cornfed is available in both print and ebook formats!

Blue Sky Lodge by Sean Michael, Chris Owen, Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga

The Blue Sky Lodge is not just your average ski resort. Oh, it has all the hot tubs and ski lifts and sexy snowboard teachers and ski instructors that all the other great ski areas have, but the Blue Sky is queer friendly, too. Which makes it the perfect place for some wonderful gay romance on the slopes and in the swanky hotel rooms, during the height of the snow season, or in the off months.

From reluctant vacationers to hot bartenders, eager ski instructors and not-so-great musicians, the Blue Sky Lodge has is all. The men who visit the lodge are all looking for something, whether it’s reconnecting with a partner, finding a lost love, or making a connection with a new one. With stories by Sean Michael, Chris Owen, Julia Talbot, and BA Tortuga, this anthology promises heat that will melt the snow, and the hearts of all of the men who visit the Blue Sky Lodge.

Blue Sky Lodge is available in both print and ebook formats!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home At Last

Hey, y'all - back home from work and ready to fix dinner, drink a glass of wine and relax. It was download hell today at work and I just found out why: one of the network gurus was downloading a huge file all day, which of course meant that we couldn't function on the network. Argh!

Wait - getting that wine...

*sip* Ahhh. A lovely red from the Castello di Amorosa, in Napa. Translates as The Castle of Loving (kind of appropriate, right?). Their wine is sold only online or at the Castle. It's worth a visit to the north Napa Valley location. Exquisite!

So, back to business. Please visit Torquere Press tomorrow and pick up a copy of A Change of Scenery and, if you haven't read the first book in the series, try A Change of Tune.

Have a wonderful night - if you're ahead of us in the time zone wars, please have a great day. Hope to see you on the Torquere Live Journal next Monday. Feel free to drop in and comment here, since I'll be monitoring all evening.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Spring Fever - Winter Flu

Last weekend I was meandering through Home Depot, looking at all things electrical, when I detoured through the garden area. I was almost tempted to start my indoor gardening early - but I held myself back, barely.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere - especially the way-way-north of that hemisphere, do you find yourself longing for a warm spring day and potting soil in your hands? One year I dared Mother Nature to strike me down by planting my balcony pots on the warmest April 1st in years. Oh, she slapped me upside the head but good with some major frost.

Nowadays, I have a big yard and lots of big planters just waiting. My earth garden is lying there, smarter than I am, waiting for the sun to get just a little further toward the solstice position before poking anything above ground.

Now, you southern hemisphere folks, you're looking at the end of summer and the beautiful transition of autumn, my most favorite season. Do you burn leaves? Mmm, I miss that smell.

Texting and other strange things

Hey, y'all - those of you who like the weird, funny and strange - have you discovered the wonders of autocorrect on texting? One of our Torquere authors posted a few weeks ago about a site called and I've become hooked. (I subscribed to the RSS.) The seriously crazy leaps the autocorrect takes can be hilarious and frightening. *shudders*

Now, I've found, thanks to Chris at, a couple more sites: and

Check out the YouTube video on Wrong Number of Justin Long (LOVED him in Live Free or Die Hard) talking with Jimmy Kimmel about the strange text saga he had with a tween. Pretty funny!

What about y'all? What crazy autocorrects have you endured?

Snowy Morning Greetings

Good morning from the wintery Midwest. I'm excited to be posting on Torquere's blog today. I've been thinking about what I could talk about that y'all would find interesting. It was straining my gray matter. 8-)

I'm JM Cartwright. Tomorrow, my third book from Torquere is being released. A Change of Scenery is the second book in The Change series, and tells the story of a stubborn Yankee who leaves Chicago for West Virginia to escape a professional dead end. Con Danvers finds an exciting job, all right, but he runs smack into a Southern gentleman who won't put up with his, shall we say, crap. *grins*

Anyway, I had fun writing it and hope you enjoy.

I'll be back in a bit with more intriguing tidbits. Ciao!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Meme Monday!

Which one: Vampires or Werewolves?

Discuss ;)

Coming This Week

A Change of Scenery by JM Cartwright (Top Shelf)
Cornfed by Kiernan Kelly (Top Shelf)
Blue Sky Lodge by Sean Michael, Chris Owen, Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga (Screwdriver)

Neon Yellow: Obsessive Adhesives by Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde (Color Box)
Malachite: The Year Without Summer by Kate Cotoner (Color Box)
About Damn Time by Elizabeth Jewell (Sip)
Splattered by Rob Rosen (Sip)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Releases for February 19

Code of War by Shayne Carmichael

Politics abound and Jacoby, like his fellow soldiers, is no stranger to intrigue when it concerns war and the crown. Always on guard, he's shocked when a certain man prepositions him. Nothing this man does is without reason, and finding himself on the receiving end of the affections, Jacoby wonders what his new... lover wants in return.

Pick up your copy today!

Catch and Release by Syd McGinley

Dr. Fell has survived the first retreat at his cabin – and has ended up with a new job, a boy, and a heap of trouble! Dr. Fell’s new role of Foundation Director is tested as he gets an abused boy’s owner to face his responsibilities – while enduring Tommy singing Disney and Charlie in full twink-mode.

Originally published in Toy Box: Kitchen Sink and The Complete Dr. Fell, Volume 1: Lost.

Get your copy today!

Following My Heart by Sean Michael

Nine months ago Jimmy asked Scotty to become his sub, but Scotty couldn't handle it and he left, scared to death of what Jimmy wanted.

"Shaved bare -- completely. Inked. Pierced. Plugged. A full time boy, a full time sub. My boy." Jimmy's words have haunted Scotty every since he walked out the door. Now he's back, and he hopes it isn't too late for him to take Jimmy up on the terrifying offer.

Pick up your copy today!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Hey luciatea, you're the winner of my comment contest last week. Please send me an email at seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com (no spaces) and let me know which ebook you'd like.


President's Day Weekend Sale!

It's President's Day on Monday! So we're offering 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday to celebrate! Just put 'pres2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday February 21 at Midnight (est).

Have a good weekend with a book from Torquere Press!

Discount codes are provided as a courtesy to our customers. Torquere Press Inc. cannot be responsible for discounting purchases made before coupons/sales are announced, and cannot issue discounts to customers who fail to use the coupon or discount code during the purchase process.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

URLs and an excerpt

You can find me at JennaJonesWrites here at Blogspot, at JennaLynnJones at Livejournal, or at the mothership,

My short story, Dance With Me, will be published in March.

Conor Brody was hired by the Todd family to look after their youngest son Gabriel and keep the young man out of trouble. Conor has done his job so well that Gabriel no longer needs a caretaker, but they can’t bring themselves to part ways.

memes: the WIP list

There's been a meme going around my little corner of the internet, and I thought I'd snag it for here.

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

I think I name files less evocatively than my friends.

The Art Teacher
Baton Rouge
The Sorcerer's Briefcase

So, that's my maybe-hopefully-someday list. What's yours?

greetings and salutations

My name is Jenna Jones and this is my first time hosting the Blogspot. I have to scamper off to the day job and so won't be around until this evening, so I'm going to open the floor to questions and pop in when I can.

I'll introduce myself: I've been with Torquere Press since 2007, when they published my first novel Chiaroscuro. I write mostly contemporary romances, but occasionally indulge in historical fantasy, and I have something up my sleeve for later this year that's shaping up to be urban fantasy.

My most recent publication is the last (planned) story of the Apples & Gin series, Apples & Gin: Wedding Cake.
Noah Kingston and Sawyer Shaw agreed to get married on Valentine's Day in Boston, and the day has finally arrived. Noah wants to give Sawyer the wedding of his dreams, but it won't be perfect without Sawyer's family attending, too.

Sawyer has always had the most faith in their love. When Noah learns Sawyer's family doesn't intend to even see him again if the wedding takes place, Noah wonders if that faith will be enough to get Sawyer down the aisle.

NSFW excerpt is below the jump.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Releases for February 16

Pisces by Adrianne Brennan

Marissa Balik would do anything to get away from her job on Jupiter Station, including transferring to another post on board the space vessel Ichthyes, whose destination and true objectives are not what they initially appear. Soon she’s thrust into a world where alien technology, space exploration, and solving mysteries are every day events, and the new assignment proves to be complicated further by her increasing attraction to its captain, Victoria Van Maanen.

When a mission turns both strange and dangerous, Marissa must fight not just to keep from succumbing to her feelings for Victoria, but to stay alive. Can she rely both upon her wits and her captain to survive?

Find out today!

On Solid Ground by DC Juris

Jack and Alan are back! The couple's world is turned upside down by a break-in, and while Alan takes it all in stride, Jack finds himself faced with something he's never dealt with before. Fear. When panic attacks start to take hold, Jack decides Alan would be better off with someone "normal" and runs away to his parents' cabin in the woods. With the help of Solid Ground Security Systems, and a lesson in love from the most unlikely of sources, can Alan convince Jack there's nothing they can't overcome together?

Jack and Alan are from Nice: The Best Kind of Prize.

Pick up your copy today!

Rosemary for Remembrance by Syd McGinley

Retired rent boy Tim and his bear-sir Ari continue their crusade against gay elder abuse. Along with May-December couple Cal and Otis, they develop a member-run retirement home that’s not only gay but D/s friendly. They dream of a community that lets their elders age with dignity. But they didn’t reckon on a hostile neighbor, one of Tim’s old clients applying to join, or a couple's bullying family.

Tim discovers he learns just as much from his elders' memories as from sharing their lives, but he finds himself questioning the depths of his and Ari’s boy-sir relationship. Will they hold it together as they witness the heart-wrenching decision an old-guard sir and his boy face?

Tim and Ari were first seen in Cheap Racket in the Hard for the Money anthology.

Get your copy today!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

just out and upcoming

I love vampires and werewolves. I do. I can't help it. I love paranormal stuff, from ghosts to witchcraft.

So, with that in mind, my most recent release was The Amethyst Eye. It's about a blind psychic and a vampire. What's not to love, right? I've always been a sucker for the allegory of the physically blind and psychic eye. Jared may think it's his amethyst amulet that helps him see, but it's really just what's inside. Like magic...

check it out here

Upcoming, I have a Sip called Learning to Wag. My best buddy BA names a lot of my Sips before I write them, like a challenge. I knew this one would be a werewolf, and then it hit me. Duke, from the Belling the Cat, Jonny's floor manager. He needed a story.

Here's a wee bit of the unedited proof:

“So, tell me about your floor manager.” Jamison watched Duke, the big werewolf who managed the Bloodrose, his nose twitching. Duke was stunning, wide-shouldered, trim in the waist and lean through the hips. He was big, capable, growly, and his scent screamed that the man needed a good beating.

Jonny, the club owner, raised an immaculate brow. “Why, Jamie? We’ve known each other for years and you’ve never once asked.”

Jamison nodded. “I know. I suppose because I’ve never seen him watch Cady and Jonas.” The little warlock and the big black werewolf had put on a show on the floor, and Cady had put Jonas through his paces. All of them, plugs, spanking, a good hard fucking.

Whether he knew it or not, Duke wanted someone to do that to him.

Suddenly the man was far more interesting to Jamison than he ever had been.


Happy Monday, y'all!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Meme Monday!

If you could be a dog, what kind would you be?

Julia's answer? A basset hound!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Releases for February 12

Yearning by Amy Lane

Jack and Teague are human ‘hunters’ who have been recruited to work as liaisons between the preternatural world of Green’s Hill and the ignorant humans who surround it. Teague’s in the game for redemption -- and Jack’s in the game for Teague. Teague Sullivan is damaged, haunted, and about the loneliest man Jack has ever met. But Jack sees beyond his scars and his gruffness to kind and valiant man underneath. Teague sees beneath a green idealist under Jack’s overtures, and although Teague loves Jack, he makes it cleared that a scarred old dog like himself will never be good enough for a sweet young pup like Jacky.

While the argument rages, Jack is injured in the line of duty and the two hunters are abruptly sucked into the paranormal world that they’ve been defending. Teague is forced to reevaluate everything he’s believed about their relationship. He may be old and damaged, but that doesn’t mean he can let his Jacky go somewhere without him, does it?

Find out today!

My Secret Valentine by M. Durango

Valentine’s Day seems like a greeting card holiday designed to bilk people out of their hard-earned money. That’s always been Jeremy’s take; but this year is different. Months after becoming lovers with his twin, Brian, Jeremy finds himself wondering just how this new aspect of their relationship changes things. In addition to battling his own insecurities, Jeremy might have to battle Brian’s sexy -- and interested -- study partner, as well. Will Jeremy and Brian work out their differences or will their first Valentine’s Day be over before it begins.

Pick up your copy today!

Tabled Discussions, Inches of Trust #8 by AR Moler

Brian Townsend is looking forward to the weekend. He and his lover, Tristan Blake, are finally going to use the weekend reservations at a popular B&B that Tristan had given Brian for Christmas. It’s not quite Valentine’s Day, but Brian has packed a few extras to make their weekend special. The timing is excellent because Tristan’s job as a homicide detective has made it difficult for the two men to spend time together lately. Sometimes though, old baggage can interpose itself despite the best intentions of everyone concerned. Some wounds just take longer than a day or two to heal--even with a large dose of love and patience. Brian isn’t going to let go, but how far will Tristan let him in this time?

Find out today!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Fic Friday - Cupid

As part of Free Fic Friday, and in honor of Valentine's Day, I give you a few limericks I wrote for a challenge on the social last year. Cupid and his lad have been pressing me for a SIP of their own. Hope you enjoy this bit of silliness!

Cupid had had too much wine,
and wanted his own Valentine.
He took aim at a lass,
shot a lad in the ass,
and that's how he stepped 'cross the line.

The lad was buff and brawny,
not an ounce of him scrawny.
When he went to his knees,
Cupid screamed, "Oh yes! Please!"
Now Cupid loves men only.

A writer thought it'd be funny,
to write about Cupid's new honey.
She sat down with her pen,
and wrote sex between men,
and thus satisfied a plot bunny.

Now Cupid and his new lover,
are emblazoned upon a book cover.
Some call it slash,
some call it trash,
but Cupid says, "M/M forever!"

So if it's Cupid you're seeking,
into that book you'll be peeking.
It's at Torquere Press,
a smashing success,
and the author a living is eking.

Valentine's Day Weekend Sale!

Valentine's Day Weekend Sale!

It's Valentine's Day Weekend! We're offering 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Monday. Put 'friday022011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday February 14 at Midnight (est).

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a book from Torquere Press today!

Discount codes are provided as a courtesy to our customers. Torquere Press Inc. cannot be responsible for discounting purchases made before coupons/sales are announced, and cannot issue discounts to customers who fail to use the coupon or discount code during the purchase process.

Free Fic Friday!

Yay! I'm hunting a piece I had ready, but feel free to post away, authors!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Speaking of the Jarheads and Valentine's Day, this year Dick has made a dinner of Rig's favorites, while Rock made and iced a cake. It's not pretty, but it's all by his own hands. Rig got his marines... well, something special, but you'll have to wait until Monday. Check out my Livejournal on the 14th to find out what that is.

Happy Valentine's Day! (just a little early)

Valentine's Day is a special day for the Jarheads as it is basically their anniversary. This is the day Rock and Rig celebrate and they brought Dick into it as well when they went on holiday and all got their nipple pierced. A very special ring for each of them. Every year Rock likes to make like he's forgotten that it's a special day, and Rig and Dick usually play along, but they know their man hasn't forgotten for a second.

Do you celebrate V-Day? Do you buy something special for your honey? How about for yourself?

I'll pick a winner from all the commentors to win the ebook download of their choice from my available books at Torquere Press.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Releases for February 9

Himiko: Bonding by CB Conwy

Ever wondered why love stories talk about finding "your better half"? Matt hadn’t, really. Not until humanity got its biggest surprise ever: the arrival of intelligent life from space. The Himika may look reassuringly human, but their unexplained behavior and eerie silence have strained relations between human and alien.

When Matt is "harvested" -- kidnapped -- by the Himika, he's terrified. Nothing makes sense until he wakes up wrapped in Pietr's arms. Pietr may be the most annoying, smug, sarcastic humanoid Matt has ever met. He's also Matt's bonded mate. Plato was right. Everybody really does have a better half, and against everyone's better judgment, it seems Pietr belongs with Matt.

But learning how to communicate the Himiko way (preferably without killing himself or Pietr in the process) is hard, and Matt's mentor, Aki, might be even more aggravating than Pietr. It doesn't help when Matt develops powers that not even the Himika understand. Matt isn't sure he's going to make it -- or if he'll have to let Pietr go in order to keep his mate safe and sane.

Himiko: Bonding is available in print and ebook formats!

Hot Lava by Rob Rosen

Multiple double-crosses and scams are afoot involving two scheming pimps, several rogue cops, dangerous Japanese businessmen (one with a rather large butt-plug up his, well, butt), a cross-dressing lawyer, Mormon bad guys, and incarcerated drug dealers, all under the watchful surveillance of our heroes, Chase and Brandon, not to mention their drag alter-egos, Liza and Judy.

“Hot Lava” is a romantic comedy/murder mystery, not to mention a hysterically funny and often deadly romp from one end of Oahu to the other. This heart-pounding thriller is about a dream vacation that quickly turns awry, with escaped convicts washing up on shore, bad guys scheming to do harm to our heroes, and sexy romps in unusual settings. It’s chock-full of witty banter and outlandish escapades, death and depravity, and friends, lovers, and other assorted crazy characters that fairly jump off the page. Take a vacation with Chase and Brandon and get yourself into Hot Lava!

Pick up your copy today!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Featured Author -- Rob Rosen

Today we're featuring Rob Rosen, author of the newly released Hot Lava.

Tell us about Hot Lava. What inspired you to write it? How long did it take?

Hot Lava is my third novel. As with my previous two, it's a comic murder mystery where the setting is crucial to the story. In this case, Waikiki and the island of Oahu are, in fact, pivotal characters. Lush and tropical on the outside, they have a seamy underbelly, a hidden dark side. Plus, well, a lot of booze and half-naked men. Because, come on, why else would you want to go there? Oh yeah, the beach, sorry. In any case, it's also like my second home. The hotel my heroes stay at is the hotel my husband I stay at every year, ten years running. And there is a police substation right next-door. That's what gave me the idea for the story. Because even in paradise, shit happens, right? Only, for my characters, a lot of shit happens. Usually while in drag. And frequently three sheets to the wind. Which is the best way to handle a lot of shit. Hot Lava took me about eight months to write. A labor of love, really.

Tell us one thing about yourself that your readers would be surprised to know.

I'm a dual-purpose writer. Most of the readers of Hot Lava, especially anyone that's been reading my work these past ten years, probably have no idea that I'm also a speculative fiction writer for, I'd guess, mostly straight audiences. I love writing about redneck zombies and conspiring demons. Man cannot live on bread alone, and if I had to only write about hot, sweaty sex and booze-laden misadventure, then I'd be sure to burn out right quick. This way, I get to switch back and forth, and never get bored.

You write in various lengths, from short to long. Are there differences in writing one length over another?

Not really. I rarely write from an outline. Or, if I do, it's a very basic outline. I just sit down and write, going from point A to point B, and so on. For a short story, there are just fewer points. In fact, I'm almost always writing both simultaneously, short stories in between my novels. The biggest difference, generally, is the number of characters. A short story for me rarely has more than a few; a novel usually rides along with a good half a dozen.

What's the best thing about writing? How about the worst thing?

The best thing abut writing, hands down, is the writing itself. The creating. Bringing characters to life, from my twisted mind to the page. It's cathartic. It's relaxing. It's titillating. And the worst is everything beyond that. The publishing aspect. The waiting. The rejection. The marketing. Public speaking. They're all necessary evils, of course. It all goes hand in hand. Yin and yang. So I just grin and bare it.

Character or plot, which comes first?

Just depends on the story. Sometimes a character develops first and then the story around that character. Other times, the plot comes first. And sometimes just the title comes first and then I weave a story from there. So like in my shorts, 'We Come in Peace' or 'A Change in the Leather' or 'Dairy Queen' or 'Fairy Tail' or 'Fed-Sex', the title came first, a play on words, and either the plot or the character or both came next. In these titles, came being the optimal word. Wink-wink.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

In bed, writing. No contest. Thankfully, my husband has his own hobbies and a den to do them in. Because I type loudly. And listen to music while doing so.

What's the best writing advice you ever received/found?

Fuck 'em. That's the best advice. If someone doesn't love something you've written, something you've created that you yourself love, then fuck 'em. Because, guess what? Someone else eventually will. If you love it, that's all that's important. In the end, you only have to answer to yourself.

What are you working on now?

I'm 95% finished with my fourth novel, Southern Fried. It's a bit of a departure from my previous three novels. This one takes place in the deep South. It's a mystery, but not a murder mystery. And it's also a romance from start to finish. Though the sex is still hot and there's still drag, of course. Because what great novel doesn't have sex and drag, right? Well, maybe Moby Dick, but, come on, that was one big dick.

Bio: San Francisco author Rob Rosen has two previous novels to his publishing credit, “Sparkle: The Queerest Book You’ll Ever Love” and the Lambda Literary Award nominated “Divas Las Vegas”, which was the winner of the 2010 TLA Gaybies for Best Gay Fiction. He has also contributed short stories to well over a hundred anthologies and to numerous gay magazines. Please visit his website.

Inspirational romances for everyone

Hi, Laney Cairo here, thinking out loud on the blog today.

Inspirational romances are a kind of story I've been intrigued and charmed by for some years. If you're not familiar with inspirational romances, Romance Writers of America describe them as Romance novels in which religious or spiritual beliefs (in the context of any religion or spiritual belief system) are a major part of the romantic relationship. However, most inspirational romances published are mainstream Christian stories, with hetero-normative characters and worldviews that didn't speak to with my own life experiences, just like heterosexual romances don't reflect my life as a queer person. Being a writer, the obvious response was to write a book that responded to that.

That's the story behind Circle of Change, a pagan inspirational romance about Kim and his pagan boyfriend Dash, which I wrote some time ago, but which people are still reading and talking to me about.

The process of writing the story got me thinking more closely about why I read (and write) inspirational romances. I don't live in an entirely secular world, a spiritual vacuum, and I suspect many readers of this blog don't either. I find it grating when characters don't show any sense of connecting with a larger presence, with an existence beyond the immediate material boundaries of their settings. I like to see characters occasionally acknowledge this wider experience and explore the implications in the narrative.

Not all my stories are message-narratives and even those that contain observantly spiritual characters, like Jude in The Tockleys who is a practising Buddhist, are not necessarily inspirational romances. So where is the difference? The romance arc in Circle of Change is dependent on Dash's growing spiritual awareness and the insights he gains from paganism, and it's that connection between the romantic story and the spiritual growth of the character/s that makes an inspirational romance. This kind of story potentially gives a double serve of Happily Ever After, where the characters both fall in love with each other and get to have a different kind of happy ending in a wider context, when they fall in love with the world too. I love to read that kind of story, and I wanted to write a story like that with pagan sensibilities and queer characters.

What do you think?

You can find a review and excerpt of Circle of Change here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Almost Valentine's Day Sale!

It's a week until Valentine's day and we're celebrating early! We're offering 15% off your purchases from now through the end of day Wednesday. Put 'early2011' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Wednesday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Wednesday February 9 at Midnight (est).

Celebrate Valentine's Day early with a book from Torquere Press today!

Discount codes are provided as a courtesy to our customers. Torquere Press Inc. cannot be responsible for discounting purchases made before coupons/sales are announced, and cannot issue discounts to customers who fail to use the coupon or discount code during the purchase process.

Meme -ory Lane

I had a thought for this week's meme, and got the go-ahead from the Powers That Be to post it here. Please feel free to add your own answers!

I was curious about this date in history, and after a very brief Google-quest found that on February 7th, 1941 RKO released Disney’s Pinocchio, its second feature animated film. This naturally brought back memories of my favorite animated films, of which there were many, but only one in my personal Number One Spot.

So, for today's meme...

1. What’s your favorite animated film of all time?

The Lion King. I loved the music, and the animation blew me away. I think the scene when Rafiki holds up baby Simba as the rest of the animals knee in supplication has passed from memorable into the realm of iconic. Besides, Nathan Lane was the voice of Pumba, and I adore anything with him in it. Plus, Jeremy Irons has the best villain voice ever.

Also, the film is memorable because in the original video release, the dust in the sky during the scene when Simba’s lying on the cliff all depressed spelled out “SFX” which was read by most people as “SEX.” The misread letters caused such an uproar that Disney retouched the film with more dust particles to obscure them in later issues.

Speaking of Disney and sex, has anyone ever ridden the “Spaceship Earth” ride at EPCOT? When you’re going through the Egyptian scene, take a close look at the tops of the pillars. I swear they’re giant penises. Honest. Disney must've noticed too because during the last refurb of the ride, they darkened the area so the tops of the pillars aren't as noticeable.

2. If one of your books could be made into an animated film (albeit for adult audiences only!), which would it be?

Seti’s Heart. I just really want to see the water-wolves and the creatures in the Underworld come alive in CGI. And I wouldn't mind Bruce Springsteen doing the soundtrack. There's something about the Boss's gravelly voice and Seti that seem to go together.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity is, in a small way, based on some personal experience. The character of Onyx in my recent submission for Toy Box Menage : Kitchen Sink is based on a lot of my own personality. I wrote most of the beginning of Mistaken Identity years ago, and realized that if I spruced it up and added a proper sex scene to it, it would make a lovely story.

I've tried to keep a lot of what's REAL in kink and BDSM in the story, from the concept of the safe call to colours and proper play party ettiquette. It's all about a twenty-something man's experiences at his first actual BDSM play party, and what happens after.

Either way, I have for you today a snippet from my part in the Kitchen Sink Menage, titled After the Fire.

This is entirely worksafe, I promise!

To frame the little snippet, I'm taking the description entirely from the storefront info.

"After a fire has destroyed the only home that Onyx and his owners-slash-dominants know, they're left without a single toy to play with. When he pushes that point with his owners, he learns a memorable lesson about the use of some much less conventional objects.


The look on Master's face was almost dangerous. "Is that so, boy? You really think that there's not a thing here that Sara and I could use on you aside from our hands? Not a single thing?" He reached a hand out and gripped my chin tightly, making me meet his gaze again. Try as I might, I couldn't tear my eyes away from his. He was giving me the look.

Let me tell you about the look, so you can get an idea of just what it meant to have it directed at me. It was the one way that both my owners could grab my undivided attention. Trapped by that single, penetrating stare, I would quickly lose my resolve and find myself kneeling without thought. It was a look that promised everything I truly wanted: pain and pleasure, submission and servitude, humiliation and exultation. It reminded me without words of the commitment borne on my soul, to obey and serve Magnus and Sara Ulrich, to give myself over to them completely. It told me that I would always be safe, and that nothing could ever come between us or tear us apart.


Contest #2

So here we go with contest #2. I'm offering one copy of Toy Box : Kitchen Sink Menage to a lucky person. All you have to do is leave a comment asking me a question about myself, or any of my published stories with Torquere. (found HERE)

I'll be answering the questions, all of them, over the course of the next two weeks, and I'll pick randomly to see who gets it on the 20th. Unlike the other contest, this one will have one winner from here, and one winner on my LJ day.

Born to the Purple - Details and Contest!

So, I mentioned a little bit about Born to the Purple. Very little of the actual prose is written at the moment, and the story is in the formative stages. But to give a bit more detail...

(( By the way, if someone knows how to set up something similar to an LJ-cut on blogspot, I'd love you if you'd tell me how ))

Darksend, a country on the edge of a savage and inhospitable place known only as The Wild. In this place, shape-changers are treated as something less than peasants. They call themselves the Blood, but the humans of Darksend call them th Accursed. Relegated to the slums, their only choice in life is either to live in squalor or brave the Wild and find their freedom. In many cases, the nobility will even hunt wild members of the Blood for sport.

Ryakhan Kaidan is the crown prince of Darksend. All his life he's been trained to rule... he simply expects to be obeyed. Still, he has a noble heart, and even shows respect to the Blood, an attitude that scandalizes most, if not all, the nobility. While on his first hunting trip within the Wild, he and his companions are attacked by a pack of feral Blood. Only he and his oldest friend survive the attack and limp back to Darksend. The curse, or the infection, or whatever one calls it, only rarely takes hold. To avoid suspicion, Rya and his friend lie about the attack, saying that it had been a pack of dire wolves.

Half a month later, Rya undergoes his first change, taking on a the form of a lynx. Almost immediately he's discovered, and not long after that finds himself stripped of rank and title, and left naked outside the gates of Darksend, while his own mother quotes "And they shall be called the Accursed, and find no succour, no solace, no name and no care. They are cursed with the souls of beasts, and must never be allowed to taint the halls of man."

Almost immediately two members of the Blood assault him and nearly kill him, seeking to get some measure of vengeance for the way the royal family had treated their kind. He's rescued at the last moment by two others, Ghost and Rattle, who give him a choice... follow them deeper into the Wild than he's ever been, and come to their home at Sanctuary, a small city they've carved out for their pack.

For his own safety, they convince him to pose as their thrall on the way to Sanctuary. The position of a thrall is simple... they serve their masters completely, be it cooking, cleaning, or even sexual pleasure. In return, the thrall is offered protection, guidance in the ways of the Blood, and shelter. It's the only way that he will be safe from others packs of the Blood who would exact vengeance on them.

Though Ghost and Rattle make no real claim of dominance over him, and only make a token showing of their 'ownership' for appearances, when they finally reach Sanctuary, they offer Rya a choice... they ask him to become their thrall in truth. At first, Rya rejects the possiblity, balking at truly serving as little more than a slave for them, but it quickly becomes clear that there's little choice. Members of the nobility that are afflicted by the Blood don't survive long in the slums, and he knows less than nothing about survival in the Wild.

As Ghost so eloquently puts it... "Some would kill for what we're offering. Thrall to the leaders of the largest pack in the Wild. Protection, food, shelter and education. Every member of our pack was once a thrall to another member of this pack. You would get the same thing when you've earned your place here. And in case you think us harsh and uncaring... we, at least, offer you the choice. Out there, in the Wild, if the hundreds of dangers that you don't know about don't kill you... one of the smaller packs will force you into being a thrall, if they don't kill you outright. And should you ever go back to the slums of Darksend... your own people will hunt you down and kill you. They don't want to be reminded of the dirty little secret... that their own nobility can become 'Accursed'."

Of course... as Ryakhan becomes thrall to Ghost and Rattle, he finds a simple comfort in the Sanctuary... and even more, comes to realize that there was something more in their request than a desire to have a body-servant of their own. What surprises him more is that he slowly comes to love both of them.


About the position of a thrall.

The biggest challenge was trying to find a way that Ryakhan becoming a thrall wouldn't seeming forced. Considering how both Ghost and Rattle would have him serve them, making it seem anywhere close to truly nonconsentual would be a very bad thing. By tying it in to a position that all members of the Blood who wish to become members of the Sanctuary pack, and making sure that he was offered a chance to, at first, see how they treated other thralls... and lastly, making it a matter of education and protection... it's to be seen as an attractive prospect.

In the Wild, not obeying the command of someone who knows their way around can mean a fate much worse than death. The Wild is a hostile place, not meant for the weak. To join the Sanctuary, one has to learn humility and obedience... and what better way than to earn your position serving as thrall to one of the established members of the pack?


Contest #1

Since the book is still in formative stages, I'm giving you an awesome chance to end up having a character of your creation given a little part in the narrative. Not a primary character, at least not necessarily at this point, but as many writers know, characters sometimes grow to be something much more than they were ever intended to be. Thing is, I have to LIKE the idea. It's not like I'll pick at random. I want a concept that speaks to me.

So, in a comment, leave your idea. I want name, gender, bloodline (more on this later), general personality, and appearance. Or you could make it one of the nobles of Domin, who have a little bigger part in the plot than you think. You don't have to make him/her a good guy either. There's a few major antagonists within the Sanctuary pack, too... who knows, your character could end up being one of them. Leave a comment here, and in two weeks, I'll have chosen a winner from the entries.

Note, this going to be chosen from the Torquere Livejournal entries, too. It's not a guarantee that you'll get chosen.

I'm going to limit entries to 2 per person, and only to non-anonymous entries.


Hey people, it's Alex Marcus-Jacobs, author of a few Torquere titles, the biggest being What You Wish For parts one and two.

So, I seem to have futzed up the dates that I was posting and saw on the third of Feb that the first of the month was my day to post, but the wonderful SA Clements has said I can have at it today. So, I've got two little contests to run today, and two projects to tell you about.

In short, excerpts and projects and mmm... steamy snippets oh my!

So, to give you an idea of what I'm doing over the course of today, I'll just give an overview. And I'm sorry if I seem a little out of it. Just woke up.

The two projects are both menage tales, the first being Born to the Purple, an epic fantasy-romance set mostly within an ancient and dangerous place known only as The Wild. Our main character, crown prince Ryakhan Kaidan, finds himself stripped of all rank and title when he's assaulted and 'cursed' by one of the Blood, a group of shape-changers that are seen as little more than wild, slavering beasts. Forced by necessity to become a thrall to two pack-leaders of the Blood, he slowly becomes aware that all he's been taught about them is wrong. Chafing first at his position, he comes to love both pack-leaders in a way he'd never imagined, and learns more about the man he is inside than he ever could have as a pampered prince.

The second project is much more grounded in reality, and serves as a follow-up and prequel to After the Fire, my first menage tale. It tells of the first meeting between Adrian (known as Onyx in After the Fire) and the two who would eventually become his Master and Mistress.

Speaking of After the Fire, I'm going to be offering up one copy of Toy Box : Kitchen Sink Menage to a lucky winner of a contest later today, and I'll have a lovely little snippet from that ready for you.

The second contest is more of a fun thing. Born to the Purple is going to be LONG, and have a number of secondary characters. I'm giving people here a chance to make a character for the book. Now, this character won't be vital to the story... (maybe. Ask any author; characters they intend to be secondary often end up with a life all their own and become primary without the author ever noticing) but still, it's a fun way to contribute a little to what I HOPE will turn out to be one hell of a good read.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Releases for February 5

A Scary Package by Mara Ismine

Asa and Tan from Persistence Pays are back in this Valentine story. Who would send them a pink package? In February? Asa puts two and two together and comes up with one scary answer - his Mom. What does his ever supportive Mom think would be a good Valentine present? Asa and Tan aren’t sure they want to find out!

Pick up your copy today!

Apples & Gin: Wedding Cake by Jenna Jones

Noah Kingston and Sawyer Shaw agreed to get married on Valentine's Day in Boston, and the day has finally arrived. Noah wants to give Sawyer the wedding of his dreams, but it won't be perfect without Sawyer's family attending, too.

Sawyer has always had the most faith in their love. When Noah learns Sawyer's family doesn't intend to even see him again if the wedding takes place, Noah wonders if that faith will be enough to get Sawyer down the aisle.

Find out today!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Come Visit on LiveJournal, Too!

If you haven't discovered us over on LiveJournal yet, it's well worth a look. Nearly every day, a Torquere author hosts an all-day chat with contests, discussion, and excerpts, as well as the occasional bit of mayhem. The posts are public, so you don't need an account on LJ to have access.

I'm there once a month wearing my third hat--review coordinator. I'm the person who sends out Torquere books for review and collects all the links from the review sites. I post our latest review links on the second Tuesday of the month. That means I'll be on the LJ next week with our new roundup. You can check out last month's reviews here.

Send Us Stories!

The second hat I wear for Torquere is "call coordinator." This means I get to beg in public. ;) Actually, it means I publicize what kinds of stories we're looking for in the next six months or so.

Right now we're especially interested in longer stories--novellas (20,000 to 40,000 words) and novels (over 40,000 words, and preferably over 50,000). We've got novella publication slots available beginning in May and novel slots in June.

Story types we're seeing high demand for are paranormals (especially
were/shifter), BDSM, and very sexy, romantic contemporaries. Menage, or three-way stories involving two men and a woman, continue to do well also. (Torquere publishes stories about every three-way combination, but the M/M/F combo is the one we have a special imprint and contract terms for.)

If you've got another kind of story to tell, though, by all means submit it! If it's romantic, has a happy-ever-after or happy-for-now ending, and is GLBT-positive, then we're actively considering it. In addition to the longer stories, we publish Sips (stories under 8,000 words) and Shots (stories between 10,000 and 20,000 words). There are plenty of publication slots available for shorter stories in the second half of 2011.

We work with a lot of first-time authors. Don't be shy if you haven't tried this before! Send your subs and/or queries to submissions[at]torquere[dot]com--and remember to add that email address to your address book, so that our response will reach you.

Heating Up for Celadon

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you are all warm and dry--which sounds like I'm setting the happiness bar pretty low, but if you've been watching The Weather Channel (or, for many of you, your own backyard), you know exactly what I mean!

I wear a couple different hats for Torquere Press, so I'll be making a couple different posts today. First up, I'm very excited about the release of my Color Box novella, "Celadon," this past Saturday. Celadon is technically a kind of pottery glaze, but it's often used as a color name, referring to a subtle gray-green. You can see some wonderful examples at the Korean-Arts site.

Celadon is a reduction glaze, which means you need a very hot kiln to get the right chemical reaction for the color. Achieving the necessary level of heat is one of the metaphors in my story, and here's a moment when Bryan and Nilsson do:

Excerpt is NSFW!

They toppled onto the bed, Nilsson splayed and panting, eyes closed. Bryan didn't hesitate to nudge the long legs farther apart, making Nilsson accommodate him.

He unbuttoned Nilsson's sweat-soaked shirt and began to suck at the coppery nipples, keeping Nilsson's breathing rough. The cuff was loose around Bryan's arm, ready to take its rightful place on Nilsson's wrist.

He could just slip it on. Nilsson was pliant, sated; Bryan could do anything.

Passivity wasn't enough. He wanted more, and he wasn't going to shy away from asking for what he wanted any longer.

"Babe," he said hoarsely, lifting his head. Nilsson's eyes opened. He bit the swollen lips gently, seeking another moan, getting it. Another one. Almost, he was distracted from his original purpose. Eventually, though, he shifted his weight and brought his cuffed arm around to where Nilsson could see it.

"I want to put this on you," Bryan said. "May I?"

Nilsson's eyes went to the cuff. The orgasmic flush that had been fading from his skin surged back. Bryan felt more than heard the little gasp in Nilsson's next breath. A spiral of giddy exultation began to rise from the pit of Bryan's belly.

"Why?" Nilsson challenged. It wasn't a refusal.

"So you'll stay put while I touch you as much as I want," Bryan answered baldly. "And maybe listen when I tell you how often I've been alone in this damned bed, wishing we were in it together."

The few waiting seconds were agony. Then Nilsson held out his bare arm.


Intrigued? ;) Leave a comment and I'll give away a couple copies of "Celadon" at the end of today.

Meantime, I'll run off and change hats for my next post...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Release for February 2

The Amethyst Eye by Julia Talbot

Jared might be physically blind, but he has the amethyst eye his granny gave him, and there are things he can see perfectly well. When a mysterious stranger starts following him around the city, Jared knows that changes are coming, and he might just be looking forward to the excitement. Dante is more than willing to give Jared what he needs. It's been a long time since anyone has seen Dante for what he really is, and he knows it might be Jared, not the eye, who has all the magic he wants.

Pick up your copy today!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Menage Day!

Hey, y'all!

Looks like it's menage day here at the blog. I have a brand new menage Sip I'm working on, which is very exciting. Sadly, I don't have a nice, polished excerpt from it, but I can tell you that when Lorrie blackmails her two male roommates into being her slaves for the day, things get busy in a hurry!

So. Instead of a bit from that story, I offer a little snippet from Pictures of You. I know, I know, I've advertised it before, but it's hot enough to deserve an encore.

This is from a scene where Leann and her boyfriend Hal first meet their new third!


Leann dialed her cell phone, her hand trembling a little. She couldn't believe she was calling a guy who had just jacked off all over her neighbor's window. Still, she'd never seen anything as hot as Church and Hal in separate buildings. Put them together and she might just explode.
Even though she'd seen Church go for his phone, she still jumped when he answered. His voice was like raw silk. Jesus.
"Um. Hi. This is Leann."
"Hi, honey. You like to take pictures."
"You have great tattoos." Great hair. An amazing cock.
"You and the boy have some great lines. I would love to ink you."
"Really?" She squeaked it out, and Hal, who had been poking at her with one finger grumbled.
"What's he saying?"
"He wants to tattoo us. Um, is it okay if I put you on speaker, Church?"
"Sure. Introduce me?"
Leann nodded, putting the speakerphone on. "This is Hal. Hal, Church."


You can find it here!