Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just Lucky That Way

Alex and Zed have been in several stories:

1. Drawing Conclusions in Taste Test: Artistically Yours (oop)
2. The Art of Seduction in Toy Box: Body Paint (oop)
3. Angels We Have While High in Toy Box: Twisted Presents (soon to be oop)

We are planning to rework the stories and make them available again. Hopefully in the beginning of the new year.

Just Lucky That Way
Just because Zed Roxbury is hearing voices doesn’t mean he’s insane.
And if he is, all of his friends are joining him.
Surely doing a favor for a friend should bring good karma, but a fun 4th July holiday turns into much more than anyone could have anticipated when bad luck dogs Zed. And the voices are just a small part of it. Could the opal brooch he finds have anything to do with it? Or perhaps it’s just Zed’s irresistible allure…
Maybe the past should stay buried.

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