Thursday, September 22, 2011

some news, some fun, and a peek at what's coming

Hey y'all!

My day on the blog here today! I'm a little wandery, so bear with me.

In the news arena, I'll be at Gayromlit in New Orleans October 13-16. Though my name isn't on the author list for some reason, I'll be signing at the riverboat signing as Julia Talbot as well as representing Torquere at the publisher spotlight. Check out their website here!

I've got a Charity Sip out for the Getting Better 2011 Charity Sip Blitz. It's a fun, growly read about werewolves called Coming Out Wolf. check it out here


The fun part is that I was reading through a sub today to get it ready to go, and found that I was having homonym issues. Piece of mind instead of peace of mind. A peak at the new book, not a peek. What's your worst homonym issue?


What's coming? I have all sorts of things planned, but right now I'm working on a historical. I know, right? So long since I did one of those.

Here's a wee bit:

The wide hall felt exposed, leaving Simon, Viscount Luddon, feeling like a fox in a field full of hounds. He fully expected someone to shout view halloo moments before he was torn apart by sharp teeth.

A thick carpet lined the highly polished floor, muffling his footfalls, but the sconces that lined the wall were well-lit, marking passage for all of the guests who would spend the night at the Earl of Desmond’s home. Simon knew the man’s reputation; a good many of the guests currently at the groaning buffet or in the stuffy ballroom would make their way upstairs and sleep the night on one of the many beds available.

Which was why Simon needed to be well done with his mission and out of sight as soon as possible.

The damned earrings should be in the unused countess’ bedchamber, making Simon work for them. He had to traverse the entire hall, make his way through the locked door, search the room, and make his escape, all the while avoiding the swarm of servants and guests that seemed to be everywhere, popping out when he least expected them.

Really, he should have waited until the Earl closed up his house and went to the country, which was supposed to happen within a fortnight. Still, what if the incriminating earrings made their way to the country with all the other baggage? Simon’s sister would be ruined for good.

Drawing a deep breath, Simon slid across the hall to the countess’ bedchamber door, moving fast and quiet. He knelt before the door and drew his buttonhook and probe out of his waistcoat, working them into the lock. He couldn’t blame the lord of the house for keeping this room locked; it adjoined the master chamber, and a man as private, as damned near mythical as the Earl of Desmond must have a good many secrets to keep.

“Come on, love,” Simon murmured. “Give it to me.”

He probed and pulled and the rim latch clicked open all of a sudden. Simon held his breath for a moment, listening to make sure no one was within and disturbed by his goings on. When he heard no sound, he turned the knob easing into the room. His eyes struggled to adjust to the gloom, but he felt safe waiting now that he was in the room. He locked the door behind him and stood still, letting his heart stop racing.

Thanks for looking in on me today! Hope you have a good day :D


Lucia said...

I would swear I replied before but I guess it doesn't show...
What an exciting excerpt!
Too bad I can't go to Gayromlit because it is too far away, maybe in a few years I can make it a trip. I hope you have a lot of fun there!

Liz said...

Oooh, homonyms. "their/there/they're" and "cite/site/sight" are fun ones. I can't even get all cranky about "its/it's" and "to/too/two" anymore; those are just so darned widespread, they're practically boring.

Julia said...

Hey Lucia

I hope you can make it someday!

Julia said...

Liz - then there's the not quite homonyms like loose and lose and choose and chose