Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Releases for September 21

The Balancing Act by Ann Cory

Michelle and Gracie became fast friends on the gymnastics team, and were inseparable. That friendship intensified into romance, and they never looked back. More than Gracie’s confidence took a tumble during an important competition, resulting in an injury that has kept her in and out of surgeries, and their once red-hot relationship has never been the same.

But Michelle’s love for Gracie keeps her determined to find balance and revive the passion they had for one another both on and off the beam. She must come clean about where she’s been going during her spare time, while Gracie decides to have one final surgery.

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Rim Job by Delilah Storm

Jesse is a well respected and highly sought after top who is frustrated with the same old thing night after night. What Jesse really yearns for is a cute little lover he can call his own, someone who wants him with the same fervor he knows he can show.

Sam is a young, innocent, and angelic-looking. He needs someone to take charge and show him what a real relationship can be. After a bad experience, Sam is understandably nervous about meeting someone new, but he really wants to meet Mr. Right.

When Jesse sees Sam across the dance floor, he knows Sam is the one for him. Now Jesse has to convince the skittish young Sam that the two of them together are much better than the two of them apart.

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Night and Day: Jasmine by Chris Owen

Steve Hughes is relatively new to California and in search of connections. A life-long geek and nerd into science fiction, Steampunk costumes, and role play, he takes a shopping suggestion for some items he needs and walks into "This and That". The store blows him away, but not nearly as much as the owner.

Luke Jones makes a living selling oddities, dry goods, and vintage clothing. His shop is full of treasures, so he knows a treasure seeker when he sees one. Before long he finds himself sharing more than just what's in his shop. High on a rooftop, surrounded by night blooming flowers, Luke shares more than mere merchandise with his customer. Will Steve and Luke forge the connection they need, or is it all just role-play?

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