Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mini-interview: Nancy M. Griffis

Question 1: How did you choose the plot and characters of your story for the Charity Sip Blitz?
I wanted to do something to do with Don't Ask, Don't Tell since it's so timely as well as touch on the subject matter of the charity itself. And I love scifi. It only seemed natural to put the two together in a kind of "flash forward" story.

Question 2: Why did you decide to participate in the Charity Sip Blitz?
It's just a wonderful charity! Even though it's better now, a lot of kids still need to know they have options in life and will have even more when they're adults.

Question 3: Does the theme, It Gets Better, have any personal significance for you?
Yes and no. I didn't have any bullying that had to do specifically with being queer, mine was more just for being socially awkward. But it's hard for any kid at that age, I recognize that now. I was lucky in that I had a really good, if small, support network at the time.

Nancy M. Griffis's Home Fires Burning reviewed by Nicole Wilkinson

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