Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Micro-interview: Nicole Wilkinson

Question 1: How did you choose the plot and characters of your story for the Charity Sip Blitz?
It wasn't easy. I wanted to at least use characters that could be familiar to readers but my one published work wasn't really suited for the theme, so I dove into my free reads and found a pairing that fit the theme perfectly. Once I decided I would work with Jason and Kale, I had to choose between whether I wanted to show Jason or Kale's side of things because I didn't have enough room for both of them. I went with Jason's because Kale's is far more complicated. Jason's story is practically the epitome of Getting Better so I was happy to explore his future.

Question 2: Why did you decide to participate in the Charity Sip Blitz?
I'm a big fan of the It Gets Better project so I was happy to help in the only way I possibly could. My financial means are limited, but I am very capable of writing a fic and hoping that inspires someone else with a bigger purse than mine. I wanted to participate last year, but the muses weren't being helpful for the theme, so I was very happy I could participate this year.

Question 3: Does the theme, It Gets Better, have any personal significance for you?
Very much so. I used to loathe attending school because the bullying was so terrible. I had the triple curse of being different, being poor, and being smart. So I was a scruffy looking teacher's pet and that pretty much painted a target on my back. Children are very unkind to each other. But now, outside of that closed environment, as an adult I've learned that high school is not the entirety of my existence. That things do, indeed, get better.

Nicole Wilkinson's Four Years On reviewed by PD Singer

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