Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flashing Back With PD Singer

Welcome to the PD Singer edition of Flashback Thursday!

As you might suspect from looking at my titles, I like to write in series. Sometimes, okay, a lot of times, my fellas have more to say than fits neatly into one tale. And sometimes, their friends decide they have a story of their own that needs to be told.

That's what happened with the Mountain stories: Jake and Kurt's adventures slopped over onto their friend Mark. Snow on the Mountain took Kurt and Jake from their summer jobs as rangers to the lush Wapiti Creek Ski Resort, where Kurt teaches skiing and Jake runs a lift. Mark, a ski patrol, meets them both in Snow, but at the end of the book, Mark's still pretty unhappy.

Can't let that persist now, can I? A lot of readers thought so, too, and next thing you know, Mark has his own stories. *blinks innocently* I did say that sometimes it doesn't all fit in one tale...

The rich, the famous, and the most serious skiers come to Wapiti Creek, where Jake helps them onto the lifts and Kurt improves their skiing skills. It’s perfect winter work for men who love the outdoors but like the comforts of hot water and a big bed when there is several feet of snow on the ground.

For rangers who have been mostly alone with one another for months, it’s a big change to rejoin civilization. Making friends is tough, especially when a ski patrol finds Jake far too appealing for Kurt’s peace of mind, and why does everyone snicker about the Alpenschlossl Ski School? For two men still finding their way as a couple, it isn’t clear if the biggest danger comes from vicious coworkers, would-be friends, the mountain, or each other.


Ski patrol Mark McAvoy dug Ulf’s body out of the avalanche, and the dead man haunts his dreams. Mark needs someone to wake him from the nightmares as much as he wants someone to share his days. He gave up the fleeting encounters with vacationing skiers who don’t remember his name later, but he’s aghast at the well-meaning friends who are trying to round up potential boyfriends.

Chef Allan Tengerdie cooks dinner for seventy skiers every day, delivers it to their condos, and eats his own meals alone. A chance invitation to a pot-luck at Mark’s home is his perfect opportunity to captivate a hungry, lonely man. Mark’s ready to be there for him, even after he gets hurt on the slopes, until another man’s shadow falls across them.

That man is dead, and now the grand jury wants Mark to explain his role in the avalanche that killed him.


Come to the Mountains -- find them here.

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