Friday, September 23, 2011

Flashback Friday - "Actions Speak Louder" by DC Juris

Hi there! DC Juris here!  For your Flashback Friday fun today, I've brought you a snipped from my transgender story "Actions Speak Louder," which was featured in the Silence Toybox. This was the first story I'd ever written using foodplay and bondage, and I'm still rather fond of it. I hope you enjoy this little taste! (no pun intended! lol)


Oscar has been with his transgender partner, Derek for a little over a year, and their love life is full of spark and adventure. Then Derek suggests they add blindfolds and gags to their repertoire, and Oscar learns that sometimes, 
actions speak louder than words.


                Derek brought the crop down a few more times, and each time it connected with flesh Oscar felt his cock throb in the confines of the ring. The soft, worn leather strap that had been so flexible and comfortable when he'd snapped it on was now biting into him painfully. Not that he was complaining.

            Derek's fingers began to curl inward again, one by one, a tap from the crop accompanying each movement. Oscar snorted and panted hard -- hard enough that he felt little drops of snot sprinkle his cheeks and chin.

            Suddenly, Derek's weight shifted. His left hand remained buried in Oscar's ass, but it felt as if he had stretched out between Oscar's legs.

            Oscar's body jumped and he mewled into the gag reflexively as Derek's tongue licked up and down the length of his cock.

            "Tut, tut, lover. Weren't you supposed to stay silent?"

            Damn it! Oscar admonished himself mentally, praying Derek wouldn't leave him hanging here on the edge.

            "Do not move," Derek commanded. "Do not make a single, solitary sound."

            Oscar held still, not even daring to breathe as Derek's hot, wet tongue flicked rapidly over the head of his prick. Pressure built inside him and pleasure twisted his mind. Derek's tongue licked and swirled, his fist clenched and unclenched, his other hand rapped the crop down hard on Oscar's nipples.

            Nerves frazzled, Oscar dug deep down into mental reserves he hadn’t known he possessed, but he didn't move and he didn't make a sound.

And then everything stopped. Derek slowly withdrew from Oscar's body.

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