Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finally getting on the ball (grin) and writing again

Good morning/evening! I've been working the real job a lot and haven't found myself motivated to write lately. Gasp! Plus, and this is the real culprit, I bought a Nook and have been reading and rereading all my favs. That's what's really been going on. The fact that I get lazy when I'm home and want to decompress from reality doesn't haven't anything to do with my lack of storytelling.

So, I'm back in the swing of things and working on my Brainy and the Beast story. It's about an auto garage owner who meets an aloof, cerebral type. Hmm. Let's see where that one goes.

My On The Ball story is taking a backseat to this new one. I need to think more about how I'm going to present Antonio's story. He's giving me a hard time. ::pouts::

Well, folks - it's a couple of days after the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and we're back to everyday life. Hard to imagine ten years. While mourning all over again, I still find myself smiling about our resiliency as a people. You knock us down, we get back up again and smack you harder. ::throws a punch in the air::

Have a great day!


Chris said...

I can definitely relate to the busy-ness of the day job. Oy.

Lucia said...

Work can really get in the way of a lot of other things. Great that you found the time to write again. I understand wanting to read more with an e-reader :P
I read about the tenth anniversary in the paper and saw it on tv. Even though it isn't my country, it are people that were hurt so I did het a bit emotional seeing all that hurt a lot of people are still feeling.

JM Cartwright said...

Hey, Chris - thanks for popping over. We're busy bees!

JM Cartwright said...

Hi, Lucia - thanks for coming over. Ereaders are dangerous to our daily agendas, I found that out in a hurry. *smirk*

On a serious note, thanks so much for your thoughts about 9/11 and your concerns. It's staggering to think that citizens from over 80 countries were killed in the attacks, not to mention all those injured. Though America was most definitely the target, many, many other folks were murdered that day.

Jason said...

Definitely a busy one. :)


JM Cartwright said...

You've got to be running crazy dodging the fires. What the heck is going on in Texas?

Eden Winters said...

I'm so glad your muse is cooperating. Mine has demanded a vacation.

Yes, even after ten years, I still cried on 9/11, seeing all the images of what happened.

JM Cartwright said...

Hey, Eden - I like the cover artwork. Congrats on the new release.

Yeah, the muse did disappear for a while. I started to get the slightest bit concerned, since I really like writing, but it appears to be on the upswing.

Thanks for stopping in.