Thursday, September 8, 2011

Demons, Dragons and Beatings, Oh My!

I've got a demon and a dragon in the upcoming Cereus: Building, who were just so fun to write. (There are beatings involved, too, which was also fun).

I'll get the cover and blurb and stuff on that and on Three More Wishes in a bit, but in the meantime I want to know: what's your favorite kind of shifter? What do you wish there was more of? What kind of shifter have you never seen before? Werepidgeon anyone?


Kristi P said...

Were-meerkat! I think he'd be cute and quirky...maybe subby?

Looking forward to the new stories.

Sean Michael said...

A weremeerkat would be cute and probably not the biggest guy going. I definitely get subby vibes from the thought of a wermeerkat, although it would be fun if he bucked appearances and was actually toppy :)

Lucia said...

I love shifters. Even though I still like them, I think the wolves have shifted enough. I love a little bit more original shifters. Not really one I like the most, although I like it if the human side shows a bit of the shifter side, that can me looks or personality. Or is the total opposite, so the shifter side comes as a surprise. I have never seen any shifter before :P But I haven't read about a squirrel shifter before. Werepidgeon sounds cool too :P
What kind of shifter would you like to read/write about?

Sean Michael said...

A squirrel-shifter would be very... squirrely (I could not resist!)

I'm thinking of doing a polar bear shifter, and I also think an eagle shifter would be cool.