Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coming Out Wolf - Julia Talbot Charity Sip

Hey y'all!

I'm afraid I didn't get a mini-interview because I was a little late with my story. I wasn't sure I'd get it done, which would have been sad, as I've done a Charity Sip every year, and you know, I own half the company...

Anyhoo, I chose the characters I did for my Sip, Coming Out Wolf, because I like to believe in this day and age, being gay can be the least of your worries. In the case of Steve, he comes out of the closet as gay because he has to hide being a werewolf... he wants honesty in at least part of his life

You can find it here!

As for why the It Gets Better project appeals to me, I'm of the age where all the goth and punk kids banded together in a freak-friendly group, where sexuality was fluid and where were picked on about everything from our hair to who we kissed. I found acceptance there, though, and I feel like everyone deserves that kind of safe place, even if it's online.

Have a good one, y'all!

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