Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Charity Sip: Eclipse the Stars, trans lesbian erotic romance

Trans lesbian erotic romance might not be the hottest ticket on the scene these days, but I've got my fingers crossed that one day it will be. I write it because it most closely reflects the life I lead. I know it, I write it. Hopefully the next step is... you read it?

Well, let's sweeten the deal, shall we? My newest transgender lesbian short, Eclipse the Stars, is part of Torquere's wonderful Getting Better Charity Blitz. What do you have to lose when all funds are going to It Gets Better?

I was lucky enough to get reviewed by Sally at Bibrary Book Lust, and of Eclipse the Stars, she says, "this is a very touching story, and one that demonstrates a kind of understanding and compassion that is so rarely found in erotic fiction." There's plenty more to this blowing review, and you can read the whole thing at http://bibrary.blogspot.com/2011/09/review-eclipse-stars-by-giselle-renarde.html

Jody and Renata have been together since the start of Renata's transition, and so much has changed in that time. Jody used to be the beautiful, successful actress, and Renata the mousy, insecure, girlfriend. Ever since Renata's surgery, though, she's gained confidence, stopped worrying about passing as female and, in Jody's eyes, blossomed into an incredibly gorgeous woman. Now Renata's gaining all the attention while Jody's getting less acting work and worrying about fading looks. Can Jody set her jealousy aside to give Renata the love, affection, and commitment she deserves?

You can buy it right now at Torquere Press!


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