Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Rleases for August 27

Under the Skin by Kannan Feng

Padraic comes to Nagoya, Japan to sell his newly-developed neural net to the formidable Inoue Corporation. He’s not ready for a faulty language program or an unpredictable bodyguard, and he’s even less prepared for Minoru. Handsome Minoru wants both Padraic’s body and his tech, but it doesn’t stop there. Padraic finds himself trapped in a world of dangerous ambitions and high-stakes industrial espionage, and Minoru might be the only one who can get him out of it.

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Must be Love by Dallas Coleman

Nick figures his thing with doctor Lee can’t be love. A break-up and booty calls sure don’t add up to something permanent. Still, even agreeing to his best friend’s plan to set Nick up on a date can’t keep him apart from Lee when a family emergency throws them back together. Will it be love this time?

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Pulling the Pin, Inches of Trust #9 by AR Moler

Brian is overseeing the remodel of a 40’s era home when he and his crew find someone’s souvenir from World War II: a grenade. When Tristan, Brian’s cop boyfriend, stops by with a friend from the bomb squad to check and see if their find is the real deal, Tristan gets a whole different perspective on Brian. A hardhat, work boots, denim and flannel are not just a whole lot of sexy on the normally more professionally dressed Brian, they are kind of tough looking too. Maybe Brian can handle all the parts of Tristan’s life, even the tough bits. Sometimes, the small things can lead to some pretty big changes.

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