Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trying to make a steampunk costume

For Authors After Dark in August.

For those of y'all that know me, I'm not the frilly type. Julia's got her steampunk costume all sorted -- she's going to be lovely. Corset, skirt, boots, hat. She's going to be lovely.

Me? I'm less prepared. Like whoa.

However, my suggestion to just wear a t-shirt that says "steampunk" was met with less than approval, so costuming I go.

I've bought books, done some web research, looked at Etsy and Ebay and wow.


Gears and goggles and corsets and leather and...

At least my hair's already pink.

*goes to read Weird West again and pray for inspiration*

BA Tortuga
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Lee Benoit said...

Hey hon,

In February I attended the Fetish Fair Fleamarket (Providence, RI) where there were a number of Steampunk vendors. Corsets, goggles, TENS-type zappy units made from old telephone parts, you name it. My faves were Brute Force Studios cos they had a deliciously kinky but very friendly and approachable vibe. Anyway, not that you need more places to spend money, but here's their steampunk lab link:

Have fun at AAD!!

L xo