Monday, July 4, 2011

Meme Monday- Holiday grilling!

In deference to Canada Day and the 4th of July, we asked our authors what food they most like to grill. Feel free to let us know what you like best in the comments. One commenter wins and $5.00 gift certificate!

Julia Talbot: Shrimp, baby. Takes like, three minutes. I’m lazy

Jay Lygon: The chargrilled oysters at Acme oyster house in New Orleans. Oysters with parmesan cheese grilled over a wood fire. The first time I tried one, my friend said, "That's your O face. Let me try one." It was so good that I ordered another half dozen for dessert. (and had to share that too)

Lara Zielinsky, author of the forthcoming July release "Skylar's Pride."
Kabobs with grilled potatoes, cherry tomatoes, steak/chicken, green pepper! I absolutely love dinner on a stick! And I love it best eaten outside by the grill with the smell of hickory smoke hanging heavy in the air.

Giselle Renarde says: Marinated pork loin centre steaks, eggplant and peppers. Oh, and fresh corn! And carrots in honey all bundled up in foil. Lots of veggies.

M. Raiya: Marshmallows!

Eden Winters: As a long time vegetarian, my absolute favorite grill item is a portobello mushroom marinated in Italian dressing and seasoned with whatever spices strike my fancy. Grilled corn on the cob places a close second, followed by pineapple, zucchini, and squash.

Aaron Michaels: My favorite food to grill is salmon patties with pesto instead of barbeque sauce. I know, what's up with the lack of barbeque sauce, right? But try it -- they're awesomely delicious with pesto.

Tory Temple: I love spreading lemon mayo on a nice piece of salmon and grilling it on a cedar plank. I add a little bit of dill at the end and it's delicious!

Syd McGinley: Eggplant! mmmmmm. Nommy!

BA Tortuga: Steak. I’m a Texan. Now, grilling and barbecue are two different things. In barbecue I want brisket.

Elizabeth Brooks: Favorite food to grill? Well, since the Hubs does the grilling in our house, any food I don't have to cook is good food. ;-) Just lately, I've been loving grilled chicken and mixed veggies (zucchini and squash and parsnips, usually, chopped up in a grill basket).

Mychael Black: Favorite food to grill... Believe it or not, corn on the cob. Good ear of corn, slathered in butter, sprinkled with garlic salt, wrapped in foil, and grilled to perfection. OMG... sooooo good!

JM Cartwright: 1. Grilled fresh-caught walleye
2. Ribs that have been baked all day, then grilled with special home-wrangled sauce
3. New york strips - charred a bit with lots of carcinogens on the exterior
4. Asparagus grilled then drizzled with balsamic and sprinkled with goat cheese
5. S'Mores! (though technically they're made over a campfire)

Now I'm officially hungry!

Kiernan Kelly: Steak. Then again, it’s also my favorite fried, breaded, shish-ka-bobbed, chopped, baked, broiled -- I could do a whole “Bubba Gump shrimp” recitation thing here -- food. Although I give props to vegetarians, I’m a carnivore. Or maybe it’s closer to say I’m an omnivore. I eat basically everything except fish and cheese. Go figure.

Berengaria Brown: Berengaria's favorite grilled food: Steaks marinated in beer.

A great cookout recipe: Steaks marinated in beer.

1 1/4 cups beer
1 tbsp. dry mustard
1 tsp. ground ginger
4 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tbsp barbecue sauce
2 tbsp. sugar or honey
1 minced cloves garlic

Make sure steaks are completely thawed.
Mix ingredients
Set your steaks in a deep dish. Lay them flat and pour your beer marinade
over and cover. Let them soak the day before cooking, flipping them half way

Sean Michael: I don’t care as long as I have a beautiful, shirtless man to grill it for me.

Dallas Coleman: gulf shrimp with jalapenos and bacon. Or jalapenos filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon…

~Maia Strong: It has to be wild Alaska salmon--preferrably one that was caught by my friend Shannon and her crew.


Kelly said...

I agree with Sean Michael, lol. Grilled food is great. If you have a delicious, shirtless man grilling it for you? Even better!

Linda said...

Looks like I will be trying alot of different things on the grill this week.

JM Cartwright said...

I'll leave the contest to our readers, but I had to grin at Jay's O Face.

Love that story! And those oysters sound really good. Really.

Jay Lygon said...

(This isn't an entry in the drawing either)

JM - Sometimes, friends know waaaay too much.

Anonymous said...

I knew my first thought of a cheese sandwich would be wrong.

I like my steak grilled, but not with open flame. Heresy as it might be I'm not a barbeque fan. I don't mind eating outside next to the glowing charcoal providing the food has been cooked inside away from the smoke and ash.

Mara Ismine

pinkdragon said...

We get these Buy 1 get 1 free entree coupons from Logan's Roadhouse. So, we go and get 4 entrees for the price of 2 and end up with 3 meals a piece for each one. We usually get ribs, chicken, shrimp, and salmon and split them up. The food is very good.

Kelly said...

Did anyone win the gift certificate yet???

Julia said...

Congratulations to Kelly for the GC win. Email us at ldoone @ with your email!