Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Excerpt as promised - pretty work safe

Hey y'all!

Here's a snippet from Under the Moon by me, Julia Talbot

Out tomorrow!


Jamie pondered telling Anton no. He really should just go to his room instead of silently protesting this nonsense by sitting in the front room and sighing a lot. He finally got up and headed to the door, an unholy sort of curiosity making him go see who would be coming to play wolf.
Opening the door, Jamie found a mountain of a man standing there. The guy was tall, maybe six four, and had to weigh a muscular two-twenty. He had shoulders that blocked the dying sunlight, dark brown hair that curled wildly, and bright green eyes. He was amazing and a little intimidating.
He smelled like heaven.
Jamie tried to ignore the instant hard-on that sprang up in his pants, stepping back to let the guy in. "You here to game with Anton?"
"He invited me to come over for a beer if that's what gaming means, yeah. Maybe watch some werewolf movies." The smile was wry, the little twist of the guy's lips making Jamie want to pant and show his belly.
"Jamie." He stuck out his hand instinctively, not even thinking about it until after.
"Tyler. Ty. Nice to meet you. You're the roommate?"
"I am."
Ty took his hand and brushed past him, their skin touching in all sorts of places as Ty went by. Jamie's nerves jumped, his nipples going tight. Christ. He might as well just start scratching his balls and whining.
"Well, it's nice to meet you," Ty said, squeezing his hand before letting go.
"You, too. I'll, uh, get you that beer." He had to escape before he did something stupid. Ty almost smelled like pack, and that was just silly. There was no such thing in this part of Boulder. That was why Jamie was there, right? He'd gotten away from that, and he didn't need to get dragged back in.


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