Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boiling Point

My latest release is Boiling Point. Drake and Jeren were very intense right off the bat and were a ton of fun to write.

Denny's friend Drake is a hard core top in the BDSM world, while Cain's friend Jeren is a graphic artist who does horror books and lives on cigarettes and coffee with the occasional whiskey thrown in. They couldn't be more different. Still, Denny and Cain (Cherry Sours, Licorice Whips) think their friends would b great together and they set them up at a dinner party.

Now that they've met, will Drake and Jeren prove Denny and Cain right? And could they burn hotter for each other than even their friends know?

there's an excerpt here

and here's a not work safe excerpt

you can buy it here and don't forget to use the discount code 'boilingsm' to get 10% off.

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