Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Releases for May 28

Cobalt: Tattered Remains by Nerine Petros

It's been a pretty rough couple of years for Derrick. He's won his battle with cancer, but lost his lover, first as a symptom of the disease, and then to death, followed up by the death of Kacey, a close friend during cancer treatment.

Lane's also had a rough time of it, his now ex-lover using him for his money before having a car accident and trying to lay the blame at Lane's feet. Not to mention the death of his sister Kacey. The two men first meet at Kacey's funeral, where they discover she's still interfering in both of their lives, even from the grave. Will the little boy she left them be able to help them deal with their pasts and bridge the gap between them?

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The Retrieval by Lucius Parhelion

It's 1932, and Hollywood is entering its golden age. Charlie Hunter, veteran of the Algonquin Round Table, has just arrived to start his new contract as a scriptwriter. Jake Mor, an old friend and protégée, planned to help Charlie with his house-hunting. Unfortunately, Laura Moore, Jake's twin and Charlie's other protégée, has asked them to pick up her gifts for a studio bigwig first. Worse, she needs Charlie for an escort to the bigwig's birthday party.

Antique hunting equipment is an odd gift. A rare, pedigree Weimaraner is a surprising gift. But what Jake has learned about his preferences in Hollywood is the most startling gift of all. In just one day a swimming pool, a predatory studio executive's wife, a hand-carved teal decoy, and Ducky the dog lure Charlie and Jake into unwrapping what has been hidden between them for far too long.

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Helltown by Kiernan Kelly

Where does one's soul go when it isn't good enough for Heaven or evil enough for Hell? In the shadowy realm of Helltown, souls are up for grabs and neither Heaven nor Hell is above bending the rules to get at them. In a place where the boundary between Heaven and Hell is the thinnest and souls are at risk, two ordinary men rediscover an extraordinary love that just might save them all.

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Treasured Possessions by Stevie Woods

Trevor is shocked to find that there has been a break-in at his apartment. Some valuables are missing, but even more devastating for Trevor is items of little monetary value but which mean the world to Trevor have been damaged. Trevor finds it hard to cope with what has happened and if it wasn’t for the support of his friend, Eric, he doesn’t know what he would do. Thanks to the break-in, and Eric, Trevor learns which of his possessions he truly treasures.

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