Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Releases for May 14

Black Mustard: Justice

Loic is in the lawyer business for the cash. He’s not some bleeding heart liberal willing to work pro bono like Justice Hibbideux. When a case comes along that pits old money against a poor bartender, Loic knows which side he’d rather be on. What silver-tongued Loic doesn’t count on is some hoodoo magic, an unfortunate speech impediment, and learning that Justice is just the kind of man he wants to be, and wants in his bed. Can Loic find a way to tell Justice what he needs?

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Lose Your Inhibitions by Jey Hawkes

After a bad break-up, Isaac gets an "intimate massage" gift card for his birthday. He thinks it's a gag gift from his friends, but is it possible it could lead to everything he ever dreamed of and more?

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Rodeo Night by Kate Roman

In order to put off his well-meaning but curious cousins, Clay Garcia agrees to spend a night at la charreada, the Mexican rodeo. But while fending off the advances of his blind date, Lupe, Clay finds it hard not to think about his older ranch-hand lover, Warshaw, and all the things they could be getting up to. Now if only he can slip away...

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Added Money by Chris Owen

Gideon Smith is a man with a secret. He's a rodeo cowboy competing at the Calgary Stampede and should have his mind on the ride, but instead he's got his mind and his hands all over Nick DeShane. That would be fine if Gideon wasn't in the closet, and wasn't sharing a tiny trailer with his big brother, Justice. Things get complicated fast when Justice narrowly misses interrupting a date and Nick starts putting things together. Find out if Gideon can win the added money or if he's going to lose it all.

Originally published in the Cowboy Up! Anthology.

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