Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Birthstone!

Waves madly. Hello!

My first post on the TQ blog. That seems weird.

I had to get out there and tell people about my Birthstone. Aquamarine: Hard as a Rock

It follows demon-hunter Salter and his demon partner Tony as they chase down a hunk of aquamarine with a demon buried in it. The story is the second in a series, following Chasing Tail (which is here)

Hard as a Rock can stand alone, but Chasing Tail is on sale right now, and there's a 15% off coupon called madness2011 you can use on your total purchase!

Here's a wee bit of Hard as a Rock, which you can find here:

"Is that all there is?"

"For now, yes. You're ruining my reading." He'd just have to work on it again later. Of course maybe that's all that was there and at least they had a destination. That was more than they sometimes got.

Salter grunted. "Sorry." Not enough to back off, though. Obviously.

Tony turned around, his nose bumping Salter's collar bone.

"Mmm. I guess you really are finished." Salter's arm curled around his shoulder.

"Yes." Tony sniffed. "You smell spicy."

"Does that mean you're going to eat me up?"

"Uh. I'm sure that's not sanitary." Occasionally it still freaked him out how much he liked what he and Salter did together.

Salter rolled his eyes. "It feels good, though. That should be higher on your priority list."

"It does." Tony finally allowed himself a grin. "I guess we could have a snack."

"I have a snack for you right here." Salter's hand slid over his own package.

"You're such an incubus." Really, Salter was so crass. It was hot, but that was entirely beside the point.

"I'm human, babe. Head to toe." Reaching out, Salter ran his fingers across the tips of Tony's horns.

Oh, fuck. Tony shuddered, his cock rising hard and fast in his designer jeans. "Stop it."

One of Salter's eyebrows rose. "Stop?"

"No." No, he didn't want the sensations to stop one little bit.

Damn it, he hated that smug look on Salter's face. He liked the way Salter touched him more, though.

He got into the game by reaching down and rubbing the fly of Salter's leather pants. "This might be more than a snack."

Groaning for him, Salter nodded. "A real meal. All for you."

If he thought about that too much he might not do it, so Tony closed his ears a little and knelt down in front of Salter. He'd reduce the man to grunts and clicks.


Thanks for reading :D


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Anonymous said...

This was a nice surprise on Tuesday. I love love love Tony and Salter and everything in “Chasing Tail” and I didn’t know there was going to be a sequel.
In general I love Lorne Rodman stories. Are you writing anything right now?