Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good morning (just) and Happy St. Pat's Day!

Pint of stout from pdphoto.orgImage via WikipediaI'm Tracy Rowan and I'll be your host today. I didn't realize when I took the date that I was choosing St. Pat's but that's even better since today is something of a sacred day in Chicago. A terrifying number of Chicagoans drink a bit too much on this day, and start singing sentimental Irish songs. We turn the river green for the occasion and have a parade. Some of you may have seen it in the film "The Fugitive."

Me, I have some Guinness and a bottle of Harp in the fridge, and a couple of shandys for later when Glinda gets home from work where she's listening to Irish tunes on Pandora (as am I) and eating homemade soda bread (someone else's though I may feel moved to make some later today.)

In any event I'm here today to pimp my work, chat, be silly, ask and answer questions and incidentally to give away a couple of my pieces of fiction. I haven't quite figured out what the criteria will be for that last one, but as soon as I figure it out, I'll let you know. It'll probably be random the way it was the last time.

Let me remind you that I've got a novel out -- my first -- entitled "Suffer the Little Children" a Victorian murder mystery that's been getting some terrific reviews from Michelle 'n' Jeff's Reviews (now Michelle 'n' Lisa's Reviews -- Go Lisa!) most recently. You'll also find an interview with me over there. I tried to keep the horrifying revelations to a minimum, so you might enjoy reading it. I've also gotten reviewed by Speak Its Name and Cryselle's Craziness and a lovely review by Torquere's own Alexa Snow. And if you're of a mind to read a menage (Why yes, I do occasionally write het sex) my newest release is "Road Songs."

And now I'm going to go get some breakfast. Yes, I'm a late riser, but I was up until two reading last night so I'm doing okay, I think. Questions? Observations? Rants? Raves? Fire away!

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PD Singer said...

I've got the Chieftains queued up on my iPod and your latest book on my computer -- it should be a great St. Patrick's day.

Tracy Rowan said...

Woo hoo! I love the Chieftans, and of course I think you've got a damn good read there. That's a good day for sure.

Stephanie Vaughan said...

We're of Welsh descent, but I tell ya, it's a hard pull to get anyone around here to celebrate St. David's day. I got up way early today and got my potatos, carrots and briskit in the slow cooker and will sit down to that shortly, as soon as DH gets home with the horseradish and the bread. Yum!

Tracy Rowan said...

Hey, girl! Boy that sounds good.