Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Fever - Winter Flu

Last weekend I was meandering through Home Depot, looking at all things electrical, when I detoured through the garden area. I was almost tempted to start my indoor gardening early - but I held myself back, barely.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere - especially the way-way-north of that hemisphere, do you find yourself longing for a warm spring day and potting soil in your hands? One year I dared Mother Nature to strike me down by planting my balcony pots on the warmest April 1st in years. Oh, she slapped me upside the head but good with some major frost.

Nowadays, I have a big yard and lots of big planters just waiting. My earth garden is lying there, smarter than I am, waiting for the sun to get just a little further toward the solstice position before poking anything above ground.

Now, you southern hemisphere folks, you're looking at the end of summer and the beautiful transition of autumn, my most favorite season. Do you burn leaves? Mmm, I miss that smell.

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