Monday, February 7, 2011

Meme -ory Lane

I had a thought for this week's meme, and got the go-ahead from the Powers That Be to post it here. Please feel free to add your own answers!

I was curious about this date in history, and after a very brief Google-quest found that on February 7th, 1941 RKO released Disney’s Pinocchio, its second feature animated film. This naturally brought back memories of my favorite animated films, of which there were many, but only one in my personal Number One Spot.

So, for today's meme...

1. What’s your favorite animated film of all time?

The Lion King. I loved the music, and the animation blew me away. I think the scene when Rafiki holds up baby Simba as the rest of the animals knee in supplication has passed from memorable into the realm of iconic. Besides, Nathan Lane was the voice of Pumba, and I adore anything with him in it. Plus, Jeremy Irons has the best villain voice ever.

Also, the film is memorable because in the original video release, the dust in the sky during the scene when Simba’s lying on the cliff all depressed spelled out “SFX” which was read by most people as “SEX.” The misread letters caused such an uproar that Disney retouched the film with more dust particles to obscure them in later issues.

Speaking of Disney and sex, has anyone ever ridden the “Spaceship Earth” ride at EPCOT? When you’re going through the Egyptian scene, take a close look at the tops of the pillars. I swear they’re giant penises. Honest. Disney must've noticed too because during the last refurb of the ride, they darkened the area so the tops of the pillars aren't as noticeable.

2. If one of your books could be made into an animated film (albeit for adult audiences only!), which would it be?

Seti’s Heart. I just really want to see the water-wolves and the creatures in the Underworld come alive in CGI. And I wouldn't mind Bruce Springsteen doing the soundtrack. There's something about the Boss's gravelly voice and Seti that seem to go together.


writerliz said...

I tremble at the notion of even TRYING to pick a favorite animated movie -- Lion King, Mulan, Aladdin, and How to Train Your Dragon are all top picks.

But Lion King was my daughter's favorite when she was 2 or 3, and... well... Her little toddler brain could not comprehend Mufasa's death, and as a result, she found the stampede scene the most hysterically funny thing she'd ever seen. For a period of several months, we'd deliberately put her in front of that movie when we had non-parent friends over, just so they could be nonplussed by the sight of her giggling her little brains out as Mufasa was brutally murdered.

Julia said...

my favorite Disney opus is The Little Mermaid. It was the first one I saw as an adult that had the spark of the old ones, the ones they played at the dollar theater when I was a kid.

I would make a movie of Tomb of the God King ;)