Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heating Up for Celadon

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you are all warm and dry--which sounds like I'm setting the happiness bar pretty low, but if you've been watching The Weather Channel (or, for many of you, your own backyard), you know exactly what I mean!

I wear a couple different hats for Torquere Press, so I'll be making a couple different posts today. First up, I'm very excited about the release of my Color Box novella, "Celadon," this past Saturday. Celadon is technically a kind of pottery glaze, but it's often used as a color name, referring to a subtle gray-green. You can see some wonderful examples at the Korean-Arts site.

Celadon is a reduction glaze, which means you need a very hot kiln to get the right chemical reaction for the color. Achieving the necessary level of heat is one of the metaphors in my story, and here's a moment when Bryan and Nilsson do:

Excerpt is NSFW!

They toppled onto the bed, Nilsson splayed and panting, eyes closed. Bryan didn't hesitate to nudge the long legs farther apart, making Nilsson accommodate him.

He unbuttoned Nilsson's sweat-soaked shirt and began to suck at the coppery nipples, keeping Nilsson's breathing rough. The cuff was loose around Bryan's arm, ready to take its rightful place on Nilsson's wrist.

He could just slip it on. Nilsson was pliant, sated; Bryan could do anything.

Passivity wasn't enough. He wanted more, and he wasn't going to shy away from asking for what he wanted any longer.

"Babe," he said hoarsely, lifting his head. Nilsson's eyes opened. He bit the swollen lips gently, seeking another moan, getting it. Another one. Almost, he was distracted from his original purpose. Eventually, though, he shifted his weight and brought his cuffed arm around to where Nilsson could see it.

"I want to put this on you," Bryan said. "May I?"

Nilsson's eyes went to the cuff. The orgasmic flush that had been fading from his skin surged back. Bryan felt more than heard the little gasp in Nilsson's next breath. A spiral of giddy exultation began to rise from the pit of Bryan's belly.

"Why?" Nilsson challenged. It wasn't a refusal.

"So you'll stay put while I touch you as much as I want," Bryan answered baldly. "And maybe listen when I tell you how often I've been alone in this damned bed, wishing we were in it together."

The few waiting seconds were agony. Then Nilsson held out his bare arm.


Intrigued? ;) Leave a comment and I'll give away a couple copies of "Celadon" at the end of today.

Meantime, I'll run off and change hats for my next post...


luciatea said...

Must be hard keeping track of all the hats you wear :P
I have never heard of the color Celadon before, it is actually quite nice :)Did you get this color from the publisher or did you consider this color yourself to write a story with?

K.I.L. Kenny said...

Hi Lucia--I came up with the color myself. The Color Box line is really popular with the authors, so the publisher doesn't have to give us a nudge. ;) I love all kinds of green, and I've been into ceramics for awhile, so this was a natural fit for me.

writerliz said...

Oh oh oh my goodness, but that's a nice snippet. I've got Celadon on my "to buy" pile, but I surely wouldn't mind winning a copy! ;-)

Jason said...

I love that pottery! and that color. :) I hadn't really equated with mansex before now but I'm okay with that. :D

Tracy Rowan said...

*waves* Love to hang out with you but I have a job today. I'm taking a much-needed tea and mango break right now. This one is going to take me all day.

I'll check back later if I have the chance. Have fun!

M. Raiya said...
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M. Raiya said...

Warm and dry is a good place to be. This morning when I was heading to school, I found our road blocked by the town plow stuck in the ditch. So I promptly got stuck trying to turn around. Ah, weather...

I'd never heard of Celadon before,either, but after reading it, I'd love some in my home. Great story!

Tracy Rowan said...

I'm sorry it too me so long to get back here. I had a call that took me something like seven hours to edit because the transcriber had been brought in at the last minute and had no time to prep. (And I'm new at this and therefore kinda slow.) Worked out okay though.

I meant to say how much I love the color celadon. I'm not big on muted colors but for that one I always make an exception. I didn't know that about the type of glaze, though. What a lovely metaphor! I really look forward to reading this novella. And I wish you fantastic sales!