Thursday, February 17, 2011

greetings and salutations

My name is Jenna Jones and this is my first time hosting the Blogspot. I have to scamper off to the day job and so won't be around until this evening, so I'm going to open the floor to questions and pop in when I can.

I'll introduce myself: I've been with Torquere Press since 2007, when they published my first novel Chiaroscuro. I write mostly contemporary romances, but occasionally indulge in historical fantasy, and I have something up my sleeve for later this year that's shaping up to be urban fantasy.

My most recent publication is the last (planned) story of the Apples & Gin series, Apples & Gin: Wedding Cake.
Noah Kingston and Sawyer Shaw agreed to get married on Valentine's Day in Boston, and the day has finally arrived. Noah wants to give Sawyer the wedding of his dreams, but it won't be perfect without Sawyer's family attending, too.

Sawyer has always had the most faith in their love. When Noah learns Sawyer's family doesn't intend to even see him again if the wedding takes place, Noah wonders if that faith will be enough to get Sawyer down the aisle.

NSFW excerpt is below the jump.

"Some people say," Sawyer whispered in his ear, "that you should stop having sex for a couple days before the wedding so that your wedding night is even better."

"Those people are crazy."

"I wholeheartedly agree." Sawyer licked Noah's ear and rubbed the head of Noah's cock with his thumb.

"Yeah, I figured," Noah breathed. "I mean, you could stop if you really want --"

Sawyer growled and tumbled them over, making Noah yelp as he was flipped onto his back. Sawyer held Noah's hands over his head, their fingers interlaced, and kissed him slowly until he was arching up to Sawyer's body, his toes caressing Sawyer's legs and their erections pressing together through their pajamas.

"Or you could just keep going," Noah whispered as Sawyer's mouth slid down his neck. "'Cause this is good. This is almost as good as a wedding night. This is morning sex."

"Shut it," Sawyer muttered and licked the hollow of Noah's throat.


Susan said...

Hi Jenna! It was kismet to see your blog post today as I just finished re-reading 'Chiaroscuro' and 'Something Beautiful'. Such wonderful books. The characters were so well written, and the stories spun so beautifully, that I felt like I was living with them and watching their lives unfold. I don't have all the Apples & Gin books yet, but I do intend to purchase them all soon. I'm completely obsessive and would like to read them in chronological order, is the order below (from your web page) chronological?

Going to the Chapel: Apples & Gin
Animal Crackers
Birthday Cake
Hot Cocoa Ice Cream
Wedding Cake


Jenna Jones said...


Hi! Thank you so much! I'm quite proud of those books and I love hearing people enjoyed them.

Yep, that's a good order. The two longer stories, Apples & Gin and Hot Cocoa Ice Cream, jump around in time a bit, but they should all make sense (knock wood!) in the order in which they were published.