Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Fic Friday - Cupid

As part of Free Fic Friday, and in honor of Valentine's Day, I give you a few limericks I wrote for a challenge on the social last year. Cupid and his lad have been pressing me for a SIP of their own. Hope you enjoy this bit of silliness!

Cupid had had too much wine,
and wanted his own Valentine.
He took aim at a lass,
shot a lad in the ass,
and that's how he stepped 'cross the line.

The lad was buff and brawny,
not an ounce of him scrawny.
When he went to his knees,
Cupid screamed, "Oh yes! Please!"
Now Cupid loves men only.

A writer thought it'd be funny,
to write about Cupid's new honey.
She sat down with her pen,
and wrote sex between men,
and thus satisfied a plot bunny.

Now Cupid and his new lover,
are emblazoned upon a book cover.
Some call it slash,
some call it trash,
but Cupid says, "M/M forever!"

So if it's Cupid you're seeking,
into that book you'll be peeking.
It's at Torquere Press,
a smashing success,
and the author a living is eking.

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