Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Releases for January 8

A Giant's Friend by M.D. Grimm

Can love flourish in a time of war? Friends since childhood, Jeth and Kodie now lead an army and guard a mountain pass against the invading Carpathians. Jeth's father was half-giant, and he has always been persecuted because of his lineage. His mother died due to the bigotry of villagers, unleashing the giant’s rage inside him. Jeth has found his purpose in war. When Kodie admits his feelings of love, will Jeth find a new purpose in life?

Before they can find out where their feelings might lead them, Kodie is caught in an avalanche and Jeth must find him before the enemy does. With war all around them, can these two friends find peace that only a lover’s arms can give?

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Marking Property by Jamie Lowe

Possessive werewolf Zevi Sahar is worried that his human mate, Conner, is cheating on him with the pack alpha. His fears reach a peak when Zevi confronts Conner about his supposed affair and decides to use sex to show his dominance and remind Conner just which werewolf he belongs to.

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Unfinished Business, an Undercover Blues story by Laney Cairo

Undercover Blues' Ryan and Jason's quiet life together is shaken when a reporter finds them, bringing desperate trouble over an unpaid debt from Jason's past. How far will Jason go to save Ryan? How much hasn't been said?

Everything Ryan thought he and Jason had left behind is back, and they're in more danger than ever before.

Unfinished Business first appeared in Another Fine Mess anthology.

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Back Cut by Alexa Snow

Carter and Nate aren't always easy together. Carter's book tour doesn't make it any simpler, putting pressure on their relationship, even though Nate goes on the road with Carter to keep him company. Family problems cause strife, but that's not their only problem.

When Carter's past catches up with their present, he and Nate have to fear for their safety as well as their relationship. Can they keep each other safe, and keep it together when things start to go terribly wrong? Carter and Nate first appeared in the popular novel Clear Cut.

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