Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Jim and Marcus story

I have a Jim and Marcus story coming out tomorrow an anthology called Pour Some Sugar On It. Here's a little sample of it.

Brownies: A Hammer Story
By Sean Michael

"Let's make brownies," Tanny had said. "How hard can it be? We're not stupid. We can follow instructions."

That had been six hours ago.

Six hours.

A pot of coffee -- half decaf, of course.

Three trips to the grocery story.

A food fight involving throwing melted marshmallows at each other.

And no fewer than four exploding bags -- one flour, one sugar, two mint chocolate chips (those bags were a bitch).

Tanny looked over, wearing only sweatpants, a streak of chocolate crossing his torso. Jim thought his best friend looked stoned, and that made him cackle. High. They were on a sugar high.

"Don't laugh at me." A pecan bounced off the end of his nose. "Asshole."

"Fucker." He grabbed the chocolate syrup jar, aimed, then cracked up again as Tanny opened his mouth.

He got most of the glob in, and Tanny moaned. "God. Did we get it right yet? I mean the brownies."

Jim looked. There were twelve batches with bites taken out of them -- mint chocolate, rocky road, dark chocolate, chocolate pecan, chocolate walnut, cherry chocolate. They were all good.

"Let's try adding coffee."

Tanny clapped. "Mocha brownies! Is there Irish cream?"

"Oh, my God!" Uh-oh. That sounded an awful lot like Marcus.

"Wow. Just... wow." And Master Billy.

Tanny's eyes went wide. "They were supposed to be gone."

Jim nodded. "All day."

A Hammer Club reading order can be found on my page.

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