Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Paulo & Preston story!

The Paulo & Preston series is an ongoing set of D/s short stories.

PRESTON is a lifestyle Dominant, recently retired from a career on stage at the exclusive club run by his mysterious best friend Tasim. When the series begins, he's single and looking forward to a quieter life.

All that changes on the night of Preston's last performance when PAULO, a complete novice, takes the place of Preston's usual stage sub. By day Paulo does odd jobs and sings in the Sister City Gay Men's Chorus. After that first night with Preston, however, he wants more. He wants everything.

Each story chronicles a new phase in Paulo and Preston's relationship and features song lyrics mangled in deliciously naughty ways by Paulo.

The third story in the series, MASTER PRESTON'S BRIGHT BOTTOM, was re-released as a Sip recently. (The blurb: Months ago, Paulo had one, intense public scene with Master Preston Rose, and now he can’t stop thinking about it. He's determined to become a part of the retired Dom's life, but will all of his work be enough to get him the collar he dreams of?)

When I wrote MASTER PRESTON"S BRIGHT BOTTOM, I also wrote a short sequel about Paulo & Preston's "honeymoon." The story, "LUA-DE-MEL" is featured in full as a free read on my website. (It's a bit spoilery if you havent read DING DONG MERRILY (also a free read), EPIPHANY: SHINING THROUGH, or MASTER PRESTON'S BRIGHT BOTTOM, but I think you'll find it's a fun scene -- in the literary and BDSM senses of the word -- on its own.)

Download it today and enjoy!

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